Monday, April 22, 2013

To support Barisan Nasional or anyone or anything running against it?

In less than two weeks, Malaysian citizens will be casting their votes in the most exciting general election that has ever hit Malaysia.

In 2008, there was a tsunami of change. The Alliance of PAS, DAP and PR took over Selangor, Perak (briefly) and Penang. Kedah and Kelantan remained in the hands of the Opposition.

Will there be a tsunami of change in Malaysia come 5th May 2013?

We can only hope there will be. 

But this is not my rant today. My rant today is about how supporters of the Opposition demand freedom of choice, the freedom of information, democracy and etc. But then we find them sinking to dirty politics by posting pictures of UMNO leaders having a drink or two, or the PM raising a champagne glass, the ex PM touching the shoulders of a woman at a function, the police running over innocent pedestrians, and so on and so forth.

In all seriousness- what purpose does that serve?

Let us be clear that NONE of these politicians have ever put themselves out as being the epitome of religious piousness. And even if they did, why would Chinese voters find the need to post these pictures of UMNO leaders? Are you trying to influence your Muslim friends to vote for PAS? If so, aren't we all just a bunch of hypocrites? Weren't we the ones who yelled the loudest when they wanted to ban alcohol in 7-11? Or the sale of alcohol anywhere in Selangor? Didn't we get our panties in a bunch when women were disallowed from serving male customers in the hair salon in Kedah/Kelantan? What are we doing now advocating religious piousness and influencing Muslim voters to vote for PAS?

What the hell indeed are we trying to achieve from posting these pictures? I can tell you for sure we will be the FIRST to be yelling at the top of our lungs if PAS were indeed to come into power and remove all the rights we ever have to freedom of religion and to live by rules and laws that are not based on religion.

And why the hell are so many people so upset that Michelle Yeoh pledged her support for Barisan Nasional? Ever heard of freedom of choice? Just like you and I are free to support the opposition, she too is free to support the government. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean she owes it to her fans to support whichever party they demand she supports. Let us be clear, the government has done quite a lot for her. They gave her a Datukship, they gave her fiancee a Datukship. They let her fiancee be the Ambassador to Malaysia to promote Malaysia. What is there not to like about what the government has helped her with? Why shouldn't she pledge her support for BN? So you do not agree with her choice, who died and made you the God of Political Parties so that you can call her a sell out?

Just because someone does not support the Opposition does not mean they are a sell out. It means that they made a choice, and that choice is one that is on the opposite side of yours. But guess what? It's her bloody choice. RESPECT it.

Who are we to advocate freedom of choice, democracy, etc etc when we ourselves are FORCING our political ideas down another person's throat? How are we different from say, pro government supporters? Who kick up a fuss when they see you holding an opposition flag? or cause a ruckus when you attend a ceramah to hear what the PKR leaders have to say? or how DBKL insists you remove flags put up as "art installation" at Lucky Gardens?

When you force your ideas down another person's throat, you are EXACTLY the same as the government agencies or pro government supporters.

Gutter politics are gutter politics. It's now 2013. Things have changed. We have access to other outlets besides the pro government print and websites. Things have changed because it should no longer be about dirty politics. It should no longer be about sex tapes. Or sodomy.

If you hate dirty politics, then you should stop perpetuating it. No matter what you call it, its dirty politics and I for one pledge today that I shall not sink to that level.  Let us look BEYOND dirty politics, let us look at a new future for Malaysia. Better education, freedom from corruption at all levels, a safe and clean Malaysia. For ourselves today and for our children in the future.


Barisan Nasional Or Pakatan Rakyat?

Choose wisely.