Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad Parents= Rude Children

If a student uttered a vulgar word at me, or shouted obscenities at me, I'd slap her. Seriously, I would slap her so hard, she will never dare utter those words again to me or anyone else for that matter.

If I find out a student had happily flushed a sanitary napkin down the toilet, or found it appropriate to stuff it into the water tank or wherever(except a proper dustbin) she can stuff it into, AND refuse to own up, I would make them squat in the dirty pond too. In fact if I could, I would make them all line up in the toilet until one person confesses to the stupid crime. (It probably would be more effective than making them stand in the river. A quick visit to any toilet in Government Schools will convince you of that)

See? They can take a bath while they are at it too...

But then again, that's me.

When it comes to the parents of the students, they think it's something worth going to the press about. And the picture will usually show a very angry parent with captioned "Mr.X/Mrs. X holding the police report about the incident." Followed by a very sad looking girl/boy holding her face or pointing to a bruise/itch/cut with the captioned "Ms X showing the injury she sustained from the slapping/made to squat in river saga/punching."

Many headmasters and headmistresses have defended the actions of these teachers and I am no different. I think what they did was of course a normal reaction to very very bad behaviour.

I would ask the parents of these students to question their own parenting skills before asking the Education Department to discipline the teachers.

Firstly, what type of parenting skills have been exercised when a student can even THINK of flushing her sanitary pad down the toilet? One does not need much sense to know that it will cause it to be blocked and hence overflow and spoil the damn thing.

And what parent allows their child to utter vulgarities/obscenities at anyone what more a teacher? If a parent has brought up his or her child with the notion that it is ok to utter obscenities at a teacher, who is he to say the teacher needs to be disciplined for slapping a rude pig of a child that she or he has raised? I say, look at ur own parenting skills first.

Parents nowadays are a fussy bunch. Touch the child a little and they go berserk. Somehow they forget that a child is in a position whereby he does not do his homework, or is rude to a teacher or is blatantly ignorant of rules and regulations, because his or her parent has FAILED them. A parent has FAILED to bring up their child the right way. So they are quick to blame. It is a classic, Opps, my bad parenting skills are on display, lets quickly cover it up by saying its the teacher's fault."

Yeah sure people.

We ALL can see that YOU as a parent have failed your child.
Instead of going to the press and complaining about it, spend your time guiding and teaching your child.

After all, spare the rod, spoil the child.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A matter of long and short

Universiti Utara Malaysia has made it into the news. I know many of us are like, Universiti what? Well, its one of those Universities established to make those who failed to get into UM, USM or UKM feel a little better that they managed to get into a public university. (Eventhough 90% of them did better than those who got into one of the top universities, at least they got something mah, what you complaining about?What? You want to do dentistry? A course on Environmental Science is similar what..)

Apparently Non-Muslims are being made to wear baju kurungs or risk being banned from entering their classes. And the official word from the University when asked was that it was a miscommunication and that the picture depicting the baju kurung was actually a lady wearing a long sleeved top and a long skirt.
Ok, wtf is the difference? They are both a long sleeved top and skirt isnt it? And why must Non Muslims wear long sleeved tops and skirts? Why cant they say, wear jeans or slacks and a blouse? Its typical of most public universities isnt it? All their versions of "decent" dressing consist of only those which are in line with Islam. Basically, here's a rundown of what DECENT means in all public universities...

So no tight pants, no mini skirts, no see through blouses, no navel exposure, no emphasis on the buttocks, no cleavage...hhmmm...I wonder what that translates into? Cheongsams cannot be worn because it would definitely emphasis the buttocks and its body hugging. So saris are out as well because it exposes the navel. So what could possibly be the appropriate outfit? What? I wonder....Could it be indirectly saying, baju kurung labuh?

The move behind these insatiable need to dress all university students in a standard long sleeved top and skirt is the underlying rationale that "its to perk up the student's image". Firstly, what sort of bad image does say,an indian girl in a sari or a chinese girl in a cheongsam, project? That she is easy? That she has no morals? That she is not a nice decent girl because her navel is exposed or her butt is "showing"?

See how happy she is? Thats why is a bad outfit!

This I tell you, is the reason why Universities in Malaysia are going down the drains. Instead of focusing on improving the academics in the university, they are busy determining what the students are wearing and what clubs the students are setting up which are not "anti-Islam" such as a Chinese Society.

What? UM is number what in the world rankings?

Gee...I wonder why. We are so dedicated to improving the standard of our education...

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Personal Reflection

When I read that the Nuri Helicopter crashed off Genting Highlands,my heart sank. I knew for SURE that there will be no survivors. Of course it would not be surprising that the report from the crash will conclusively state that it was "pilot error". It will never have anything to do with Nuri Helicopters being undermaintained or poorly serviced. Its easier to say its human error than to admit that not allocating money to upgrade the fleet of helicopters for our RMAF was a big mistake. If the Government can allocated RM33million for sports in higher institutions, I dont see why a fraction of that money cannot be used to upgrade the RMAF fleet of airplanes, helicopters and etc. Now Najib says, oh we might replace the Nuri helicopters with something else. Whether it will happen, remains to be seen.

Firstly the state of sports in our country is downright embrassing and degrading. Being beaten by Uzbeskistan 5-0 is humiliating. But beaten by IRAQ as well? Come on, they are supposed to be at war! Yet they whooped our asses. And yet the MPPJ finds it fit to channel ill founded money every other day into their "Kelab Bola Sepak". Ok maybe that is just a ruse to channel the monies into their own pockets, but whatever it is, the list of priorities when it comes to allocating money should be revamped and reorganised. Why spend money to allow the young footballers to go to UK and stay in high class hotels? They cannot play football!THEY CANNOT!What is so blardy hard to understand???!


Back to the Nuri crash.

I have to admit I was mighty surprise that the Dewan Negara observed a minute of silence as respect for the 5 members of the Force who were killed. And I was even MORE surprised that the King made a visit to the homes of the deceased. Why? Its not that I didnt think they were kind hearted or sympathethic enough,but because when my cousin Mej. Lai Yit Fuen's airplane crashed off the coast of Butterworth in 1994, all these were not done in his honour. Visits from the King? A minute of silence for him? Nothing of that sort. Yes, this is a personal reflection and yes I might seem petty but what is so special about those five on board that ill fated Nuri? How are they different from my cousin who was in the RMAF for many many years and flew the fighter planes every year at the National Day parade? He dedicated his life to the RMAF as well.

It still hurts for me to think about him. It still brings tears to my eyes when I visit his grave. And it pierces my heart to know the RMAF (and in fact the whole country) did not give him the honours he rightly deserved.

RIP Ah Fuen koko..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mongolian Murder Mania OVERLOAD

I dont know about the rest of you, but Razak Baginda's trial has left me sick and tired. Every day you read the papers "RAZAK BAGINDA TRIAL-yada yada yada".


How much of the man and the two policeman can we take?
Seriously, do we REALLY care? I for one dont care much about the outcome of the trial. Lest I be cited for contempt of court for making sub judice comments, all I can say is, the trial is nothing but a circus. A circus which cordoned off half the courthouse to accomodate its performers. The only thing which is lacking from this circus are the animals. Wait, oh, lets not cast aspersions on others. I shall keep my who-is-the-animal-in-the-circus comments to myself.

So, what is so special about Razak Baginda that he is given a WHOLE month for his trial? Because he is a high ranking official? Because he is a rich man? Because he allegedly murdered a Mongolian woman so its a we-must-maintain-our-international-relations hence the early trial to show the world that we truly believe in " justice delayed is justice denied"?
What is the reason? Why must we accomodate this man (the other two main accused are lucky that they are charged together with Razak, if they weren't they would probably be in prison until 2009 before the case even comes up for Mention)?

Many Accused persons are languishing in jail awaiting their trial. Many, if not all, have to at least rot in prison for a year before the case comes up before the High Court only to be told, "Saksi tidak dapat hadir" OR "pegawai penyiasat menghadiri kursus" OR "DPP sakit" followed by "mohon untuk penangguhan".

However when it comes to this Mongolian woman's murder trial, there are no kursus-es to attend, everyone is at the pink of health, and all witnesses somehow are able to miraculously attend every hearing. (I tell you, miracles do happen. We just do not know when exactly) While all these are done to ensure that the rest of the world has a good opinion of us (WAH!So efficient!They hold their trials so quick!There IS justice in Malaysia after all!), the rest of Malaysia is left wondering, Hey, WTF? Get a number and wait in line Razak!

So now we know where we stand in Malaysia?

No.1 Rich Politician
No.2 Not-so-rich politician
No.3 Rich/Not-so-rich politician's family members

No.24,899,789 the rest of the Rakyat

ad but its true.

However, there is hope for some of us to up our status just a little. Just recently one big telco company offered special mobile prices for UMNO members. To "enhance" relations between UMNO members and this telco company(because you see, UMNO members are special-not like all other un-UMNO members) So if you were to ditch you oh-so-unhappening-party and join UMNO, you can elevate your status a little in the country. And oh, you do not forget, you get to brandish the keris once in a while too. That might be fun.