Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Damn ungrateful Chinese immigrant bastards!

For years and years and YEARS, the Malay community have been the leaders, the government, the civil servants, the rich and the ones in power.

They demanded the "positive discrimination" which they termed were their birth right, because you know, the Chinese are IMMIGRANTS (apparently some Malay man must have traced his roots back to the first man to step on the soil of Malaysia or founded Malaysia or after the dinosaurs were destroyed by the asteroid, this one Malay man was born and out of his ribs, was made a Malay woman. Wait, that story belongs to the Bible. But anyway, just adjust the story according to the religion, and the result is that the Malay race was born and conquered and somewhere in between their ultimate greatness and power, they allowed one Chinese fella, to come take refuge in the land which rightfully, belonged to the Malays.)

And this damned Chinese must have bred like bunnies and created this whole race of Chinese who lived here for so long, and made so much money, and now, God Forbid, they are trying to take over the country in the next general election? (Dr Zubir Harun, director of Perkasa’ economic bureau said it himself.)

Now this damned Chinese who have no right to be in Malaysia in the first place, will take the opportunity to gain power in this Country which rightfully belong to the Malays. How dare they? Do they not know of the sacrifices of the Malay race to give them refuge here? How dare they bite the hand that feeds them? And how can they blackmail the government into giving into their demands by threatening to vote for Pakatan Rakyat? Those ungrateful brats! They have to vote for BN! Or secretly vote for UMNO!

MCA should be FLUSHED out of BN. And on that note, Najib should have also NEVER gone to Batu Caves during Thaipusam! How could he be the ONLY PM in the history of this country,(or was he the Second one? Who cares? The gall!) to step unto that soil during their Holy Day? Blasphemy!

Speaking of the PM, how could he have come up with this New Economic Model? Which CLEARLY has a Chinese agenda? You remove the 30% Bumiputera requirement for intial listing shares to only about 12.5%? How dare he? Now, how about Bumiputeras going to obtain free money just by being Bumiputera? What do you mean they're given free land under Felda? What do you mean their children get free scholarships to study overseas? What do you mean MARA gives children education? What do you mean they get a discount for property? You mean some of them actually have to WORK now? My race itself should be a card for everything free! And I quote Raja Petra when he says "just because I came out of a Malay pussy" I AM ENTITLED to all these things!

And hell no, I do not agree with this!" In a nutshell, NEM will be based on competitiveness, innovation, creativity and high value added, and will focus on growth areas such as private education, health tourism, Islamic finance, ICT (information and communication technologies), creative industry and bio-technology and the role of foreign investors to raise the level of competition and innovation."

This is NOT the spirit of the NEP! Competitiveness? Is that even a WORD? Innovation and creativity? Who needs that when we're entitled to everything as of right?!

Seriously. This is so upsetting. I think I am going to unfriend some Chinese immigrant friends of mine. Lest they want to take over everything I own or blackmail me.