Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you know how to spell SHAME?

I think by now, the fever has died down. The cow head protesters have finally been brought to court to be charged under the Sedition Act.

I am more shamed by this whole incident than I am angered.

I am shamed because the authorities were so biased in the handling of this matter, racism was literally oozing out of their pores. How can a Minister stand in front of the rakyat, of all races, and say that the protesters did not mean to offend the Hindus?

“They said that they were very conscious and all that they wanted to do was to voice their unhappiness about the willingness of the state government to listen to their requests. I was told that even the Hindus there are not so passionate that it is built there (section 23)," says Hishamuddin.
And to Khir Toyo, the controversy its just over a "stupid" animal. But the best has yet to come. He then continues to say :-

The state government did not think... the cow's head was displayed because it is a 'stupid' animal, to show that the state government made a 'stupid' decision, and disrupted the peace of Section 23 residents. (It has) nothing to do with religious issues," he stressed.

To Hindus, a cow is a SACRED animal. But to Khir Toyo, its STUPID animal. And because cows are STUPID animals, then it just so happened (mere coincidence) that they decided to severe the cow's head and march with it (and finally upon reaching its destination, step and spit on it) to protest against the building of a temple in Sec 23 of Shah Alam. It was by chance that the cow is also a sacred animal to the Hindus. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?! Mere coincidence.

(I mean, a pigs are generally known to be the "stupider" and lazier animal, so I would have thought that would have been a better choice for displaying "stupidity". )

Now, lets put the sheer stupidity and racist comments of the Ministers and Ex MB aside, does this episode not shame you? It shames me because I have been living in this country for all my life. And never have I even encountered a group of people so racist, they probably have their faces printed next to the word "RACIST" in the dictionary. And here it is for illustration purposes:-


I have never once thought, oh my, here comes another mosque built next to the Ipoh General Hospital. I think I should protest. Chinese, Indians, Non Muslims should protest the insensitive Muslims who built a mosque next to the Hospital. No sorry, not everybody finds your 5 times a day prayer calls soothing. (In fact God may not have agreed to its location as well seeing that the dome was struck by lightning and destroyed twice)
And I am sure nobody said why do you need a total of three mosques in the vicinity of Ampang (Bukit Indah area)? How about the Chinese residents there? Or maybe the people who live in PJ (predominantly Chinese) should protest a mosque built near Sec 14, or one in Uptown. Or Indians in Bangsar should have protested the big mosque standing next to BSC. Could have used that space for a big temple ? Or a church?

This is utterly ridiculous. It is SHAMEFUL. Shameful that these people parade around waving their hands like celebrities. Thinking they have done a wonderful thing "protecting" their religion and their race. But in all honesty, what it has done is merely showcasing your IGNORANCE. That you're not but a RACIST SCUMBAG. And your children ought to be ashamed that you call yourself a Malaysian. For years you live side by side or work side by side people of other races, and in private you spit on them and their religion? And now given an opportunity, you march on the streets and insult their religion? If I were your child, I would be ashamed that you gave birth to me.

The Hindus in Sec 23 have been quiet about this whole episode. To them, it does not matter whether the temple will be in Sec 23 or Sec 19. It probably means its just a walk or a drive away for them. They prefer not to make it a big issue by saying something about this protest. You know what that shows? It shows that they respect your religion and your views. If indeed you think SHAH FREAKING ALAM is an EXCLUSIVE MUSLIM territory, then by all means, let the temple be somewhere else. Who wants a place of religion be built on land filled with hate? I wouldnt.

You drag a cow head and you step and spit on it. And then you hold out your hands and say a prayer?

God will not listen to your prayers. For you have shamed him and you have shamed your religion.

Please do not wave your arms in triumph. Please cover your face in shame.

As a Malaysian, you have brought us to a new low.