Friday, June 30, 2006

gwailo mania

The Kelantanese Government is very upset that Malaysian women are not doing enough to entice foreigners to set up home here. They are impressed with how easily the Thais do it. Many foreigners flock to Thailand to find a wife and we must learn from these Thai women on how they do it!

When I speak of foreigner, I dont mean the Pakistani's or Indonesians or even the Koreans, I mean the white foreigners. White ones only.

This is the logic. No foreigner = No money.

This obsession with foreigners really get to me. Our third world country thinking has not progressed since we achieved Independence. We still worship the foreigners. We kiss the ground the walk on. We pay them in USD for work we can easily obtain from locals because "gwailo better mah!" We pay them ridiculous amounts of money to give a "gwailo" flavour to our companies and universities and homegrown brands.

We proudly declare Padini as our own homegrown brand. ALL MALAYSIAN!
So the question is, where are the Malaysians in the advertisements?

The latest advertisement by Open University Malaysia- a foreigner named Ian chose to do his PHD at OUM! Speaks volumes of the standard of the university! A FOREIGNER!GWAILO! OUM must be THE place to go to now. Who can forget LICT? Its a great university because foreigners from around the world chose that University.
Let us forget about statistics and academic excellence. A foreigner went there. MUST be a great place to further our studies!

While the West celebrate the "Oriental" look, we here in Malaysia worship the look of the West.
Our very own Ling Tan is a supermodel in New York cashing in on her oriental look, but over here in Malaysia, she looks too Chinese. Or too ethnic.


We only like the ones who look "mixed". Too Indian, or Chinese or Malay? You're out.

So, what is so good about the westerners? Are they smarter? Are they better looking? In the case of Kelantan, are they richer?

Why do we give out mix signals? We are always proud to be a Malaysian brand but we find the necessity to sell the brand through a foreign face (or faces). All our big companies in Malaysia are headed by a team of foreigners. Because apparently, us locals are just too stupid to head a team to great heights.

I think we have to amend our favourite slogan from MALAYSIA BOLEH!

to MALAYSIA BOLEH ( sekiranya ada orang putih!)

Are we smarter now than we were before?

There is a running joke in my family that I HAVE to be the smartest among my siblings because I garnered the most A's in my lifetime. I started off in kindergarten itself where i scored 21 A's. How I got those many A's, I have no idea. Why there are so many A's to be obtained, eludes me. Maybe it was for something like good behaviour, finishing her biscuits during tea break (I was so fat when I was young, I couldnt wear the belt that came with my primary school uniform) or fallin asleep instantaneously during nap time.

What is the value of an A nowadays?

When I was in school, the smart ones aimed for 10A's. If you got 9A's it was a real big deal. If you got the full flush (as in 10A1's) it was a HUGE deal. Every state only had perhaps three to four students who will get the full flush. The examinations were hard. Passing was doable but getting an A1, was tough.

Now it seems like everyone is getting more than 10As in their exams. The record is, what, 17As?(That comes so close to beating my kindergarten record) What is the value of those As? Have the standard of the examinations gone downhill? Why is so easy to get those As? Have the younger generation now suddenly become smarter? Have the teachers become more dedicated and better at teaching the subjects? Or simply, have the examinations become much too easy?

Does the Education Department not notice that there is a SURGE of students obtaining a heap load of As? Have they investigated the reasons why its so easy to get A's nowadays? Have they included stupid subjects which are easy to score? If I remember correctly, while I was in school, there were compulsory subjects that one can take and the alternatives open to us were limited. English Literature, Accounts and Economics, Kesusasteraan dalam BM and a few others. Now I believe they have ridiculous subjects which I believe does nothing to help the student at all when she or he is in college. Seriously, even when I was in school, I thought Moral taught me nothing(now I KNOW it taught me nothing)though it helped improve my memory (much better than History).

So, the question that comes to my mind would be, why is everyone whining about not getting into universities?

Firstly, I believe how many A's you obtained in the SPM is no indication of how smart you are because most of the subjects are crap.
Secondly, with the amount of people with their truckload of A's, competition is tough.
Thirdly, the quota system applies.

I have to agree with what the Education Department says. You have to pepper your application with co-curricular activities. So what if you have 17A1s? or 15A1s? The girl with 9A's and an application which shows her to be active in both sports and other associations will definitely be more of an all rounder.

As a former athlete myself I have to say it takes more grit and determination to suceed in a sport than to be excellent academically. The disappointment you suffer from getting a B instead of an A after studying for 3 months nonstop pales in comparison to not being able to make it to the state competition after training 7 days a week for 3 months. To suceed in sports, one has to have physical AND mental strength.

So to those who didnt get into university eventhough you have SO many As and you were the Head Prefect (still academic requirement) and you were the President of the Chess Club(this is just sad) but you have no other "achievements" in sports or other activities such as Girl Guides, stop whining. You dont deserve a place in university. You were a book worm and you forgo other areas of your life which many have cultivated and worked hard at. This just teaches you to remember that in the real world, academic qualifications is not everything.

Being smart is does not buy you a free ticket to university. So, quit the whining. Its bugging me and wasting newspaper space in my favourite papers.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

missing the big picture

I recently watched the interview Anderson Cooper had with Angelina Jolie. I agree with what she is doing to help the poor and the displaced (she is giving away 1/3 of her riches to the people who deserve it!) and I applaud her efforts. She has gone a step further from say, Bono, in her efforts to highlight the plight of these people, by adopting children from these countries. She is even paying her own expenses when she visits these countries. In fact she is highlighting the plight of immigrants in the US. (I was pro Aniston, now I am leaning a little to becoming pro Jolie.Oh!How lalang can I be?!)

It was highlighted in the interview that 1 out of 5 children die before they reach the age of 5. Many of them due to malnutrition as these countries are too poor or embroiled in civil wars. These children do not even have a chance to survive as they fight for their lives as soon as they are born. We take all these things in life for granted. Clean water, food, medical facilities, clothing and shelter. These people have to fight for all these things which we term "basic necessities" and which every person has a right to have.

However, perhaps we should look at the root of the problem. If these children are subjected to all these horrors and deprivation, maybe someone should educate the adults on birth control? These children did not choose to be born and it is certainly unjust to subject them to all of the pain and suffering and at such a young age. If these people were to be educated on birth control and they can control the population, then perhaps the problem can more easily be solved or at least minimised. Once the adults are able to surmount the problems, then perhaps they can think of having children. I mean, some of them have a whole litter of them! Only to have them die one by one.

I respect the rights of these people to have children. To want to have their bloodline continue, but sacrifices have to be made in order for a better life. Children do not need to be exposed to all the injustices. They do not need to suffer.

I think the same applies to the poor in Malaysia. If you do not have the money to sustain your family, please REFRAIN from having so many children! Everytime we watch TV3 highlighting the plight of the poor, we see a family of 6 or 7, 2 adults, 5 children.Why, why, WHY do you have to have SO many children? How can you sustain your family of 7 with your income of RM500 and below? Even those who have a higher income will find it difficult to sustain a family of 7! I know it sounds mean, but how do you expect people to sympathise with you and how your family has to suffer for being too poor to feed your children and yourself when you cannot exercise some self control and restrain from having so many kids?

It is a simple solution. You do not have the means to provide for your family. Have one child. When things get better and you are able to support another, then have another. Not pop them out like bunnies and then cry that you do not have enough to make ends meet. A simple use of brains will really help.

If I were the Prime Minister, I will have a law prohibiting those whose family income (of both spouses combined) are below RM1000 to have more than one child. And of course, that is why I will never get elected. In fact I might get shot and mutilated for enacting this law.

But, I think I make sense. Yes?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Perfect Malaysia

If it all works out for Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria, in the year 2020(or earlier), all those with AIDS and Avian influenza will be cast away on an island to ensure they do not infect others.(Marina Mahathir might have to go along because she works closely with the AIDS foundation-Dr.M wont be too happy)

And all those who have insulted Islam would be dead or living in fear of being killed because his office ran a survey on how best to react to those who insult Islam and the first option on the list was "Hunt them down and kill them or wage war against them."

And there will be no such thing as Kongsi Raya as that could erode the faith of Muslims and lead to blasphemy.

Right. That in turn will be the PERFECT Malaysia.

What would Malaysia do without the Ulama Conference Working Group Chairman?

The Muslims will all spiral into blasphemy and become apostates by celebrating Valentine's Day. I guess there will include another 3 reasons to include in the "55 sebab mengapa wanita Islam akan masuk ke Neraka" (Lelaki Islam are above this list-lucky them!) As to how I stumble upon the book, that calls for another blog and all its lurid details!

And what about the Non-Muslims? I guess we will just have to celebrate CNY, Deepavali and Christmas by ourselves. I will definitely not be inviting any of my Muslim friends because I dont want to be seen to be encouraging blasphemy!(the horror!) and I think hotels and restaurants should have signs during Valentine's Day forbidding Muslims from entering and GOD FORBID celebrate the day of Love. (Actually, its debatable what Valentine's Day is all about but its about love for chrissakes)

Ok, let us all get together and form our own list of stupid things to make public!

No.1- what do we do with Mufti's and their stupid ideas?
Hunt them down and kill them!
Wage war against them!

No.2- what do we do with Mufti's and their stupid ideas...
oh wait, I already asked that.

Damn. Those stupids are infectious.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

does it bring the dead back?

Abolish the death penalty?


Why should we abolish the death penalty?

Some say that there is no proof it deters others from committing crimes. Some say its akin to murder. Most of them say it doesnt bring the victim back from the dead.

I say, bullshit.

I say if you have guts to take someone else's life, you pay for it. If you are greedy enough to traffic drugs into a country with one of the strictest drug laws in the world, you pay for it.

Those who want to abolish the death penalty cry that killing the murderer does not bring the victim back. That of course is true. But lets put ourselves in the shoes of those who have had their loved ones brutally murdered. Perhaps even raped before being murdered. Or in this sick sadistic world today, raped, beaten, tortured and brutally murdered.

After having to find out your loved one is dead, you have to identify the badly mutilated body and then go through the pain of waiting for the police to find the murderer. If he/she is found, and they claim innocence, then you go through the painful wait of years and years of trial.And perhaps maybe learning during the trial (if there is one) that he/she did it because he/she is just sick in the head. So, if we abolish the death penalty, lets just lock him up in prison, whip him, and hope he rots in there for 20 years. All this while the taxpayers pay for his stay in prison. Feed and clothe him/her.

Justice is served?

What justice are we talking about here? Knowing that a murderer lies in prison and for killing someone, all they were punished with is imprisonment? Its not like they are made to do labourous work ala building the Great Wall of China, all they do is sweep the compounds of the prisons, plant flowers, perhaps learn a new skill and half the time, doing nothing in particular but stare at the four walls of prison.

All this while the people who have lost their loved ones suffer the pain of loss, of knowing they suffered before they died and also knowing that indirectly they are paying for the murderer's stay in prison.

I believe, in some cases, its true to stick with an eye for an eye.

If you kill, you hang.

Ah, justice is served.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the PM showdown

AAhhh...the glory of Malaysia. The 2nd tallest building in the world. (We are not third yet are we?) The only building in the world which was built with tons and tons of concrete instead of steel to sustain its weight. The only building in the world which has double lifts operating in the small space of the interior. The safest building in the world which allows for an escape route for the occupants through the other tower should one tower be in trouble.

The vision of our then PM Tun Dr. Mahathir.
One of many of his visions actually.

Just the other day I met Tun himself in KLCC. So being the typical star struck Malaysian that I was, I lurked around and contemplated to myself whether I should approach him for a picture. After much deliberations and a quick phone call to my mum who told me to stop being a wuss and go approach Tun, I did. And of all the people who were milling around Guardian Pharmacy, I had to ask a middle aged lady to snap a picture of me and Tun and Dr. Siti Hasmah with my hp camera. Of course she didnt know how to zoom so we looked like three tiny ants in a blur picture. It could have been Tun, it might not have been. Who can tell through the small blur picture?!
*Note to self. Avoid middle aged women who do not know how to take pics with hp camera.

SO moving along with the story, I excitedly told everyone that I met Dr. M and lucky me, I snapped a picture with him!

A friend of mine retorted: "Well, its not like everyday you get to take a picture with a scum!"

Ok, time for a pause.


But I admire the man for all he has done for this country. He was a man of vision. He had visions of Malaysia which our current PM does not.

He brought Malaysia to the world. We are Malaysia, not the country next to Singapore.

He gave us F1. He gave us KLIA, which on the Discovery channel ad had the tagline, "Maybe one day all airports will be like this one."

Oh, his detractors will say, but he practiced cronyism, he was corrupted, power hungry, he was a dictator!

Tell me which politician is not. If our current PM does not practise cronyism, then why are there rumours that his son's company in charge of the MAS meals in which an egg which normally costs 50 sen costs RM5?(I could be wrong. I stand corrected.)

All politicians are corrupt. It is whether they have the vision and dedication to balance it out.

Pro Badawi camp says: He allowed forums to discuss religions. He allowed forums to discuss the rakyat's fundamental rights. The 9MP benefits the rakyat!

Yeah, he also said religion is a sensitive area which we shouldnt venture into. He also said the police were wrong to ask the participants of the Article 11 forum to disperse and thats all he did. He just said it was wrong. He didnt do anything else. (he terms most things as "sensitive" and then dismiss it) He also said it was the majority's policy not to support the motion of the opposition. He also modelled the 9MP according to Islamic policies.

How do we benefit? How do the Chinese benefit?Actually, how do non-Muslims benefit? How have we benefitted from the religious forums? How have we benefitted at all?

The only thing I remember ever since Badawi came to power is that electricity rates have gone up, petrol prices have gone up, the Singapore bridge has been cancelled, the so called Khidmat Negara (which I see no purpose for) has been implemented, MAS ticket prices keep soaring (national carrier yet is more expensive compared to other airlines in the world) and the police dispersing peaceful protests on fuel and electricity hikes, like it was an angry bunch of demonstrators going against the government with tears gas, a lot of kicking and punching.

I dont remember much else.