Friday, October 23, 2009

1 Malaysia

I used to tell everybody how great a Sultan we have in Perak. But after the whole Perak power struggle, I have to rethink my position.

For those who are uninformed as to what happened in Perak, here's a behind the fiasco story.

On a separate note:

Everytime I see a 1 Malaysia sign, I feel like spitting on it.

I really do.

I spit on it because it obviously is a waste of tax payers money to print, churn and distribute these new 1 Malaysia logos, posters, giant billboards and whatnots. What? The more we look at it, the more we will believe the BS is it?

It's nothing but propaganda. 1 Malaysia this 1 Malaysia that. What has PM done to even prove 1 Malaysia? Just because you travel everywhere to launch the IDEA of 1 Malaysia, doesn't mean its a success in implementing the alleged policies before it.

1 Malaysia has been brought to its knees by the Auditor's report of excesses and misappropriation of money. OUR Money.

1 Malaysia - Rakyat didahulukan, hence because the rakyat (UMNO) wanted a man tainted with corruption to lead them in Bagan Pinang, that's what they get! Two thumbs up!

1 Malaysia- where MACC can ask someone to come and help with investigations but then say "he was not under our jurisdiction" when this someone is found dead on their premises. No police report, nothing. MACC's duty to BN's "pencapaian diutamakan".

1 Malaysia, it's not something that will outlive the PM. I doubt it will but MIC thinks its the greatest idea that has ever been invented. As great as the birth and rise of Samyvellu. Hence the need to change September 16, which is Malaysia day, to 1 Malaysia day. Can someone yell bootlicker?

1 Malaysia. This is what the chinese call a new jamban.

Everyone wants to go sit on it and take a crap. Just to experience the new jamban and its features.

Whatever it boasts to do, its still a place for crap isn't it?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rise if you have had enough.

Nobody's listening to you
Cause nobody cares
They will never change
They are slowly dying
They will never go away
They have nothing to lose

All my people come on
Choose your side
You're a long way from home, but not alone

They are afraid of you
Cause you know their secrets
I hear them praying for you
That you disappear
They are the enemy
We are the fallen
Now they have us on our knees
We have nothing to lose

All my people come on
Choose your side
You're a long way from home, but not alone
Keep your head up
Keep it real
Stay down
You're a long way from home
You're not alone
I got you

The sky was blood red on New Years Day
One thousand candles light the way
Ten thousand souls are restless
Ten million hungry
Eat the rich, but pay me!
In the next episode&
I load and reload
It's kill or be killed
Sell or be sold
In this life, in this time, in my mind
I gotta stay high, cause I got left behind

Friday, October 09, 2009

Our BFF Indonesia deserve better from us!

Ever had a friend or an acquaintance whom is forever ungrateful no matter what you did for him? He will always find fault with you, saying its never enough, its not good enough, nothing works. To him, it is all about receiving, but less about giving?

That's how I as a MALAYSIAN, feel about Indonesians.

Did you hear they plan to INVADE Malaysia? A volunteer vigilante group called BENDERA (Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat) are waging war against us. They have 1300 volunteers and 500 medical personnel who plan to depart from Jakarta to Malaysia, armed with weapons like bamboo spears, sticks and parang.

They're wreaking vengeance on Malaysia because we:-

1) stole their culture
2) abuse their maids.

Us Malaysians are a terrible lot aren't we?

What do you mean we sent relief to Padang quake victims? Flew relatives and medical personnel and volunteers for free with Air Asia? Collected money and give them aid?

That's not enough.

What do you mean MERCY Malaysia was the first to land and offer its aid when the tsunami hit Indonesia?

That's not enough.

What do you mean we give thousands if not millions of Indonesians citizenship and PRs?

That's not enough.

What do you mean we give them jobs here ?

That's not enough.

What do you mean every year they give us the best haze ever from their burning forest- like a yearly gift. "Here's some tainted air for you courtesy of our burning forests. You're WELCOME!"

It's a damned gift. Why are us Malaysians so ungrateful?

We bloody stole their culture and abuse(d) their maids!
Who cares if that visit Malaysia ad had nothing to DO with Malaysia as it was produced solely by the Discovery/National Geographic channel? We could have done something! We could have issued a full page apology for even DARING to ASSUME we are as CULTURED as the Indonesians. For shame Malaysia!!

And who cares if thousands of poverty stricken women come here to earn a living and are able to support their families back in Indonesia? We abuse them! Three in every one hundred? Still? An abuse is an abuse! For shame Malaysia!!

I think the Indonesians are right. We deserved to be punished with primitive weapons.

Please do come attack us.

In return, to show you how very sorry we are, we shall revoke all citizenships and PRs offered to you, stop taking you in for jobs, stop providing relief whenever a natural disaster hits you.

Malaysia should just stop being such a bloody bad neighbour!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

PDRM- two thumbs up!

Yesterday I went to the MidValley Megamall Police station to assist my friend in making a report. The details as to why we were there are insignificant, but the story as to how this L/KPL Asvin 107202 ended up calling me "perempuan gila" and threatened to arrest me, its quite a story.

As we walked into the police station, Ms. Asvin was chatting away on the phone while an old uncle was seated in front of her. This went on for 5 minutes. She then proceeded to end the call, made some small talk with the uncle and he proceeded to leave. She did not ask us why we were there nor did she acknowledge our presence. So, I went up to her and made the enquiries. She asked two half hearted questions and then proceeded to make a phone call on her mobile. She then continued to chat until I took her details down on a piece of paper. This was of course done on purpose in front of her.

As soon as she saw me doing that, she ended her call and shouted "APA PASAL YOU AMBIL NO SAYA?"
To which I replied "kenapa tak boleh?" The, actually no, HER madness then began.

She yelled AT me " you tak nampak saya bergayut atas telefon ke? Sekarang saya tolong you buat repot la!"
To which I said "saya memang nampak you borak atas telefon, walaupun ada dua orang duduk depan Puan untuk buat Repot."

To which she yells "You jangan ajar saya macam mana saya nak buat kerja ah!"
I replied that I was not in any way teaching her how to do her job, however I would have expected her to be more professional. And this of course incurred her wrath. She then threatened to ARREST me as I "maki hamun" her. Here she was yelling at me at the top of my voice, threatening to arrest me, saying that I "buat her angin". *followed by
pointing her finger to her temple*

I then gently reminded her that I was aware of my rights as I was practising as a lawyer and that if she insisted on arresting me for whatever reason, it would be her right to do so. The "lawyer" word further fanned her already burning anger (which would have scorched our faces had we been seated next to her) and she retorted "OH so you sangat berpelajaran la?! Saya sudah 20 tahun service tau!"

Now, as I cannot deny that I was "berpelajaran" (because I am honest that way) I nodded and said "Ya Puan, memang saya berpelajaran."

She then yells "Oh, jadi berpelajaran boleh biadap macam you la! Kurang ajar! You jangan tunjuk lagak di sini ah!" ( I swear her eyes were bulging out and would pop out at any minute)

At this point, I could no longer tolerate her bad behaviour and so I remarked " wah, dua puluh tahun service tapi masih duduk belakang counter ambil repot saja ka?"

She then picked up the phone to ask for security and said "Ada PEREMPUAN GILA di sini."

There was further yelling of how lawyers are always taking down police's particulars to complain and how I was very rude and lacked manners. I also reminded her that I was NOT the one doing all the yelling. She then proceeded to chase me out of the police station. I refused to budge and reminded her that " ini tempat awam untuk orang awam buat repot, kenapa saya tak boleh duduk sini?" Inflamed to the point of her cheeks turning a bright red, she told me to get off the chair and sit somewhere else. I of course refused and remain seated on
the chair in front of her.

10 minutes later (and followed by a lot of yelling on her part and amusement on my part)the security she called for arrived (funny how a police woman would need the shopping complex security to arrest me)
Security was represented by a rotund lady who came in asking what the problem was.Of course by the time this lady arrived Ms. Asvin had already calmed down a little and started processing my friend's report.

She then told my friend, "saya punya details sini kalau dia mau adu.Saya tak kisah pun."
It is funny how for a person who "tak kisah" she sure threw a big hissy fit when I took down her particulars.

At the end of the day, with the report in hand, we left the police station with two sets of eyes glaring and burning a big hole on my back.

PDRM Tagline:-

What a joke.