Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the love of God, let the trial begin!

Day after day, I sit in the court, and I witness the DPPs (Deputy Public Prosecutors) acting like fools.

They turn to the watching brief counsels when the Judge asks "when can we set the next date?" or "shall we continue this on a later date?"

The DPP may nod his head but the W/BC shakes his,and he quips "oh tidak boleh Tuan." and he will look over to the W/BC to search for answers to justify why he has objected to a postponement and the W/BC whispers the answer to him which he dutifully repeats to the court.

Are the DPP fools? How can you allow the watching brief counsel (for the complainant) to coach you ? or to direct your case? Or to feed you questions to ask the witnesses?

Just this morning, we walked into court and we see the watching brief counsels preparing a Q & A for the DPP. A Q& A. Whatever happened to independence? Whatever happened to conducting your case because the evidence shows that the Accused may be guilty? Whatever happened to having a brain?!

How can you firstly allow that to happen, and secondly be SEEN to allow that to happen?

This brings me to the issue of Saiful and Farah's alleged affair.

Why should this come as a surprise to all of us? There has never been independence in the judiciary or the AG's chambers. Witnesses are coached all the time. The prosecutors sit them down and tell them what to say. Sure, many may deny it. But we see with our own eyes when they let witnesses and/or the lawyers representing them direct the DPP as to when how and what should be done.

And what type of a explanation is that she is merely assisting the team and has no access to the documents or the information pertaining to the prosecution of Anwar? Unless Ms. Farah goes into meetings or the court with both her eyes AND ears closed, I do not know how she isn't privy to the information that is discussed in the matter. OF course the whole damn prosecution is compromised.

Let me just say, a compromised team of prosecutors who refuse to step down merely goes to show that this trial is a charade. And they cannot change all the stars in the show at the last minute. Who will have time to read the scripts for when the camera rolls?

Still, attacking a man's private life - as to the registration of his marriage- is hitting below the belt. I don't know about the rest of you, but whether Mr. Hanafiah wants to have his marriage recognised in Kota Bharu or not, does not reflect the type of DPP that he is. Or that he is incompetent. I have personally seen him in action in court and he is anything but incompetent.

Frankly, all this side show that Karpal has choreographed is making me dizzy. I think he may have lost the plot. It may now be all about the fireworks and the drama and making headlines and less about fighting the case. Asking Farah and Saiful to testify to their affair? What? What type of request is that? What do we intend to solicit from Farah and Saiful? You think they will go into the witness box and say yes, we had an affair and I fed information to Saiful? Who is on trial here? Anwar Ibrahim. And the trial has barely started.

What Karpal will have to do, is to let the trial start. Let the prosecution present its evidence and remind the court at every opportunity that due to the alleged possibility of tampering of evidence caused by the alleged affair, the evidence before the court may not be true. And not much weight should be placed on it. Unless the court is satisfied that there is NO affair (in which case the dropping of Farah from the team will not be justified) and that the evidence is safe to be accepted.

I'm so sick of all the slides shows that are going on with the trial. If I were the High Court Judge, I will be sick of all the rubbish attempts to postpone the proceedings. Either way, you think the AG is going to withdraw the charge? If indeed there has been alleged "fabrication" of evidence by the prosecution, you think they are going to stop because of the slide show? You think anything will change if you keep poking holes in it? Sure, eventually it may burst and the truth may come out.

But let the court be the judge.

Let the process of law take place.

We may not have the greatest respect for the independence of the judiciary in this country, but we have no choice but to submit to it.

And we do our damned best when we are before the court. Any other slide show just makes them look like fools. And then what separates them from the prosecutor and their lead witness then?

Monday, August 02, 2010

They think we are stupid.

Did you read the papers today?

Our dear DPM Muhyiddin said "no one should try to undermine the country’s foundation by questioning the place of any race." and he ]also said "let us strengthen the country’s foundation by upholding mutual understanding among the different racial and religious groups."

Perhaps our dear DPM has forgotten that on the 12th September 2008, the Registrar of Societies registered PERKASA.

And in Article 4 of PERKASA's charter :

• Memperkasakan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan
• Memperkasakan Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan
• Memperkasakan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu
• Mempertahankan hak-hak keistimewaan orang Melayu
• Memperkasakan kaum pribumi
• Menyatupadukan kaum pribumi dan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia
• Mempertahankan kedaulatan Negara.

And as part of their activities to uphold Article 4 of their charter, they held a protest (with 300 Malay participants) against the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Penang. They accused the government of being racist when it demolished illegal hawker stalls. Protesters burned an effigy of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

And they also have great ideas on how the federal scholarships should be awarded in this country.
“The Malay population of this country is 67 per cent. That means 67 per cent of scholarships should be set aside for deserving Malays and Bumiputeras.”

It's nothing to do with merit among races. They should be set aside to Malays and Bumiputeras because they are a majority.

And when BN lost in Sibu (and a majority of them voted against BN in Hulu Selangor) Perkasa wanted the Government to review financial aid and development projects to Chinese.
Because the Chinese were ungrateful for what the PM had given them.

And the DPM tells us, everyone is entitled to establish PERKASA. They are entitled to speak their minds.

And the PM goes around with a 1Malaysia for all. 1Malaysia 1Malaysia 1Malaysia.

But PERKASA still remains active. PERKASA still remains loud and aggressive. They remain untouched and unreprimanded.


Because PERKASA is every racist Malay's inner voice. If they abolish it, who would speak their real thoughts on Malay rights? As someone in power, I have to say 1Malaysia and Malaysia for all races! When in their hearts, they think OH I *heart* PERKASA. or
"My thoughts exactly those scum of a Chinese/Indian/ Lain-lain."

Because indeed if they really feel that PERKASA threatens national unity, they would have deregistered it. They would have abolished it. They would arrest its President under their favourite Act the ISA and lock him up. (even those who have a peaceful candlelight vigil to protest against ISA get hauled up too)

RPK says Najib may have links to Atlantuya they swiftly charge him in court for Sedition. But Malays step on cow heads and protest against the relocation of an Indian temple, they only get a slap on the wrist with a fine.


It gets a pat on it's back for a job well done. It roams free with its racism. It floats through the media with its racism.

And yet our PM and his people sit in their big offices in Putrajaya and tells us the rakyat of his 1Malaysia concept.

Ever heard of such big bullshit in your life?