Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stop the blame game!

Anyone who lives in Bukit Antarabangsa or has/had any relatives who lived there is going to hate me for saying this. But I just HAVE to.

It is NOT always the local authorities who are SOLELY to be blamed. And it is not also the developers who are to blame. Ever heard of if there is DEMAND, there is SUPPLY?
Let us just say, I as a developer, I have this MEGA project at the hillside. I have luxury condo units and I have big ass swimming pools, and all that jazz. Now all these I made it rich and I have to flaunt my money Malaysians will FLOCK to these developments to buy it. So I make big bucks and I think gee, Malaysians LOVE this whole hillside luxury living concept. I think I ought to go look for another one.

So the Highland Towers taught the developers nothing. Even the buyers learnt nothing. You would think us Malaysians will think, we should BOYCOTT these developments. Let us NOT buy into the whole idea. The developers should stop it. And if we do not buy any units, the whole development will go bust and then eventually they will learn that there is no demand. But NO, Malaysians continue FLOCKING to these developments. Buying and buying and buying. So with demand going up, there ought to be supply right? If I were a developer and a businessman, I see the opportunity, I seize it!

So knee jerk reaction. Let us SUE the developers and the local authorities for allowing these developments. They are to blame. They caused the landslides from bad monitoring. They did not do the irrigation well enough. Now my mother/sister/brother/relative is dead and gone. But what have I done to stop these developments? I bought a unit there because it was BIG and Beautiful. I have money, I want a big house! What have I done to curb the demand? nothing. But why should I blame myself as well?Its easier to point a finger at someone else.

Am I being a mean bitch here? Yes I am. But I just think pushing the blame game has to stop. EVERYONE is to be blamed. It is like saying let us stop polluting the environment. Every damn advocate(or 98% of them) of "cleaner environment" campaign drives a car. Hybrid or not. It still emits pollutants right? Whether at 10% or 80%, it STILL Does.So you are STILL polluting the damn environment. Why dont you cycle everwhere? Why do you have air con units in your home? Why do you have electricity? Why dont you switch to solar power? All these contribute to environmental pollution.

So yes, I am being mean here, but I think I just have to say it.

After all, this is MY blog and I have every damn right to.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You're fired!

Many donkey years ago, I attended a forum in which Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was the main Speaker for the night. I can no longer recall the topic of discussion but two things Zaid ibrahim said made an impression on me that night.

First: My results were bad but just because I was Malay, I got a scholarship.
Second: I am in UMNO because I believe I can make changes from within.

So in recent months, Zaid has stuck to these two things that he said that night. He questioned the "Ketuanan Melayu" and eventhough he quit his post as Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, he remained faithful to UMNO. I mean, how many of us thought to ourselves, Dude, what are you still doing in UMNO? It has turned it back on you!

But now, the heavens are shining on Datuk Zaid. He has been sacked by UMNO. I think it is the best news ever! But before that, let us examine the reason why he has been sacked. Mainly because he has been attending events held by the Opposition. Victory parties, rallies, what not. AND he sat next to the party leaders. (The HORROR!He should have sat at the back, with his face covered) So he got a show cause letter and then finally the PM just said, you're OUT! And no you cannot appeal the decision because it is against the Party Ethics to be SEEN at Opposition events. And UMNO cannot be seen to be practising double standards. We can practise double standards when we act in Government. UMNO members can utter whatever they want in Parliament. But if the Opposition does, we suspend them! UMNO members can build UMNO posts and huts anywhere we want, but if Opposition members try to stop a building from being demolished, we charge them in court! Those type of double standards are NECESSARY in the name of political stability. And well, the fact that you know, since MCA, MIC and Gerakan is stupid enough to stick with us, we are all mighty in terms of numbers.
Take that PAKATAN!

Who cares what he was doing there? Who cares it is actually a good thing for Politicians from different parties to set aside their differences, or even EMBRACE their differences for the sake of political stability? Who cares? UMNO does not. It is all about EGO and SUPREMACY. How can Zaid embarass the party that way? How can be so unethical? This country runs on a few simple basic rules :

UMNO is supreme.

Oh I'm sorry, that is only ONE rule.
And this rule applies across the board. Whether you like it or not.

So I go back to my earlier point about this being the best news I have come across today. Zaid is sacked from UMNO. So now this man, whom I believe has GREAT ETHICS and has a conscience and a functioning brain, will now be free to do the things that he has and had always wanted to. He wanted to make changes from within but all are opposed to change and so if he HAS to make changes from a different party or from a different angle, that is what he has to do. And now, that is what he CAN do without his arms and legs being bound by UMNO's RED TAPE OF ETHICS AND RULES.

I applaud the PM's move.
Datuk Zaid, you make us, okay, I cannot speak for others, but you make ME proud.