Friday, January 23, 2009

WTF moments

I dont know about you, but I have read a bunch of things from the newspapers that make me go WTF?

So in no particular order, I have decided to list them down :-

1) PAS youth wing leader wants Rihanna concert banned as it is an insult to Eastern culture.
Altogether now :WTF?

2) Some psycho Muslim accountant wants to sue the Penang State Government for putting up road signs in Chinese as he feels INSULTED by the use of a language which is not the official language of Malaysia.

3) Government sends 10,000 policeman to "cover" the elections in Kuala Terengganu.
WTF? (Is there no crime to fight elsewhere?)

4) PAS and DAP fighting like small children in the media. PAS: Islamic State. DAP: No! PKR Prez: No no, misunderstanding. PAS did not say Islamic state. Besides, it wont apply to Non Muslims. Karpal Singh :WTF?
So we too say WTF?

5) We must boycott Coca Cola as a way to show our displeasure with America who is supporting Israel in the war in Gaza. So because Coca Cola is banned, I guess we just have to switch to Pepsi.

6)Instead of helping to ease traffic jams along the congested roads in Bukit Bintang or Sultan Ismail, our road traffic police SWUNG INTO ACTION to issue summonses to those who do not wear their rear safety belts when the ruling came into effect.

7) The fourth passenger in the car does not need to wear a safety belt. Apparently the ruling which is to make it safer for those in the car should they be in an accident, does not apply to the fourth passenger. He or she can die. Its ok.

8)Anwar Ibrahim still talking about toppling the government by doing, nothing. But talk. And more talk.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We need help in Malaysia too!

Every year after the SPM or STPM results are out, one lucky lad will be featured in the front page of the papers as the hero who got 30As, or 6As or whatever amount of As that is considered straight As.

Then a few months down the road this same lad will be featured in the papers again under "Woe is me, I have no scholarship". And this lad will more likely than not be a Non- Muslim/Malay. And he will find that his peers with results which are not as spectacular as him would have gone on to further their education in prestigious universities or be offered fantastic scholarships to further their education.(and half the time, you dont even HAVE to return to Malaysia to work if say you are getting married and you want to wait for your spouse to finish HIS/HER education first before you come back, OR you can do a disappearing job and the authorities will not go after the guarantors because "they have moved"- what do you mean we can use the MYKAD to trace them? IMPOSSIBLE!They have vanished!VANISHED!)

I digress.

SO, every year, there will be a big brouhaha about why the government does not give scholarships to those who truly truly deserve it. So many of our talents move down South to Singapore where their intelligence and their talents will be recognised and appreciated. Many of us Malaysian have felt let down by the blatant discrimination shown by the Government when it comes to offering scholarships. Many of us have been looked over just because we were not of a certain race or creed.

You think that things cannot get ANY more unfair, then I read this today:-

BEIJING: Fifty scholarships will be given to Muslim students in China to further their studies in Malaysia.

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said the Al-Bukhary Foundation would be offering the scholarships annually.

The move was to help the poor students gain an education, he said during a lunch hosted by the China Islamic Association at the Muslim Tulufan Restaurant here yesterday.

Ong is leading a political and trade delegation to Beijing to mark 35 years of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations.

There are 22 million Muslims in China and Islam is one of the five major religions in the country.

“We hope the exchanges will help provide Malaysians an opportunity to know the Chinese Muslims,” Ong said.

Firstly, there are poor students HERE in MALAYSIA you sasquatch!
Secondly, why do Malaysians want to know about the Chinese Muslims? They are from China, they are Muslims! Why dont you just invite them to come over to Malaysia as tourists? I can learn about them when they are here as tourists too. For eg:-

Hello. Are you from China?
Great.You Muslim?
Cool.Enjoy yourself in Malaysia. There are halal food everywhere.
Thank You.

SEE? Makes perfect sense to me! But giving out money to POOR CHINESE MUSLIMS in CHINA to pursue their education here? Come on.

Yes, I know its given by the Al-Bukhary Foundation and not the Government, but dont you think it will make sense for the government to tell Tan Sri Mokhtar Al- Bukhary to "eh, give to Malaysians la. "

And SO WHAT IF HE ALREADY DOES GIVE TO MALAYSIANS? There are STILL poor ones who did not get it!AND WHAT ABOUT NON MUSLIMS WHO LIVE IN CHINA? THEY ARE POOR TOO!How about Malaysians who want to know about Buddhist Chinese? OR Malaysians who want to know about Christian Chinese? Huh?

*irrational anger*

Anyway, these are the type of things that piss me off. These are the type of things that make me wonder whether these people with all the money and the power actually have brains! Or they were just prompted along to riches and wealth with help from certain quarters.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The true evil is the war, not the countries in it.

HELL YEAH lets boycott Coca Cola!
And Maybelline, and Starbucks and everything that America has a hand in.

This way, America will know that Malaysia CONDEMNS the excessive aggressiveness of Israel in the Gaza strip. So far the death toll has gone up to 500. And in comparison, only 5 (okay maybe now around 10) Israeli's have died. The Horror! Why should there be such violence against the Palestinians when their initial incessant shelling of Israel only caused 5 people to die??! So what they sort of "started" it first? After all, in the words of my friend A "How would YOU like it if someone came into your living room and took posession of it?"

My simple answer? If my family had to die for it, I will gladly give up my living room.

SURE, we CONDEMN the war. The atrocities. The violence. But how many of us have sat down to think, now, why is Israeli retaliating as such? Is it because Hamas have been shelling them every damn day? And the rest of Palestine have plainly refused to recognise Israel? Just as the Palestinians have the right to live, so do the Israelis. Sure, the Israeli's were the unfortunate ones to be plucked out of obscurity and placed right smack in the middle of Islam central hence taking over land belonging to Palestine. How many have thought of how the Israeli's felt? If I were living in Israel I would wish every day that my country will one day LIFT itself and just go somewhere else with no opposition to the creation of that state.

Yes, I may sound biased, but at the end of the day, what I truly feel is that there is NO justification for the war. AND there is NO reason why both sides just cannot see eye to eye. Yes, this is the reality. Israel is there. Unless a big tsunami washes the whole of Israeli away (or my LIFT and go somewhere else theory comes to fruition), it is not going to disappear one day. So, would it not make more sense to just accept the inevitable and then move on from there?

Instead of all these fighting?

And by countries taking SIDES, it just FUELS the war. Malaysia can condemn the WAR, not Israel. Malaysia should condemn the VIOLENCE. NOT Israel. Because why do we support Palestine just because they are an Islamic country? What if it were the other way round? Would we condemn Palestine? Did we do anything to boycott anything Islamic during September 11? Or did many of us secretly thought HAHA, its about time that US feels the wrath of the Muslim world?

I do not agree to the stand that Malaysia has taken. We are supposed to be Non Aligned. And by that it means we DO NOT take sides. And by boycotting America because they are supporting Israel, we are taking sides. Both countries have been aggressors. And they both have to stop. Now its a game of lets see who has more support. And this will never end if we jump into the fray.