Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Logic always ranks second

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the former."

-Albert Einstein

One would think that if there is a threat of BN MPs in Sabah doing a crossover and the possiblity of Anwar Ibrahim taking over and becoming the new PM, Badawi would tell his Cabinet that arresting Raja Petra, Theresa Kok and the Sin Chew journalist is probably not such a good idea in terms of gaining popularity among the people.

But Uh-uh, this being Malaysia and it being the Malaysian Government,logic always ranks second to stupidity, so they arrest those people under ISA and detain the journalist for one day "for her own safety" and then leave the other two still in detention in undisclosed locations. (And according to Theresa Kok's father, she is brought from one one place to another with a hood over her head- what is this? the Mafia?)
Now, what are the reasons for Petra being arrested? Well, there is a host of them, which I will not go into but what I do want to evaluate is the arrest of Theresa Kok.

It has been alleged that she had joined in a petition for the Azar calls from the mosque to be reduced as it was thought too loud by the residents in Puchong and Kota Damansara. She had vehemently denied this accusation by ex-MB-I-am-so-bitter Khir Toyo. In fact the Mosque authorities in the two constituencies have denied her involvement and have confirmed that she has never said anything to that effect. But you see, according to the Home Minister Syed Albar, she has been detained under ISA because she has threaten to cause racial tensions by "making comments about the Azar."

Now, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but if the mosque authorities have confirmed she did not take part in it, and she herself has said she was not part of it, then it would make sense that they should investigate the matter just a tiny wee bit more to determine the authenticity of ex-MB's claim before they chuck her in the police car and whisk her away to obscurity. And if the investigations reveal that ex-MB made up those words, by all means, whisk HIM away under the ISA. (But apparently if you are an UMNO member, you can say what you want. You can wave keris-es and yell for blood, you can call the Chinese immigrants, you can call Indians kelings, you can threaten to hurt others- its okay. Because only those who report your remarks are the ones who get detained under ISA for "false reporting" or those who did not actually SAY those words but were accused wrongfully of doing so who get arrested).

Now technically, if one were to deduce the Ahmad situation and the Chinese "immigrant" remarks, it would make sense to think that if the DPM apologised on behalf of BN and the UMNO suspended him for 3 years, it means that, he actually DID say those words right? Logically speaking. So if indeed he DID utter it, then why is there FALSE REPORTING by Sin Chew? And why was the journalist detained and why is Sin Chew being issued show cause letters? Show cause of what?

But us being logical beings, unlike the Government, we will never understand what the rationale is behind the actions of the Government. So, perhaps we will have to carry these question marks to our graves. Because the Government is not about to start admitting their failures and accepting the logic of others. No-uh, not in this lifetime. Because anything that MAKES sense but is not in line with the Government stand is always a "perversion of the truth".

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Politics, how I love it!

Overheard at Barisan Nasional's campaign spot at Permatang Pauh.

"Parti pembangkang menyatakan bahawa isteri kepada DPM kita telah membunuh perempuan Mongolia itu. Manakah lojik? Manakah lojik ISTERI DPM kita, akan masuk ke dalam belukar itu? Orang biasa pun tak akan masuk ke kawasan belukar itu!MANAKAH LOJIK ISTERI DPM akan ke tempat belukar itu untuk melakukan apa yang dikatakan oleh parti pembangkang yang beliau telah buat? TIDAK LOJIK! Oleh itu ianya TIDAK BENAR!"

-some BN(UMNO)politician campaigning for BN candidate

*cue applause*

Now, I am not much of a criminologist but I think, if I intend to kill somebody, or watch somebody's body be blown to tiny little fragments, I would probably, possibly, just maybe, decide to choose a spot that nobody frequents. I mean, that is me-la. Because I am "orang biasa" and not special like DPM's wife. So if you were Rosmah (or whatever her name is) and you decide to kill somebody, it is only logical that you choose a place which a lot of people frequent, say like TTDI, or maybe Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and then while you are (ALLEGEDLY) watching the Mongolian woman being blown to pieces, you can only hope nobody walking nearby can or will 1) hear 2) see or 3) care what is going on in there.
(And it does not matter that being Malaysian, a motorcycle parked at the side of the highway piques everyone's interest enough to cause a massive jam from slowing down just to see what is happening)

I am always, always amazed at the things that come out of the mouths of politicians. They say racists things, they call Indian "kelings" in Parliament, they call Chinese "immigrants" and because they are immigrants it is "impossible for them to be afforded equal rights". And that Malaysia Today's website was not banned, but merely "blocked". But the one that takes the cake are the words that come out of our beloved PM's mouth when asked to comment on racists things said by his fellow party followers. It is always "I am sure he did not mean it that way" and that "we may have misunderstood him".
Oh, then there is the senior politician's "it was reported in the Chinese papers and I do not read Chinese so I do not know whether he actually said what he said." AND if there have been abuse of powers or alleged corruption reported, it is "we will investigate and ask them to explain themselves...but after Raya." [I suppose because the truth will only reveal itself after Raya]

Then there is the thought process that they go through. Such as just because someone swore on the Quran, it automatically means that that person is telling the truth. And that all other people are not to comment on it because you know, "people should not distort the truth".Even though investigations have not completed and the truth is not known yet. But the Government's version of the truth is always the right and logical one. So, if its not in line with the Government version, then its more often that not, NOT the truth but a pack of lies.

Gosh, I love the fact that Anwar Ibrahim won Permatang Pauh. It means that the Government has miraculously found some monies hidden under some persons' bed which can be taken out to subsidise fuel again!First they had enough to reduce petrol price to RM2.55. And now they say maybe after Raya, they may find MORE monies stashed somewhere to further reduce the price!

I love politics!