Monday, November 24, 2008


Damn. Yoga is no longer in.

Apparently all these while those who were practising it were in danger of "deviating from Islam". Because those who were busy contorting their bodies into different positions in fitness centres around the country were in theory, opening themselves up to Hindu religious teaching. It is preposterous to think that they do it specifically for fitness purposes! LIES!

The National Fatwa Council in their IN DEPTH discussions and research have found that yoga can be traced back to India and is taught for purely RELIGIOUS reasons. So saying "OMMMMMMM" is so going to put you on the DV8 From Islam express bus. Definite No, No.

What do you mean we are so insecure about our own religion that we feel a purely exercise thing will cause our Muslims to deviate from Islam? This comes from research! IN DEPTH research AND discussions! What do you mean none of us practise yoga or know what it consist of? We read up on the history of it! What do you mean we have to find out why people are doing yoga? We traced it back to Hinduism! What do you mean we did not ask those who practise yoga? WE decide. SOMEONE died and made US KING. That is all there is to it!
Just as you cannot wish your fellow Hindus Happy Deepavali, you sure as hell cannot practise yoga!

And who cares if there is a recession? Who cares if there are children whose fathers have refused to pay for their maintenance under Syariah? Who cares if there is still poverty? What do you mean Ayah Pin is still on the loose? Those are not important things! That CANNOT cause Muslims to deviate from the teachings of Islam. Yoga is a dangerous imminent threat. We must advise our fellow Muslims that just because you have to sacrfice your livelihood in the name of upholding Islam it is never a bad thing. So you are out of job. So what? You will still go to heaven right?

That is all that matters.

God have mercy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The whole country (well almost anyway) applauded when Obama was announced as the next President of the USA. Many hailed his success as a big step for the blacks. Even though he never ran his campaign along racial lines, many saw his victory as one for the black community. All post election talk, interviews and whatnots were drenched with "how has this affected the black community?"

Anyway, I digress. So we all hailed the man who was the underdog BLACK man who was up against the war veteran WHITE man. A victory indeed. In fact the PM goes on to say, as mentioned in my previous entry, that ANYBODY CAN BE PM.

So what is the point of today's ranting? The fact that we can recognise and applaud the racial barrier being broken in a far off country of the USA. But in this country we cannot seem to understand the need for such barrier to be taken down. In fact its not uncommon for many of us to subject others to our racial profiling. I myself am guilty of it. If I were to enter a toilet cubicle which is soaking wet, I would think "sure a Malay used it-la" or if I hear of a woman who makes complains about a school not teaching her child well enough "CHINESE RIGHT?", and you get my drift.

But then even I was not prepared for what met my eyes this morning in the Star paper. "Apartment residents in distress" and why so? Because, get this :-


So these residents of a block of apartments in Shah Alam have aired their dissatisfaction with the number of foreigners living in their area. According to them they spoil the lifts, they throw rubbish indiscriminately and they scare the resident's children so much that they have refused to play at the playground near the apartments.

Ok, I live in an apartment which has a miniscule number of foreigners and yet I suffer from scribblings on the lifts, and out of 10 drawings, 9 will be one which involves genitalia and will definitely have obscene words which will start with a F and end with a K. And rubbish is thrown out of the apartment balconies too. Malaysians are just not very civic minded people.We have to admit that. We push to get into LRTs and buses,we talk loudly on the mobile when we are in the cinema and we let our children pee in the sink in the loo.

As for ruining facilities in the apartment, it happens everywhere. It is tough not to walk into an apartment block and not see drawings of genitalia in the lift. And rubbish overflowing from the bins because the resident was just too lazy to walk a few more steps to the rubbish dumping area. Was it the job of a foreigner? Or just us Malaysians? It is a very Malaysian thing to be with the "boh chap" (do not care) attitude. AS long as MY home is clean, who cares about yours? So these problems persist everywhere we go.

However for the residents in Shah Alam to be IN DISTRESS that their apartments are swarmed with foreigners which are making the area of their homes a "concrete slum" is definitely uncalled for. Sure its one thing to assume the increase of say crime in an area is due to the foreigners ( ooops, here I go profiling again- but statistics have proven me right!) but its quite another to assume that the foreigners will ruin the very place that they live in. Especially when us Malaysians are guilty of doing the same things!(Yes we are also guilty of being criminals too..but that is a different story altogether.)

And the other question which begs to be answered is, what do the residents suggest? That all foreigners be shipped into an area which they can then live together in their slum and dirt and spoil whatever facilities there are available there? How about putting up signs ala America in some states in those "dark years" - "NO blacks or animals"?

Yes, my thoughts are everywhere today, but at the end of the day, I am just annoyed to read this. Annoyed to know that we Malaysians can actually think of ourselves so superior to our neighbours that we have do not want to live with them. Such a shame indeed that we see are quick to judge others, but fail to see our own faults.

Friday, November 07, 2008

THE joke of the year, no CENTURY!

This has to be THE funniest, rib tickling, floor rolling, tears inducing article I have read in YEARS, I tell you, YEARS!

Bernama - Thursday, November 6

Asked whether Malaysia would also see the emergence of a leader regardless of race as had happened in the United States, Abdullah said that could happen anywhere at all.

"It depends on the people. They will determine that. What happened in the United States was not determined by Washington or any group but by the American people themselves by election through the democratic process and an election practice which has existed in the United States for a long time," he said.


"It depends on the people? They will determine that?"

Let us all be truthful here. BN wins, UMNO president becomes PM. After all the leader of the largest party will always be the candidate for PM. And with shoe polishers in the form of MCA and MIC, BN will forever remain "united" and UMNO will forever be "reigning party" in Malaysia. If you look at the recent election, a LOT of us DID NOT want the current PM to be PM. And even people within UMNO asked him to step down. YET, he still remained PM and the next PM may not be our choice either. So who is he kidding when he said it depends on the people? The people denied BN a 2/3 majority. The people do not agree to the current PM. The people ( and a heck load of them) voted against BN.

Let us not get our hopes up when the soon to retire PM says this to garner favour among the "people". He has said quite a load of things ever since he came into power. Such as there shall be no increase of the cost of petrol. Or I am not stepping down anytime soon. And other whatchamacallits. So, take this with a pinch of salt and a whole dose of laughter.

Still, funny stuff this "It depends on the people" statement.