Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gila Campaign

Now, I did not know that there were no Chinese, Indian or other races living in Kelantan. Did you?

Apparently, only the Muslims live there. If not, why else would BN issue a statement saying "if you vote for us, we will allocate money to build mosques and upkeep the current ones"?

Why would non-Muslims need money to upkeep mosques for? Its not their place of worship. I suppose BN is not hoping for Non-Muslim support there. Or they assume that they are such a minority, its dismissable. So, if they are to be elected, there is no need to watch out for the needs and wants of the Non Muslims. Maybe. I wouldnt know.

Ever since our beloved PM announced that Parliament is dissolved and that March 8 would be election day (in the middle of the CNY no less- Thanks PM!You're so mindful of the needs of others!), newspapers have been FLOODED with election news. Frankly, I find it disgusting. DAP or other opposition parties never make it to the front news unless its "PO KUAN QUITS" or there is an image of a (elder)politician bawling for the cameras to see over "its hard for women in politics". (Like SERIOUSLY DAP, you want to be a formidable opponent to BN? Stop airing your damn laundry in public and get those bawlers to do it in the confines of their bathroom)

It is usually about Barisan Nasional and images of BN candidates giving mineral water(like what?) or suddenly discovering there are clogged drains to be cleaned (ala Samyvellu after he was stopped from leaving and was forced to take a walk to see the sad state of the village- "to his shock and horror he discovered clogged drains"
Ed note: There is only shock and horror when there are NO clogged drains.

It is weird. Suddenly there are so many politicians out there who hold so much promise. Who can help you with this and that. Who is suddenly so peka to my needs and my grievances. Suddenly there are so many choices of whom you want to direct your problems to. There is the YB, and the Tuan and the Tan Sri and the Datuk, and the ever humble Encik.

After this elections, suddenly these people will vanish from the face of the earth. All calls to offices to air your grievances will go unanswered. All problems you have will receive only one answer "masih dalam siasatan" or "akan dirujuk kepada Tuan X" and the recently cleaned drains would suddenly have rubbish piling in it again.
(And all the flags, posters and all other campaign whachamacallits, will be there until it dissolves under the acidic rain or has something stuck over it. Nobody removes it after the campaign season is over)

So, why do people still get caught up in this election fever/campaign? Why do people get excited about it? Maybe its because its their one opportunity to see their elected rep and go "ooohhh, HE is the one-la"
Or maybe some people just need some, ANY excitement in their mundane lives.

Frankly, this whole extended from 8 to 10 days campaigning thing is just plain annoying.

Can you believe the shit that make it into the newspaper nowadays?


Friday, February 15, 2008

Empty Vessels make the most noise

I am rooting for Barack Obama.

Oh wait, he is not running in the elections in Malaysia. I forgot. I got so caught up in the battle that he has with that Hillary Clinton and analysing their policies and their blueprint for the future that I felt and thought and was actually convinced they were advocating for change in Malaysia. Okay, I WISHED.

When I go to, I see the list of his past "achievements". He is a lawyer from Harvard. He has been in practise for 10-15 years, active in racial abuse cases. He is the editor in Harvard Law Review.And he taught Constitutional Law for 10 years. A Professor. And all in all, he is only 46 years old.

Ok, because I am rooting for Obama, I did not bother with Hillary's website. However, some of barack obama's voters have also listed out the things she has done these past years of her life.(for comparison purposes)
She has been active in women's rights and the Purple Heart Foundation, and speech therapy for children. She has been active in quite a few things too (though of course not as impressive as Obama).

When I look at these two candidates, I know why its such a neck to neck race. They both have credentials. They both have done a lot for their country. And they both know what they are talking about.

That makes me sad.


It makes me sad because I compare them to our candidates in Malaysia. When our current PM became PM, I did not know (ok, I still do not know) what he has done previously to deserve being elevated to PM status. As far as I know, he is a graduate from UM. A Islamic Studies Graduate. Ok, I could do more research and find out more, but the thing is, that is not the case is it? If BN wins, UMNO President is PM for sure. So, it does not matter what he has or has not done, he will be PM for sure if BN wins a majority in the election.

What about the BN candidates? What have they done? What about DAP? or Keadilan? Anwar was incarcerated, he was victimised, he was made the scapegoat, but what has he done previously to deserve votes? Bowing to government policies when he was in the administration?

What has ANY of the politicians done? Most (if not all) of them have no experience, besides going from village to village fishing for votes, and they do not even KNOW what they are talking about.

The only candidate whom i KNOW has done something and is still doing something for the people, its Michael Chong. He is helping people from all walks of life, everyday of his life. He receives threats but he soldiers on. But is asking to be elected into Parliament? Unfortunately(or fortunately), he is not. Because he knows, once he is elected, he has no time to actually DO something. He would probably be too busy talking about doing something, but not actually doing it.

Sure, Khir Toyo the MB of Selangor says, Do not listen to the opposition's lies. They are out to smear our names. They do not even have anything to complain about, so they smear our names.

What about YOUR lies Khir Toyo? Please, you even lied about your alleged plastic surgery by saying it was a "well rested I am eating healthy transformation". I have been resting well and eating well for the past 26 years, but it has not given me a permanent surprise, taut skin , free of blemish and pigmentation look!

Every other day the SUN highlights your abuses. Please, lets not talk about opposition lies. Let us talk about your own. Let us talk about what you have been trying to do. Hoodwinking your people.

I am afraid to know sometimes. Afraid to find out that these people are all empty vessels. Though I know at the back of my head, they probably are.

Well you know what they say, empty vessels make the most noise.

I am contemplating whether I will, on March 8, be confident knowing,

"X marks the (right) spot."

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Being young and ignorant

Last Saturday was a coming of age day for me. Well, kind of.

I am officially a registered voter. A full fledged, 6 years late, registered voter.
Yes, for someone who sure as hell talks a lot about our current administration, I was not an official voter, until last Saturday.
But in my defence( however lame it may be) I did not find the need to vote when I was 21 yrs old. I was ignorant then and I did not know enough then. Now that I know I want change, I signed myself up and am going to make sure my voice counts time this around.

Many of you will think that this is not a good excuse not to vote when I hit 21, then perhaps I should share a story with you. Over dinner one night, I spoke to a friend, lets name her T, about the coming elections and stu-, oh I meant,politicians. So, there we were going on and on about it. Then I found out that she has no knowledge whatsoever about the Lingam circus show, or the Atlantuya fiasco or anything else which were hitting the headlines for the past year. (granted it IS boring reproduction of usual BS everyday- what with one tycoon now officially taking over a free daily-we're not going to get anymore straight talking no nonsense reporting anymore) So, with my jaw almost hitting the dirty tables at a SS2 mamak eatery, I said "please do not tell me you do not care about voting either?!"

To which she smugly replied, " I am already registered. Was since I was 21."

With a hint of shame(me being the all high and mighty Oh my God, you dont know anything about the current situation!), I commended her on her "politicial consciousness" at such an early age. But my shame was quickly replaced with shock when she said " I voted for XX party because my mother asked me to. Not like I care and know who I voted for." (See? I rather be ignorant when I was 21 then stupidly voting because my mother asked me to)

When asked what she meant by voting for a person from a party which her mother asked her to, she just shrugged her shoulders and said " I don't know. I don't even remember who I voted for. I don't care really."

Now, I would like to backtrack a little. I have always been a big advocate of the Election Commission taking proactive measures in recruiting young voters. By this I mean that they should go to colleges and universities to encourage the young to sign up and register themselves. Yes, I know university students are not to be involved in politics, but they should be educated on the need to be registered and to be heard. By setting up registration booths at colleges and universities, a lot of students will sign up because its easy and hassle free. (A lot of them, including myself, did not and do not know where to sign up because we were never informed- we were just expected to one day wake up and say EUREKA!I know where to sign myself up!)

Anyways, I digress.

I am now fully convinced that the Election Commission, the Government, and all other people entrusted with the task of educating the people on their voting rights and why they need to vote, are NOT doing their job.I have said this before, but I shall like a broken record, say it again. A lot of people who are registered, are registered for the sake of it. They do not know what they want, and they do not care too much about who they are voting for.

Many vote the opposition for the sake of spite. I hate Datuk X. Hence I shall vote for the opposition just for the heck of it.
Many vote for BN because politicians descend into villages and their constituencies bearing gifts and promises (albeit empty ones).
And many vote because "my father ask me to vote for him ma"

So what has gone wrong? Why are so many people ignorant? WHy are so many people fooled into exercising their right for the wrong reasons? Do they REALLY care about change? Do they really agree to the current administration?

I often wonder how the young will have ANY politicial consciousness at all. Cleo Magazine's YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARDS feature girls only from the entertainment scene. A Miss Malaysia, a singer-songwriter, a classical dancer, a I-won-a-reality-show contestant and another magazine will have a "I am so succesfull at such a young age" but they forger the other half of it "because my father is Datuk X and if he weren't I would not be sitting on the Board of Directors without any experience" (like please, if you did not have the money you think you will be where you are at 24 yrs old age?) What about those who have been fighting for women rights? Women who have overcome disabilities and triumphed? Those who are politicially active and are in NGOs? Oh, sorry, you're probably too ugly to qualify.

So when magazines catered for the younger generation only promote the popularity, celebrity and beauty = all you ever need to know and care, I do not blame the younger generation for being ignorant. Who needs to know how badly the current administration is doing?

If there is any news I really need to know, E! Channel provides it all.