Thursday, May 28, 2009

Every woman can give birth.( Unless of course, you have some medical problems )
But every woman can give birth to a child.

But not every woman can be a mother.

And hence, if you are not ready to be a mother, please do the world a favour, keep those legs closed. And shove your lust aside, or at least don some protection because the LAST THING we need, is an unfit mother. the LAST thing we need is a mother who spent 9 months carrying a child in her womb, only to inflict hurt on her child.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do not hold your breath.

Who is holding their breath for the Court of Appeal's decision on Nizar's right to be MB?

I am not.

I already know what the COA will say.
This is a case of constitutional importance. Which will affect all of Perak. In fact one which will affect all Malaysians. This is the case which will show the impartiality, independence and soundness of the judiciary (and of the legitimacy of the Government).
But the judiciary/government/BN-UMNO has decided ONE JUDGE will seal the deal.

Who is surprised? Not me.

To know what is right vs knowing how to do it right

This morning, a fellow lawyer and friend asked me if I would be attending the EGM this Friday.
Firstly I said "what EGM?" and secondly I said "What for?"

I was then asked to watch this video:-

After watching this video, I was asked to read a blog of one of the lawyers here.

So like I said in my previous posting, I said the lawyers may have threatened or demanded to see those arrested and I said I was not there and I stand corrected. So, here I admit, there were no threats, but clearly from the video you can see that they were insistent and demanded to see those arrested.

Firstly, yes, these as you can see, are very junior lawyers much like myself. And it is normal to come full with ideals of the law and the rights of the accused and the rights of lawyers to represent the accused persons. However, any seasoned lawyer will tell you that there really is no need for aggression.

Obviously the OCPD was fuming. Obviously if he was already shouting TANGKAP TANGKAP like a mad idiot shows that it probably would not do you any good to stand outside after he had yelled for all of you to bersurai to keep staying there and insisting to be allowed inside. To be fair to the police, whenever anyone is arrested, they are not given any access to the lawyers until perhaps a little later or the next day. Why should these people who were arrested for holding the candlelight vigil be any different? (Of course the reason as to why they were arrested is laughable and beyond idiocy but that is a different story altogether)

I am not saying that the lawyers were not doing what they should have done, I am saying that it could have been done differently. Where were the senior lawyers? Why is it that a bunch of young inexperienced lawyers were sent out there to "fight for the rights" of those who had their rights violated?

I am sorry, but I still stand by my belief. I know what is right, but I also know how it should be done and the way it was done as shown in the video above, is just not it.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Why lawyers are annoying

You know what it is about lawyers which is so annoying? The I am greater than thou attitude. The YOU KNOW WHO I AM OR NOT? YOU KNOW WHAT I DO?

That is all bullshit man. Surgeons around the world are doing face transplants, doctors around the world are saving lives, scientists around the world are looking for cures for AIDS and coming up with artificial eyes for the blind and Stephen Hawking is still a living, breathing talking man despite his condition. Those people, if they want to gloat a little, or maybe yell YOU KNOW WHAT I DO OR NOT? Well, they can.

But lawyers. Damn. Those people are just annoying.

Yesterday I received a text at around 12am from a friend who informed me that 5 lawyers were arrested in the Brickfields police station. Now, I have mentioned before in here that I DO NOT subscribe to street protests and useless gatherings and demonstrations. Because to me, that does not solve anything, in fact it makes the authorities even more agitated and more inclined to show what type of power they can yield.

I gently reminded my friend that perhaps, these gathering of lawyers for a show of power is not the best solution. Perhaps, the Bar Council president who was there, ought to have pulled the OCPD aside and asked, NICELY, whether he could have maybe a minute or two to see the arrested lawyers and to see how they intend to proceed with the matter.

Instead, I can bet my life, the lawyers yelled and shouted, screamed and kicked up a fuss about not being able to see their fellow brothers in robes. In fact, I think these screaming,kicking,fussing and demanding was probably what got them arrested in the first place. But I was not there, so I stand corrected. However what I WILL say is this:-

Sure, the PDRM can be considered a piece of dog shit when it comes to being impartial. They are biased, much like every government agency is, but I think, it is hardly justifiable for the police man/men who sat in the Brickfields police station to haul 5 lawyers into the cells just because the ASKED to see those who were arrested during the candlelight vigil. I sincerely, truly doubt it. What I sincerely truly believed is that the lawyers made a fuss, a big whole ruckus, possibly made some legal threats, maybe spit a little (say it, dont spray it) and did some table banging and INSISTED they be GIVEN THE LEGAL RIGHT to have representation.

Darling, legal rights exists. But yelling it on top of your lungs and demanding it isnt going to get you anywhere. Mahatma Gandhi didnt get where he did by yelling his right as an Indian citizen to freedom. Tunku Abdul Rahman did not stomp the British offices demanding Malaya's independence because it was OUR RIGHT TO BE FREE! No siree, it was done properly, peacefully and rightfully.

So, all my brothers in robes out there, please, press pause.

Knowing what is right and doing it properly is one thing but knowing what is right, and insisting, demanding, threatening and yelling it has to be done the LEGAL way is really, another winding, slow path to death.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

shame vs pride. which one are you?

Today, some of us will feel a surge of pride. While some will drown in shame. And those who know what is right or wrong, will know which emotion to subscribe to.

Barisan Nasional has proven to us once again why, when Najib told us that he was the man of all Malaysians(the ONE MALAYSIA concept which he so cleverly coined) it was nothing but a big fat joke.

It is a big fat joke because us Malaysians living in Perak want fresh elections when our so called representatives allegedly resigned. We the Malaysians in Perak want our rightful Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Nizar to remain our Menteri Besar. We the Malaysians in Perak really hoped and wished that Hee the betrayer of not only residents in Jelapang but of all PR supporters, had instead of tearing the RM50 note offered by Thomas Su to Ganesan the impromptu speaker, taken it and done what Thomas Su had suggested which is to "go and die".

We the Malaysians in Ipoh want all of the above. So, if you are a man of all Malaysians, why do you not heed what we want? Why do you forcefully remove our rightful speaker from his seat

and placed an idiot who keeps adjourning the assembly under the advice of someone else because he does not know the procedure? What type of democracy are you subscribing to? Obviously it is not the same one that I subscribe to.

What excuse do you have for the fracas that happened in Perak? Are you closing an eye to what is happening ? Are you petrified that us Malaysians in Ipoh/Perak will throw out BN without even a sec, or a milisecond of hesitation?

You should be very afraid.

And that is why you tremble in fear when there are calls for fresh elections. When you know you can wriggle and illegally force your way through with corrupt money and corrupt politicians, why bother with the proper way? It makes sense that if you are in Penanti and you know its a lose lose situation, you call your decision not to contest as "saving the taxpayers money". But when there is a possibility you can corruptly buy your way into the hearts of the voters and politicians, you splash out millions and millions in your campaigning.

Today, I KNOW I surge in pride for all whom have stood up for what they believed in. Whether it be wearing black, standing in the hot sun outside the State Secretariat Building, donning your robes inside or refusing to give up your proper rightful seat, you should all be proud.

As for the rest. This is how you spell it. S.H.A.M.E.

And this is the sentence in which it should be fitted in:-