Friday, January 15, 2010

The idiot on tv.

You would think that the Muslims would've sent someone who at least looks a little more intelligent and can stare directly at the camera instead of having the perpetual "eye rolling over the back of his head" look.

And you would think he can come up with non pre prepared answers and they are not confined to "We think it is exclusive to Islam." "it is a word close to our hearts" "we are not overreacting, it's a word close to our hearts" and " it is exclusive to Islam".

I think the rest of the world is just tired with the "It is exclusive to Islam because we said so. We don't care that the rest of the world have been using it even before reigion ever existed. WE MALAYSIAN MUSLIMS, said so."

I think it's time to come up with a better justification than that, no?

Christian vs Muslim

Those who oppose the use of the word Allah say "please respect the sensitivities of the Muslims.
Allah has been used for centuries in Malaysia as the word to denote the God of Islam. "

Those who are for the use of the word Allah to denote God in general, say "But it is merely a word which predates religion. It is our inherent right to use that word."

So, really, why can't the Christians just respect the sensitivities of the Muslims? Why not just revert to Tuhan instead of Allah?

Why indeed?

Because like the Sun columnist said today, it is possibly because the Christians (and all other faiths in Malaysia) feel that we may have given a little too much.

1.Pork is banned in Islam, movies about small cute pigs by the name of Babe never make it to Malaysian shores.
2.Shah Alam residents are mostly Muslims, the whole town is declared an Islamic town and alcohol and entertainment are banned.
3.International acts who want to perform here do not adhere to the strict "dress code" to respect our culture (which by OUR culture it means Islamic culture), we prohibit them from performing here.
4.Alcohol is banned in Islam, so all things related to alcohol such as concerts organised by the company, or any other event, is banned.
5.Scholarships and university placements are not based on merit, but by race and religion.
6.Up until this year, all businessmen who want to set up a company must find 30% bumiputra investors/partners before they can.
7.Malays/Muslims pay less for property because they get an automatic 5% discount
8. They removed Hang Tuah from the history books because it was found that Hang Tuah, the great warrior, was actually Chinese.
9. When the Muslims fast, they can go home early/ come in late, but when the Christians/Hindus/Buddhist fast they do not get that privilege.
10. They banned the Da Vinci code because it was about Christianity (though many Christians thought watching the movie amounted to Blasphemy)
11. They allow universities set up for Malays/Muslims to crop up like flowers after a shower, but only allow UTAR university status after fighting for it for ten years.
12. They relocate temples, tear down places of worship belonging to other faiths, because it offensive to the majority of Muslims living in that area. (And then they step on cow heads to prove a point)

I could go on.

But I shall not. Because I do not adopt the attitude of those who think we have to respect their sensitivies, but do not find the need to also respect ours in return.

The country has been relatively peaceful because the Non Muslims have done NOTHING but respect the sensitivities of the Muslims.

It has become inherent to us not to eat in front of them when our Muslim friends are fasting.
We provide for halal food when we invite them for meals.
We wear the tudung to cover our heads when we enter the mosque.
We prevent alcohol from being served when there are Muslims who are attending an event.
We do not conduct anything on Fridays during their Friday prayer hours.

That is just to name a few.

In return, when we ask for small favours which is our very right as a citizen of Malaysia, we're reminded that we're merely "foreigners" who have been given the permission to "remain in Malaysia." That the Malays/Muslims were kind enough to let us stay and be given citizenship.

In the wake of the church burnings, the Christians have rallied together to pray for peace. Nobody has retaliated. Nobody has started burning churches.

Instead the arson continues. Lawyers who defend the Herald see their offices being broken into, whether coincidentally or not. Protests continue in Mosques. Poster saying "ALLAH adalah untuk kegunaan Islam saja" crop up everywhere.

And the Christians continue to kneel before God and bow their heads and pray for peace.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We do not need to stoop that low.

Have you ever had one lone car on the road terrorizing you to give way to it, so it can zoom pass you, in its 2 litre, brand new flashy tires, big ass sedan or whatchamacallit expensive body works? And then you do give way cos you figured no point trying to outdo his flashy ass car, and it ZOOMS past you and you can see the driver flashing his big grin saying "Yeah baby. check out the ride! Bugger off the road slow mo in sad ass car?"

Then you reach the traffic lights about 30 m ahead and stranded there, waiting for the red light to change, is Mr. Check out my cool ride ? Then you slowly slide up next to his car and then you give him the " still have to wait for the lights huh?"

This is exactly how I feel about the church burning.

When my friend texted me in the morning to tell me there had been some church burning "activities" going on, I was not exactly disturbed. I was not particularly effected or upset. Not because I am not Christian, but because dim witted acts like this was not unheard of here in Malaysia.

Upset with temple relocating, step on cow head. Upset with leaders from opposition, play pretend to pee on the poster. Just to name a few.

So, why was everyone surprised? Let's recap in point form the events.
  • Court ruled Allah can be used by Christians to describe God.
  • Muslims get their panties in a bunch.
  • Muslims call for Government to tell the Court who's boss.
  • Government says sorry, we cannot stop people from protesting in mosques because they are entitled to show their dissastisfaction with the ruling.
  • Some random dim wits go on church burning rampage.
  • Government condems such acts
Now, any idiot will tell you, if the Government tie their own hands behind their backs and say they cannot do anything about planned protests, then they obviously indirectly endorsed the despicable behaviour isnt it?
Well, any idiot can tell you that's obvious. But not the Malaysian Government. Right now I cannot think of anything more degrading than an idiot. So, we'll leave that for next time.

Anyway, I digress. So I am not upset with church burnings only because this merely shows the stupidity of the ones involved. The ignorance, the disrespect, the dim wittedness, the ( just insert any words that equate to stupidity or ignorance) of the church burners. It makes it clearer to the rest of the world that some Malaysians are put simply, dumb asses.

Dumb enough to think, by burning churces, the Herald will say "we will stop using the word Allah."
Dumb enough to think, the rest of the Non Muslims in Malaysia will suddenly sympathise with the Muslim's plight to have Allah for their own exclusive use.
Dumb enough to think the Christians will retaliate and hence ignite the sparks of a racial war.

So here's what I think, let the dumb ones go do what they want. Step on cow heads, piss on posters, throwing home made molotov cocktails at churches.

The rest of us do not have to stoop to their level. We have dignity, grace and intelligence.

Let us just wait at the traffic light grinning to ourselves at the stupid big ass flashy car waiting right next to us.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Summary of year end- 2009.

You know how you have so many important things to do but you choose to do the most menial unimportant ones?

You know how two jet planes costing the Malaysian taxpayers MYR100 million got "ejected" off to another country and is still untraceable and nobody has been held accountable for its disappearance? You know how the Sun newspaper today yelled "top brass cleared" and apparently only the rank and file are responsible for the loss of the jet planes? Logically speaking, if you go to say, McDonalds and the guy behind the counter gives you the shittiest service you've ever experienced in your life, who do you yell for? The manager right? Because he is responsible for the people who work for him. He is the Mr. go to whenever there are any problems in that place. So how can top people in the Army be cleared? Somebody should be responsible for the delinquents in the Army. You don't dust your shoulders and say "it wasn't me!" The Japanese go as far as taking their own lives when something goes wrong in their corporation. When a train crashed, the CEO of the train company stepped down and bowed before the press to express his apology for the crash. Malaysians?
We deny any responsibility, we point fingers and then we say "it wasn't me!".

Something as pressing and urgent as the ARMY, the MALAYSIAN ARMY who is supposed to protect us from foreign invasion, missing two jet planes which was STOLEN from underneath their noses is not immediately dealt with. Instead, it's the use of the word Allah which is getting everybody's panties in a bunch. The ex ex-PM's panties are so much in knots he can hardly breathe, poor dude. Non Muslims are reminded to respect the sensitivities of Muslims. Islam is the official religion of the country.

Yes. We understand that Islam is the official religion of the country. But is Malaysia the founder of Islam? The last I checked, we weren't. And the word Allah predates Islam. Sure, I am uneducated in this matter, if indeed Allah is exclusively for Islam, then all other countries in the world which have used Allah as a reference to God must have gotten it all wrong for centuries. CENTURIES. Allah as far as the rest of the world (minus Malaysian Muslims of course) is an Arabic word which derived from al and ilah. Christian Arabs have used Allah to mean God all these years but hey you know what? Let us MALAYSIANS whose civilisation came thousands and thousands of years after the Arabs claim that Allah is exclusively for Islam. Cos us Malaysians are great that way. Malaysia Boleh. (said three times with great enthusiasm). I think the next logical step for Malaysia is to take over the Enclyclopedia and rewrite it. Cos you know, we're just great that way.

And then in the midst of things that are a threat to public security and which exposes the weaknesses of the government, the DBKL finds it appropriate to revoke the entertainment licenses of clubs. It's indirectly saying "here's a death certificate for your business. HAHA." Sure, the music is 20 decibels above the permitted 60. And all the service residences are complaining about the noise. So, if you have half the brain in DBKL, you would have not approved permits for development of residential areas around entertainment outlets no? It's like allowing a mosque to be built right smack in between pork breeders, and then saying, sorry, the mosque does not allow you continue breeding pork. You know. Pork, Islam. No go. Like I said before, the previous Perak government thought it was a great idea to build a mosque next to the General Hospital. Sure, more than 80 decibel of "noise" comes through the mosque five times a day but do the patients, lying there, sick and dying, complain about the noise? Nope. Can't. Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, You've got a problem with that? Go die somewhere else.

2010 is here. We ended 2009 with great news that reminds us Malaysians that, as years progress, the BS continues.

Happy New Year all.