Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The essence of being Malaysia...

If you looked like any one of these women,

chances are, Malaysia will forgive you for not being able to speak English.

Did anyone hear Amber Chia's ad on the radio?
It went something like this..

"Thris Mothrer's Day..have thre couragre to sray "Mamar, you'rrre the besrt"

The woman cannot speak English. The woman is pretty it is understood. But WHY WHY WHY put her on radio to speak English?

Isnt it time the Malaysian government make it a point to TEACH them English( because eventhough Bahasa Malaysia is the national language, the rest of the world probably cannot understand it) BEFORE they are allowed to go speak to the world as Malaysia's representative?

And can anyone forget how utterly horrendous Ziana Zain sounded on MTV during the MTV Music Awards? She read off a card yet she sounded like she was forced to read in a foreign language. (wait, it IS foreign to her) Dont even get me started on Ella.

I cringe when I think how Amber must have sounded when she spoke to the Guess people during her stint as their spokesperson.

"Herro, I am Amber Chia. I am so harrpy to bre herrre. I am grad you chose mer to represrent Guess. I hope to dro my brest!"

And then she would have to flash the peace sign.(Chinese mah)

You'd think that with all the money that they have, they would at least go attend some english classes...


Then again, I suppose Malaysia has no problems with language and how it reflects on us.After all, our reigning Miss Malaysia who was brought up in Australia and never stayed in Malaysia for 3/4 of her life, speaks with a foreign accent. I mean, they introduce her as Miss Malaysia and she goes up on stage and speaks with an Australian accent. Like WTF? She was not even raised here!Being born in Malaysia does not make one Malaysian.

Then again, judging from the current state of things, and what is being said in Parliament and what principles are used to implement the 9MP, being a non-Muslim, you're probably not considered a Malaysian either. Remember,our MP said:

"if you have problems with Islam and how its being implemented here, you can always get out.."

Why are we a third world country you say?