Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stupidity list (in no particular order)

Ever stared at the newspapers and thought to yourself, Good God, the STUPIDITY!
I certainly have.
And for 2009, here is my top ten list.

1. A lady poisons herself. AND her children by lacing her drinks with weedkiller. The reason? Oh, it's because her brother was shot dead by the police. Her brother who was one of the five suspected robbers the police had a shoot out with. So, because she was overcome by grief, she decided to take not only her life, but those of her children too.

2. Welfare homes who take in young children and infants have been found to convert children as young as 7 years old, to Islam. Children who are too young to even understand cartoons in full, but have been placed with the understanding of Islam on their young shoulders. But wait, what does the government say? It says, go to the Syariah Court and ask them to declare that you're not Muslim. And yes, welfare homes are ENCOURAGED to teach children about Islam and its virtues. *mumble convert children acceptable mumble*.

3. You get SO fat, your 11 year old daughter has to drop out of school to take care of you. And then the army rebuilds your dilapidated home and the government gives you a doctor to check on your help and even gets you a nutritionist! So basically, she ballooned from 110kg to 170kgs because she took some "jamu" pills for the pain in her knees (yes, being 100kgs will be quite a lot of weight for your poor knees to carry). So she gets aid from Penang UMNO's Public Complaints and Welfare Secretariat. She allows herself to get that big. She allows her child to drop out of school to take care of her. She does nothing to lose the weight, but she gets aid for being too lazy to do something about her weight and her life.

4. The power company has such frequent outages, a man raps his dissastisfaction on video. Instead of TNB making a decision to buck up in their services, the Government says investigations would be carried out on the lyrics to see if action should be taken under the Penal Code. Why? Because Information, Communications, Cul­ture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said “We cannot allow acts that insult which could lead to disharmony,” he told reporters yesterday.". No siree. Stepping on cow heads is A-ok and endorsed by all parties. But insulting TNB for bad service? No-uh. Disharmony. Definitely.

5. A woman falls to her death from a condo unit in Penang. Police say "Based on the deceased’s brown-coloured pupil and skin colour, we believed she could be from either East Europe like Ukraine or the Middle East."
Please do not doubt the fantastic police force in Malaysia and their initial investigations based on the body they found and the conclusions from their vast experience in homicide/suicide/death investigations.
The woman looks like this:-

Hmmm...East Europe?

To be continued....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Raise you hand if you don't give a damn,

I don't know about the rest of you, but I seriously, in all honesty, do NOT care about the MCA.

They have LONG abandon the fight for the rights of their members or for the Chinese population.

Today someone remarked to me "Tee Keat is going to be like Samy Vellu soon."

"You don't like me? Out you go! "

I don't see how any of us will benefit from this MCA reshuffle. Or unity plan. I think it is a big waste of paper and sacrificed trees for faces of Tee Keat or Soi Lek, or Chew Mei Fun or whomever whatever from MCA to grace the newspapers. I feel cheated sometimes after I hand over my RM for the papers and I see the same MCA bullshit gracing the front pages.

Seriously, while the MCA is fighting, people in UMNO are shitting in their pants. DANG! They are going to chase away all our Chinese BN voters!

It's okay UMNO. PKR is messing itself up too. No worries. Just serves to remind us voters, once you have political power, it is no longer about who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for the rakyat. It's all about who is President, who gets which position, how can we benefit from the government and what flaws of the other parties can we point out (to make ourselves look good, without actually needing to do anything).

There is so much mud slinging in public now I wish there will be a 24 hour rainfall whereby all the useless politicians will just drown in the big pool of mud.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Idiots that roam among us.

This is what irks me.

People who live in a foreign country. Working in and for a foreign economy. Contributing their time, energy and money to a foreign land and claiming that us Malaysians are ungrateful for what the Government has given us.

That us Malaysians are never happy with what we have. Here is an except of something I have about a million things to say to. :-

"Which one do you prefer? A so-called 100% freedom of speech (which never exist anyway) and chaos on the street, economy going to the drain, people became homeless and starving?

Or government that carefully filtered the information so that we can live the way we live now?


Honestly, not that I mean it is you… but I found people that find fault and complained all the time are pretty disgusting and sad. It is so easy to complain because you are complacent.


Go, do some traveling and visit poor country or live in the country that you worshipped so much. Then you will know how to appreciate you own so-called not practicing 100% freedom of speech country.

There is a thin line in finding solutions for a problem and trying desperately to prove that you are smart-ass by just being angry all the time."

Firstly, this comes from a girl who boasts of a Master in Law (specializing in Economy and IP). Secondly, she doesn't reside in Malaysia and she casually mentions she wants a job in the foreign country that she is in because "Europe pays more than Malaysia anyway." (IS THAT A COMPLAINT?!)
Thirdly, here is a girl who says, hey, whats a little sacrifice of government controlled media, if we do not have famine, riots and diseases and war like those other countries?

And here is what I want to say to this ignorant fool.

Firstly, you only THINK the damn country is so DARN wonderful, BECAUSE of the media. IF not for the internet and a man named RPK, we would have never known of the PM being implicated in murder, or the little Napoleans running around Selangor using the state's money to fly themselves all over the world, or how a man can go in as a witness to a investigation and wound up dead on the 5th floor, just to name a few.

And this freedom of information which you asked us to sacrifice for bigger things such as stability which is fragile, which you think is a difficult job. You compare your country to third world countries? You compare your country with Africa? Pakistan and Bangladesh? You think we are on the same turf as them? How very deluded. And frankly, how lost you are. Sure, we consider ourselves lucky to have "peace and stability" and also "a functioning economy" but my friend, those countries are NOT your peers.

Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong New Zealand, Australia.
And oh did you know that our country actually produces oil? That we have natural resources?

If we apply your theory in the working world, and you tell your employer, because I have a Masters, I should be given a higher pay. He will say to your face, but why, some people don't even HAVE jobs. You should be happy you have one.

What a load of bull.

And the last load of bullshit I want to direct to her is simply this. If you are SO FKING proud of your country, why pack your bags and move away? Contribute to this country you alleged that us staying Malaysians are so unhappy about.

Please. Take a look at yourself and your judgmental views.
Practise what you preach.
And know your facts before you make a statement.
And dear, just because you have a Law Degree and a Master too, it does not make you a lawyer.
And frankly, your answer to one comment on your blog which said "I nak you defend saya. Sebab you lawyer hot smart and attractive (or words to that effect)", your answer should not be " Sure babe."

It should be, I am NOT QUALIFIED. Because I have never stepped into a court room, or drafted a court document, or spoken to a judge. I am not a lawyer, I am merely a law graduate.

And Darling, you've never even seen law beyond your textbooks. And oh, a word of advice? You can improve on your English too.