Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh, so YOU say can, I say cannot...

Apparently this Tony Pua guy from DAP, an adviser to the Secretary General said something super unflattering about the Malays. Something along the lines of the civil service being the dumping ground for unemployed Malay graduates. This of course got all the panties of those in the UMNO Youth in a bunch. They have called forTony Pua to apologise to them for making such oh-so-unflattering remark about the Malays. Like, HELLO? How can you say such things about the Malays? It is so NOT in line with our Government stance or integration and masyarakat majmuk-ness! Apology is in order!

I am sure many of you may be nodding your heads saying, "yealah, not right. Cannot make all these racist comments la. Bad for country's harmony."

But let us retrace our steps a little...

Remember this?

I am sure you can see in between all the keris brandishing and their "muka hero" while brandishing it, there's Mr. Khairy, UMNO Youth member and Hishamuddin too.

What what they screaming their lungs out about again? Protecting Malay rights at all costs? And I mean ALL costs? (When the keris comes out, there is some keris kissing action and they call for blood, it seems pretty all out to me)

Sure, some of us Non-Bumis had our panties in a bunch too. Yeah we questioned the intentions of the UMNO. There were calls for apologies. But were there any?
Not that I can remember. Apparently its their right to do it. And after all, if their President thinks its ok, its oklah kan? Pasal apa nak sibuk?

Does Tony Pua indeed owe the UMNO Youth an apology? Certainly not. Has he said something which will cause racial disharmony?
Will it? Really? Maybe the use of the word "dumping ground" may sound a little harsh but is it proven that the civil service is not the place where most unemployed Malay graduates go? It may be a general statement but 95%(more or less) of civil servants do consist of Bumis right? And with the amount of local graduates that local universities (quota system intact of course) churn out every year, does it not make sense that they end up there?

Please. So many racist comments have been hurled at us Non-Bumis. And its been topped of with a keris brandishing exercise. Yet we do not make a big issue out of it, mainly because nothing will be done about it. We dont go ask MCA or MIC to go wave some other instrument about. So all these crap about asking us Non- Bumis to maintain the so called "social contract" which has been in existence for so long by refraining from saying anything racist, shove it already.

Why do we observe the splinter in someone else's eyes and never notice the plank in our own?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just say it lah!very hard meh?

So every damn Government building is falling apart. So the PM is upset. So PWD says it needs RM6 million to have the engineers conduct checks on the buildings. So the Government @ us tax payers will stupidly hand over the money to do something which OUGHT to have been done WHILE the damn buildings were under construction or PRIOR to the approval of the plans to construct the buldings. But being typical Malaysian and also being in the country of perpetual corruption, something went wrong somewhere, and no one is owning up to anything. Its like a broken record. We hear the same stories over and over and over again.

You know what is truly disappointing? The fact that all the PM does is say, "OH I AM SO ANGRY!" "OH, MAKE SURE SOMETHING IS DONE!" "OH, yada yada yada!"

Its like come on already, instead of just talk talk talk, DO something. Tell those who are in charge of the maintenance or the construction to rectify the problem. Tell them to do it for free!Why the heck do we need to pay them anything for something which should (this term means MUST as in MESTI, PERLU..not maybe, uhhmm...perhaps) have already been done? We dont have to be rocket scientists to know that a damn building shouldnt have leaks BEFORE it is used. Or within its first few months of use!

And why cant the money we will be spending to build highways in Pakistan be used instead to improve on our own infrastructure in Malaysia? Like why the heck must we go build highways in a foreign country? Erm, I think they can manage themselves, ok? And frankly, I think we as Malaysians should have been asked first before our money is used on/for someone else?!

As mentioned earlier, all he needed to say was, I WANT MU TO COME HERE! The FAM scurried around and retracted their earlier statement of refusing MU's tour here didnt they?? So why is it SO hard to just say what you want them to do and tell them to do it???? I dont get it. ( This is as perplexing as why KFC refuses to let you have one piece or original chicken and one hot and spicy eventhough they are both the same price. Perplexing!)

Someone commented that all these problems never cropped up during Mahathir's era. While I was only born in the year that Mahathir came into power, I cannot testify as to whether such problems have ever cropped up during his era because I can only remember as far back as 6 years ago and I guess the Parliament didnt spring a leak at that time...but all I can say is, this time, BN has truly disappointed. The landslide victory which came with big promises has been nothing but a farce. Sure, all the civil servants are appeased cos they got their increase. Of course they are told to work harder and be better and make sure they let everyone know they deserve the raise. (this is when I throw my head back and laugh. WORK HARDER is a foreign word to them) [A visit to the Land Office saw most(if not all) officers crowding around the machine at 3.55pm, holding their cards, ready for the clock to strike 4pm and punch out to go home.]

So I digress.

But the point is, many of us are so taken by short term gains. Momentary happiness and fleeting moments of joy. Thats why we are always hoodwinked whenever election time rolls along. All we can think of is, "Oh, they arent that bad, they gave us a raise! *Marks X on BN candidate*


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maybank, I HEART YOU!

I have to admit, when the whole Maybank racism issue was a hot topic, I was oblivious to it. I did not read the newspapers that whole week, so I had no reaction to it. Then I finally had a whiff of it, and boy am I surprised at the extent of the racism displayed by our very own homegrown bank.
(And they wonder why we choose foreign banks over them)

Firstly, many people, lawyers to be exact were not surprised. According to those in the industry, this practice has been going on for years. It is just "unfortunate" that Maybank was foolish enough to put it on paper and make it public knowledge. Of course it caused an outrage (not to those it will benefit of course) and after being pressured to retract this "un-majmuk" policy, Maybank quickly retraced their steps and said that they will not be sticking to that policy.

Yeah, right.

In the first place, why is there such a need for such a policy? There is the NEP already isnt there? And also the quota in Universities? MARA? Interest Free Islamic Banking(albeit open to Non-Bumis)? Bumi Reserved Land? Bumi Discount? What more is needed before there is a clear message to us Non-Bumis that its ALL about the Bumis? What type of uber racist country are we beginning to morph into?

So, the next would be Elite Schools for Bumis? Bumi only University whereby it is fully sponsored to churn out so called "First Class" Bumis? Bumi Banks where they can borrow money and never return it? Come on, enough already.

Us Non-Bumis have not been making a fuss about it because we still firmly believe (however naively) that there is such a thing in Malaysia, as equal opportunity. We hadnt as much as squeaked when all these NEP policies and Islam Hadhari was introduced(more like forced upon) to us when Takaful issues a statement saying that its Haram to wish Our fellow Malaysians Happy Deepavali, then this Maybank issue rolls right along. (Dont get me started on Kelantan)

And what does the PM have to say about this?Nothing much really. Nothing to ask them to stop. Nothing to say, "hey Maybank, you're promoting segregation and racism. You should stop."
Instead he is livid that MU is not coming to Malaysia! Like who cares about racism and the peacefulness and happiness of all races in the country? MU is not coming!THE HORROR! THE PAIN!

So we ask ourselves, why are we still living in Malaysia? What does the future hold for us?