Monday, October 30, 2006

Let me represent you, my rakyat!

I am afraid that the council is going to come and sita my property soon. After all, if your name isnt Zakaria and you are not on the council and your bestest buddy isnt Khir Toyo, chances are the council is going to come full throttle to demolish whatever extensions you had installed or come sita your property if you hadnt paid up. It does make me wonder why I didnt decide as a child to become a politician or even a councillor. Instead I had to aspire to be a teacher, a dancer or a lawyer. Why bother with all these lawyer teacher crap when being a councillor you can build whatever on whoever's land at anyway and anytime you want! If that is not absolute power, I do not know what is!

Of course it is only fit for the Menteri Besar, when asked what he will do about Zakaria's blatant disregard for laws, to state "Kita mesti bertindak mengikut undang-undang dan peraturan. Kita tak boleh bertindak mengikut emosi!" "Emosi" being, doing the right thing such as demolishing Zakaria's Istana Idaman, or perhaps prosecuting him under the law. Peraturan being, ignore the problem and hope it goes away OR say nothing is wrong and let Zakaria off with SEMUANYA OK and a pat on the back.

I laugh at the big fiasco that is going on with Zakaria.Being summoned by the King, being admonished for his abuse of power and apparently Zakaria was shaking from top to toe when summoned to see the Sultan of Selangor. The question that begs an aswer would be, so why is he still not being prosecuted? Why is his Istana still standing? Why is he not, oh I dont know, FIRED? And why is his Istana SO big? Where the heck did he get SO much money from? Just by being a councillor you can amass such a big future?
Well then again, if your daughter and your son in law is also in the council, chances are you have the opportunity to accumulate your wealth 3 fold!

All these issues that come to light have been nothing but embarassing. Yet besides being widely criticised and reported in the newspapers, nothing is actually being done. These councils and councillors have been using our hard earned money as their own. They have been going on toilet visiting trips to Maldives and SA, making expensive suit and ties for their formal dinners which of course will be sponsored by our money as well. And in return for using all our money, we have potholes on Jalan Universiti and every other major road you can think of, dirty streets and illegal parking along Jalan Klang Lama causing massive jams. While we are fuming in our Proton Wira stuck in a jam along some badly built and maintained road, the councillors are laughing all the way to the Bank in their Nissan X-trail or Kia Sorento.

All these ideas of so called transparency and accountability which the PM advocates has made me giddy in the head.

I wish I were chosen to represent the rakyat.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is there such a thing as being Moderate?

Just the other day I read Marie Claire (the UK version) and there was an interview with this lady who is a British Citizen but have origins from Pakistan and her fears of Islam being viewed as a violent religion. Both her parents have moved to Britain before she was born and had raised her in an English environment. She therefore went to English schools, mixed with English students and you get the drift. What made me raise an eyebrow in surprise was the fact that she termed herself a "moderate" Muslim. Her reason for calling herself a "moderate" Muslim? She occasionally drinks wine and does not pray five times a day.

I may not know the religion very well, but I know that drinking is strictly prohibited in Islam. Regardless of whether it is an occasional thing or not. How can she then call herself a Muslim if she does the very thing that her religion forbids?Is there such a thing as being a "moderate" Muslim? I think it is quite clear cut, you are either a Muslim or you are not. (though in Malaysia you are not allowed to convert out of the religion) Just as if you believe in Life after Death or Reincarnation, one cannot term himself a Christian. (I may be wrong on this, so I stand corrected). To me, you either stick to the religion's core values or you dont profess to practising the religion.

This article had suddenly made me understand why the Muslim world is so angry and in the words of our PM, humiliated. These so called Muslims in other countries have somehow forgotten the essence of being Muslim, yet they go around and call themselves Muslims. I can understand why the Muslim world thinks the Western World is "corrupting" their religion and making the Muslims living there think that its ok to drink wine and indulge in "sins" prohibited by Islam if essentially, you still believe there is an Allah. I would be angry too if one were to call himself a Buddhist monk living in a temple but who is not vegetarian and gets married.

I myself find it frustrating to see Malay girls in tudung but then with clothes so tight you can see the shape of her buttocks and the exact(!) size of her thighs. It does defeat the purpose of wearing a tudung isnt it? The whole point is to "tutup aurat" and by having clothes which are short sleeved and very tight, doesnt that defeat the purpose? Girls like these mock the tudung-ed Muslim women who don it for the right reasons. If you do not understand the true reason for wearing the tudung, then dont. Do not make a mockery of those who wear it.

Essentially, I can see the beauty of Islam having been in a college where I was exposed to it, and I can also see how fanaticism can develop due to frustration and disappointment with the way the religion has developed in other countries(and even in Malaysia). Of course there is NO justification for the violence advocated by some andI think these violence and hate can be eradicated if one were to start from within. If we can all understand a religion, the reasons for practising it, the reasons why it prohibits some things and how one can practise it, then we call ourselves a Muslim, Buddhist, Christian...etc etc. One cannot call oneself as practising a religion if you were merely born into it and you do not understand it.

Essentially what is being done is quite frankly, an attack on its own people, as they themselves have succumbed to the pressures of being a so called "moderate" Muslim and surviving in a Western country. So is it wrong for them to react that way? No violence is justified, but can we understand their frustrations and disappointment? If only we take the time to understand it instead of spending time labelling everything they do as terrorism and shooting them down. And if only the Muslim world can understand that the Western world is not guilty of all these "corruption" of religion, then perhaps we can end the unnecessary violence in the world today.

Some of you may think, good gawd!This woman is a hypocrite! She says one thing one day and she says another the next. But essentially, we are better people if we take time to grow and understand. As I expose myself to more things, I can learn to be less judgmental (I hold the Crown for being judgmental!Hands down no competition I have been told) and more understanding. So for those who think I am racist from reading my blogs, I truly apologise. I am but a student in life. I am learning everyday and I make mistakes just like everyone else. However if things are unjustified and wrong, you can trust me to point it out here!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Who does MCA and MIC represent?

Takaful has done it. The Perak Government has done it. Yet the Government ignores it.

Well, although technically what Takaful and the Perak Government has done is not the same thing, it is similar.

Firstly, Takaful says, you cannot wish the Hindus Happy Deepavali/Pooja because the festival is one of worshipping their Gods, therefore by uttering "SELAMAT DEEPAVALI!" you have committed a sin worthy of condemnation in Islam. However, Takaful has explained that this was not meant for the public. It was an internal mail which only sets out the "OPINION" of the Syariah Department of Takaful to their Muslim employees. So,in their words, there is nothing wrong with it. Creating an ethnic divide?THEM? NEVER! Takaful is for ALL MALAYSIANS! Of course the Government has been silent on this. The fact that all school children HAVE to subscribe to Takaful while they are in school is of no importance eventhough there is the possibility that the rights of the Muslims under Takaful will supercede other races. If their Syariah Department has such a narrow interpretation of Islam, who knows how the rest of the company interprets everything else? And why is it that Takaful is compulsory for all school children? Why is Takaful so special?

As for the Perak Government, there is a circular that says you can only order stationery from Bumiputra companies. What is the justification on that? CAN it be justified at all? Are Bumiputra companies' products superior to other races?(Actually all companies must have 30% Bumi equity, so what is the difference?) What is the Government's take on this? The silence of the Government is deafening. Obviously if it were the other way round, say a circular has been issued that all uniforms for government servants MUST be obtained from Non Bumi companies, all hell would have broke loose. OH!RACIAL TENSIONS!MARGINALISING THE MALAYS!ETHNIC DIVIDE! But if the circular is for the Bumiputras...biasalah. The Bumiputra's are struggling you know? It must be like that. Give the Malays a chance lah!

I watched the PM on CNN the other day and the fact that he said "Our country is for everybody" and that the Chinese are doing very well, given opportunities and deprived of nothing is laughable. Those statements were definitely not the view of the minorities here in Malaysia. What about the Indians? Lim Kit Siang has summed it up effectively- "The Malays feel they do not have enough, the Chinese feel they are sacrificing too much and the Indians have nothing."

Statistics reflect the Malays have MORE than enough. Facts and figures show that the Chinese ARE sacrificing too much and the Indians truly have been the race which has always been marginalised. Have you seen Tamil schools? The state that they are in is heart wrenching and yet spanking new schools are built every other day and no money is channeled to the existing Tamil schools to improve them. It is disheartening to know our MCA and MIC members are deaf to the plights of their people. That only the Opposition are standing up for their rights and ours too. MCA and MIC have forgotten whom they are supposed to represent. Perhaps the "NATIONAL UNITY" banner has blinded them. Perhaps the comforts of privilege and money has maimed them. Who Knows?

At least now I have an idea where I will place my cross come election time.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Every road leads to Ipoh so says the gwailo...

So, the Government says 18.9%, and then ASLI says, no,no...45%. While the rest of the country is wondering which of the two percentages published is the right one, the Government has come out full force to say that "sensitive" discussions which may touch on "racial issues" should not be held in order to avoid "racial tensions".


Racial tensions. That word never leaves us as it is a blanket term that everytime there is a discussion which may show that the Malays are unfairly favoured over the other races, everyone is hushed and stopped from saying anything about it. So when ASLI published its report that Bumiputra equity have in effect EXCEEDED the 30% target and have reached a record high of 45%, the Government panicked. UH-OH...NOW how do we justify handing out "freebies" and favouring the Malays under the NEP if the public believes the percentage given by ASLI?

Given that the rationale behind the NEP is EQUAL distribution of wealth in the country, the fact that the Malays are still given priority and obtaining tenders (without even having to submit anything, they are THAT good!) and given ample opportunities in order to better themselves, really defeats the whole purpose. Perhaps it is just meant for equal distribution of wealth among the Malays only. After all, the percentage of poor Malay folks are high in Terrenganu and Kelantan (gee, I wonder why). So one does wonder whether the NEP, the Budget or anything coined "for Malaysians" actually do benefit any other race other than the dominant ones.

It is easy for the Government to rubbish the ASLI report and to tell everyone not to question the report produced by the Government. After all, this is in tandem with their transparent and openness policy. Oh wait, it isnt. But oh you know, every other policy has its small print which says something entirely different. So on the issue of transparency which our beloved PM advocates, it is more like, every year, some has been politician will be "prosecuted" for "corruption". And then the nation will rise and give a thunderous applause to the Government for a job well done in fighting corruption and sticking to its promise of transparency and openness.
Then they come up with ideas such as sticking "SAYA ANTI RASUAH" badges on police and then say, look at us! We are weeding out corruption!

But when it comes to the important issues, such as revealing the methodology of the reports and how the facts and figures came about and whether it something which is justified especially when there are contradictory evidence, all the transparency and openness must give way to avoid the Almighty "RACIAL TENSIONS". Its reminds me of what my friend told me the other day, "My gwailo friend says, ALL roads in KL lead to Ipoh.." As in this case, ALL issues lead to racial tensions.

Double sigh.

If indeed the Bumiputra equity has exceeded the 30% as targetted, it is time to stop all these giving culture and start creating a competitive economy. Where there are genuine forces, where there is fair play in business. Where when a company obtains a job, people dont huddle around and say, "Oh, you knowlah, he is Bumiputra what. Sure he is going to get it. Why bother fighting for the job at all?" and instead they KNOW that the company obtained it fair and square because he was the best.

If only the Government can change its mindset. If only the PM starts to be the PM of all Malaysians (other races included) and start noticing that if these giving culture does not stop, it will be hard to stop the rot once it has gone too far. Everyone should be given a fair chance. No race is superior and no race should be made superior.

After all, not ALL roads lead to Ipoh....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Saudara Indon....

Great, they've run out of funds.
Now we all have to further suffer their stupid haze and die because of their inconsiderate and selfish nature.

If Indonesia were to be WHOLL swallowed by a giant wave, 3/4 of our country's problems will be eradicated.
Mean statement?I have made this statement so many times and have received so many disapproving glances and murmurs, but you know what, I do not care, because I know I am right. I challenge those who say I am wrong to give me reasons as to why Indonesia is nothing but a trouble maker of a neighbour. (While we are so busy labelling Singapore a BAD NEIGHBOUR! BAAADD NEEIGGHHBBOOUURR! we have closed one eye to the real cause of most troubles, Indonesia)

Okay, now where do I start.

Firstly, every year without fail, they give us the haze. Its like their "gift" to us. (oh, we are so honoured) They say, oh you know what?Its inevitable, there are forest fires. We cannot help it, the country is hot. Erm, sure. Like, arent ALL South East Asian countries hot? We all know its the open burning done by farmers, loggers and etc etc that they do not curb over there thats causing this horrendous haze. Look, we dont care if you wanna burn your OWN country down, but dont bring all of us down with you!

Then they continously have immigrants SWIMMING across the oceans to our country. The amount of illegal Indonesians swarming the country is amazing. Ok, I have no problems with those who are here legally cos at least you went through proper channels, but then again, whether legal or illegal, they always find the need to be involved in some sort of mischief or other. You wanna hold a demonstration? People involved in demonstration-Indonesians?CHECK! Robbed and murdered by an Indonesian? CHECK!
Okay, some of you will recoil in horror and disgust that I make such generalised comments and think they are uncalled for. Just check the statistics provided by the police. Its proven. The crime rate involving foreigners (that of which 3/4 are Indonesians) have increased from 97 a year to 300+ a year from last year.Not only are these people ungrateful for the fact that they are given a chance to make a better living here for themselves, they even find fault with our country and cause problems here!

Some of you will ask the inevitable question, "then what about the Indonesian maids we Malaysians cannot live without?" Let me share an experience with you, my friend's family hired an Indonesian woman who was deaf and mute. They sympathised with her because she needed the money to take care of her family back at home. They treated her with nothing but kindness and in turn she opened up their house when the were away and let people cart EVERYTHING out of the house and then ran away never to be seen again. So, you say, that does not mean that ONE bad apple makes all of them rotten right? Wrong. That is merely ONE of the experiences I have shared with you, newspaper reports will tell you more of child abduction, bringing men into their employer's home and endangering their kids, robbing, threatening, getting pregnant...the list is endless! Sure, there must be a demand for it right? But that is because we have no other choices available. If given a choice, we would prefer a Filipino or Myanmar maid to work for us. (AT least the chances of them speaking English is much higher)

So, why is is that the Government has not taken a stand when it comes to the influx of Indonesians (and all their troubles) into Malaysia? Cheap labour they say and perhaps it helps that Indonesia is an Islamic country. MAH BRUDDER!

Cambodians and Vietnamese people are willing to work here too. They pick up languages faster and they do not come with a host of problems. I think it is time we stop all this nonsense.

Indonesia, Take your damn haze and your damn troublemakers back. You have NO ONE to blame for the state of your country but yourselves!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Special Privileges afforded to MALAYsians

The kongsi raya season is here again! (Okay, no one tell the Perak Mufti we are celebrating an unIslamic thingy ok?)

So, in the spirit of kongsi raya, the Government has come up with ingenious ideas to benefit the rakyat!

No.1: Reducing the speed limit on federal roads.
See? This is exactly what I mean by Government not looking beneath the surface of the problem. Okay, its obvious that the reason why there are so many road accidents during festive seasons is because the volume of cars increase triplefold and therefore when u have more of one thing, naturally you have more of another, right? How does the speed limit actually cause more accidents? Does it mean that just because you are driving at 90kmph instead of 45kmph, you're more likely to get involved in an accident? Doesnt it depend on your driving skills(or lack of)? My father's theory is that when festive season comes along, all kampung folks decide to hit the highways and federal roads and make their balik kampung or lawat bandar trips. These people have not the skills to drive on these roads, hence they drive much too slow and make very sudden turns thereby causing other roadusers to have to jam on their brakes to avoid hitting them THEREBY causing an accident.

So you see? If only the Government have tried to determine how accidents occur, they would have come up with a better idea. Such as placing more policemen on duty (not to take bribes but to actually work to ensure smooth traffic flow) at federal roads and highways to ensure that there are no unecessary jams and unauthorised parkings at the side of the roads. Actually come to think of it, the root cause of the problem is, eliminate corruption in the driving schools and driving examinations and we will produce better and more competent drives hence reducing reckless driving and thereby reducing traffic accidents. There simple logical solution.

No.2 Declaring it a public holiday on the 23rd. ONLY for government servants.
Okay, its not a PUBLIC holiday if only the government servants are given the holiday OK?
The PUBLIC consists of both public and private sectors, like hello? If you are going to declare it a holiday, why discriminate? Obviously there are more Bumiputras than non Bumiputras in the Government, so now we know why it only applies to the Government servants only. I wonder if they will make it a public holiday on Monday if CNY falls on a Tues. Probably not. And why is it that Deepavali is only given ONE day as a holiday? And Christmas? When asked why, they say oh, you know, we cant have so many holidays, its bad for business,yada yada. But when Hari Raya arrives, HOLIDAY is declared for the government servants!ALRITE! Oh wait, I do not benefit. Oh well, its normal.

Okay, moving on from kongsi raya ideas, I always wondered to myself...why is it that Muslims who go for prayers on Fridays are allowed to park indiscriminately near the mosque? Why are they not given summons? IS it okay to park wherever you like if it is for prayer sessions? So does that mean that if the Christians have mass, they too can park everywhere as they like? Or that if the Buddhist want to go to the temple, they too can park at every nook and corner as their heart pleases? What is the rationale of this parking everywhere you like system? Why cant these people park in the parking lots or paid parkings like everyone else? Ahh, therein lies the mystery....

And why is it that just because the Muslims puasa, they can go back early without being required to come in early to work?(okay some have to come in earlier, but most do not) They still come in the same time as Non- Muslims but yet they go back much earlier to allow them to make it back in time to buka puasa. The whole point of doing the puasa thing is to learn to "suffer" hunger and thirst like those who are worse off, right? Then why are they given the priviliges of coming in the usual time and going back earlier? Doesnt that mean technically, they are working less but getting paid the same amount as those who work more? They work less on Fridays too right? Cos my lunch hour is still only one hour. Not 12-2.45 like the others. Hmm...

Anyways, in the spirit of being Malaysian (but not Malay), I shall not grumble and make racist statements and cause racial tensions, I shall stick to ignoring the obvious and keeping my fingers crossed that one day, Maybe, things will be different.