Friday, October 24, 2008


I have been missing for quite some time now for a number of reasons.

One being that after my aunt's death in August, I have learnt to stop and smell the roses- and if I were to be stung by a bee while I am at it, I should laugh and remind myself that at least I still have my sense of smell.(you know, one of those, you are lucky to be alive things?)

Two- I have been busy.Well not so busy that I do not have time to read the newspapers and detect the absurdity in the political scene, but busy enough not to be able to sit down and articulate my thoughts.

Three- the most important reason of all- it being that the Malaysian politics is such a snooze fest nowadays.

September 16 came and went. Then October 16th also came and whooshed by. Many of us were waiting in anticipation for a change of government (who cares if academicians say that MPs crossing over will not change the Government, we want DRAMA man, DRAMA!)Then now we sit down and twiddle our fingers waiting for Anwar to give us more (false) hope.Maybe its November, wait no, December? How about January?
"It is not about the date, just remember that it will happen..." *yawn*

Shah Rukh Khan got awarded Datuk-ship. Erm, like SO? Datuk Michelle Yeoh's ug, I mean erm..aesthetic challenged boyfriend also got one didnt he?And what did he do? I think he bought a piece of land in Terengganu. Or was it Langkawi? Who cares?

The whole point is that these Datuk-ships mumbo jumbo are a total waste of time. Lee Chong Wei is a Datuk, Nicole David is a Datuk and the next thing you know, the uncle selling chee cheong fun down the roadside shop is also a Datuk. So I dont see the whole brouhaha over it. In all seriousness, if the artistes in Malaysia are offended that they did not get it, then all they have to do is, acquire some talent and actually use it. Not just sit there and produce Cicakman, or Senario, or other crap movies or take part in Akademi Fantasia and hope to be famous for being well, nothing. (For crying out loud, we have MAWI MANIA- how sad is that?)

Karpal Singh got suspended from Parliament for two days because he is all sensitive now that he is in a wheelchair and automatically is part of the disabled communitys' representative for all things right and fair *thumps chest*.

What was the issue? The fact that Nazri said to Wee Choo Keong "If you do not see the reason why the government sponsored the Bar Council's dinner then you must be blind" to which Karpal demanded an apology for making a sensitive remark about the disabled. And Pandikar Amin did not want to make a ruling on it and bla bla bla, Karpal got suspended. I would think that this did not warrant such a strong reaction and now he has to sit out the debate over the Budget 2009 just because he was all sensitive about something which can only be said to be making a mountain out of a molehill. But Karpal insists he is right. You know, sometimes one can be blind (score!) to their irrational outbursts.

So you see, even in my roundup of what I think are some of the more interesting happenings in Malaysia, it is still yawn worthy. So, here is hoping more interesting things crop up.

For now, I think I shall go lie down for a while. All the changes in the road names in Bukit Bintang is giving me a headache.