Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Judiciary shame

I was away for two weeks, living blissfully unaware of the trouble brewing in Malaysia.Blissfully unaware. Then I came back and had to once again be assaulted by the ever present corruption problem and stupid politicians.

Ok, now you guys know that I am not a big fan of demostrations and marching protests. And while I do not agree wholeheartedly to the Walk For Justice that the Malaysian Bar organised due to the fact that the video has not be authenticated and the source unknown, I do not disagree to the REASON behind the demonstration. The underlying fact is that corruption in the judiciary has intensified and we see people from all walks of life being elevated to judicial status. The question is that how can a lady without any judicial experience, or even a practising certificate be allowed to sit on a judge's chair and decide the fate of the citizens who come before her?
And how can a civil lawyer with no criminal training be able to hand down reasoned judgments in a criminal trail?
(How can a man be acquitted when the prosecution merely withdrew the charge? There has been NO trial, NO evidence tendered, NO witnesses. COME ON big-shot-lawyer-who-somehow-overnight-became-a-JC, you have got to do your research!)

It is disgraceful how the government has reacted to the whole issue.Issuing comments that all those who have marched in Putrajaya shall be treated as non relevant? As if they were NGOs? Come on!Even THINKING it sounds stupid!You would think that when the video surfaced, the government would actually recognise the fact that corruption has permeated the judiciary and it has become public knowledge. (I mean we ALL know about it, but now its on video..) Instead what does the government do? Send a stupid squad out to say stupid things.

Then someone from the stupid squad says, oh, we need to know the source of the video, if not, there can be no prosecution or investigation. You see, no source means there is NO way we can find out how this video came about. (because we are SO low tech that we cannot POSSIBLY find out how the video was made or who circulated it. What?We have a Malaysian in space?Cannot be la, we cannot even investigate the source of videos)

Then the same person from the stupid squad comes out and says, oh, whoever the source is, fear not for your life or your reputation, Come forward and show us who you are. We have a witness protection act that will protect your identity. Now, this person from the stupid squad is supposed to have some law/legal knowledge. So you would think that this headline- Witness Protection Act? What Witness Protection Act? It doesnt exist.- will not make it to the front pages of the newspapers. But sadly, it did cos(here comes the lamest excuse we can possibly hear) "I noticed the mistake and told my press secrretary to correct it but he didnt. Of course I know there isnt such an Act".

Oh yea?
I doubt it.
You said something stupid without thinking. You want the source to surface so that he/she will drop off the face of the earth never to be heard again once he is naive enough to believe the words of the stupid squad.

How can we not lose faith?
How can we trust anything now?

How shameful.