Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All hail the Teenage Virgin!

Hving sex at an early age(in your teens) has now been classified by a UKM study as a " deterioration of moral values" and trying to lose your virginity while in your teens, is a "disciplinary problem". Apparently this study caused such a shock to those who conducted it because out of the 887 female students (aged between 13 to 17) with disciplinary problems, all but one admitted to having indulged in the "pleasures of the flesh".
As a result of this study, the State Government aims to formulate a "special training module" to promote high moral values among the young female generation.

I applaud the State Government's initiative in recognising the fact that many children from broken homes may suffer from low self esteem, self control and problem solving capabilities and therefore there is a need for intervention in making their lives better. However, I do not agree that they label the "phenomena" of children who had decided to lose their virginity early in their lives as a "deterioration of moral values".

When did losing your virginity early in your life become a barometer of your moral values? When I was in school, the 66 (or 77 or 88 whichever it was) nilais did not include "preserving your virginity until marriage (or to infinity and beyond)" as part of the Moral syllabus. I remember there was hormat menghormati, tolong menolong, bersopan santun (etc etc) and of course the infamous scenario of having to choose between representing your country in a badminton tourney and staying home to attend a relative's funeral (always, ALWAYS opt to stay home to attend the funeral if you want to pass your Moral paper). Where is the virginity part? Many of these so called lost virginity students may have had someone pop their cherry, but does that make them any less morally inclined than those who have not? Is it not more important that they have respect for their parents, love their siblings unconditionally, help their peers and honour their country? Or perhaps give up their seats in the LRT when they spot an elderly gentleman, or help a blind man cross the street? When did it become morally wrong to choose something which you do in private between two consenting individuals reflect on you as a person fuctioning in a society?

It is pertinent to note that only females have been part of this study. No male students were involved in it. Apparently it only takes females to indulge in sexual activities. It takes two to tango. And it sure as hell takes a woman AND a man to indulge in "pleasures of the flesh" (conventional methods anyways). Why is it that only female students are part of the so called moral decline in the country? Is it A-ok for males to lose their virginities but a No-No for females?

Sure, many of you might think I am merely being a narrow minded bitch and that the Government is trying to help these children. I do not resist the idea of helping children from broken homes, but I detest the idea of labeling them as perpetuating moral decandence merely because of they lost their virginities early in life.

Yes, I agree that is a deterioration of moral values if they indulge in truancy, vandalism and drugs but let us not be sidetracked and blinded by the virginity issues and concentrate on helping these children whatever their sexual choices. If their parents have failed them, their teachers are supposed to step into the shoes of a guardian. Teachers should be trained to not only spew out text books contents but to be a mentor to these children.
FYI, a group of teachers in Ipoh boycotted a retirement celebration for the school headmistress because they didnt like her for being too modern and that the previous conservative headmistress (which they oh so sayang)was booted out for being ineffective in running the school. The same group of teachers whom, and I quote "benci, benci BENCI!" unquote entering the school grounds because the side gate to the main door had two metal bars which looked similar to a cross. The training module to promote high values among children should instead be formulated to promote values among teachers. If teachers who are suppose to lead us are themselves a sorry excuse for a human being, how do we learn anything?

It is heartbreaking to know that our society places such a heavy burden on the shoulders of women to uphold the societal moral values and that our personal choices in life which do not affect others or dishonour anybody in anyway is the main reason we are labeled immoral.

I guess its thumbs up for a young unmarried girl who abstains from sex but never mind that she may kick a cat into the drain or spit at a handicapped man whom she spots on the streets.

Hey, if she s a virgin, she is already on a path to moral superiority!

All hail the teenage virgin!

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Metal Fashion Statement

Oh JOY! Chastity Belts! Chastity belts are like, so in right now.

Whatever the reasons women wore it last time, here in Malaysia, we women are encouraged to wear it because apparently it reduces rape in the country.

A man may stalk you and once they find you alone, they will jump on you, rip your clothes apart and woe is he!There is the CHASTITY BELT! Now he cannot rape us! Because there is this big chunk of metal between his sick desires and his ability to fulfill them.

You see the indisputable logic behind it? Cant you?

You see, we women are the reason for rape being so rampant in society these days. Its the way we dress, the way we entice the men with our "inappropriate" behaviour, and our innate ability to arouse rational sensible thinking men with just the lack of cloth on our bodies. Men have no control over their loins you see? If a woman were to be naked on the streets, these men have no control and have this impossible urge to go forth and multiply, hence the need to rape the woman if he does not agree to his advances.

Therefore, because men have this great urge to go forth and multiply and any temptation before his eyes will not be ignored or avoided, we women have to be the one taking action to stop it. Hence, we don the oh so fashionable chastity belt. (The current bubble skirt trend will go so well in covering the bulk!)

Or dress kids so young they cannot tell the difference between their legs and their noses, in long sleeved tops and long pants as well as tudungs. That is to tutup their "aurat". In the first place, these children are so young, they cannot be viewed as a sexual being. Why should any part (other than the necessary regions) of their body be covered? Do these children actually understand why they are dressed like that? Who views them as being able to entice men?

Ok, so I may have digressed.
So here is the conclusion for part 1:Men in power make stupid statements. We cannot run away from that. Men in power in Malaysia make VERY stupid statements. Unfortunately for us, if we think about it, we put them in power.

Part 2: Parents should understand their religion better before they impose it on their children. And let the child at least be old enough to tell the difference between right and wrong, and sometimes left and right before you insist they cover their bodies. For godssakes, some cannot even tell the difference between spongebob square pants and mickey mouse! Give them a break.

Life is hard enough as a woman and a kid. Someone needs to cut us some slack.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What can the man on the street do?

I am sure anyone who reads my ramblings here would know how I feel about public demonstrations and how useless I think it is.
I am sure many of you have different thoughts on it.

A good friend of mine had this to say about public demonstrations- that it was the only way that the uneducated man can show the Government how unhappy he is with a certain policy. And by being out on the streets and in a group, the Government will take notice. After all, since they are uneducated, they would not know how to write a petition or have the opportunity to speak to a MP or do all those things a "smarter", educated man can do.

So I asked her, how effective have all these demonstrations been? Whether it were a peaceful or unruly one. The answer of course is it was ineffective. Toll rates continue to go up, petrol prices continue to surge forward and in all honesty, the Government really could not be arsed that you took time off to sweat under the sun, shout until your voice was hoarse and walked until your legs could not take it anymore. And I think some of them in the Government thought, "All rite!This is my opportunity to kick some of those opposition people's ass!" So they send FRU units to well, kick their asses.

Like, how is effective is THIS?

So she turned to me and asked me quite huffily " Well, what can a man who is unhappy with what the Government has done, do to show his unhappiness?"

To me its quite easy. I asked her if she has registered herself to vote. She said No. And asked me why. I said if I were truly unhappy with the administration of the country, the first thing I would do is to register myself as a voter.(Yes, I WILL register myself before the next election) And then I will vote for whichever opposition party there is which will stand up for me and agrees with my views. The more these opposition parties have a say in the Government, the more these little napoleans are kept on their toes.
Now they are outnumbered and outvoted. So whatever it is they want to disagree on, they cannot do anything about it. Because Majority always wins. That is what democracy is all about.

Or you can join the opposition party. Be a member. Let those who are educated lead you. Let them speak for you.

Do not waste your time marching the streets. No one cares. You're just causing a traffic jam. And I hate traffic jams.

So, many of you may not agree with me. But I think at least I have an idea which may actually work. I may actually do something which will help change some things I am unhappy with. Will it take long before the majority party can be ousted? Yes, it will. But it is not impossible.

Think about it.

Register yourself. Election is right around the corner.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hush hush...

Do you remember the election oh so many years ago? Where our then freshly elected PM stood on the stage and loudly declared transparency and accountability as the foundation of the Government and that he will use the mandate he received from the people to good use? And how we all clapped and cheered (some people who knew better might have jeered) . How good we felt that he made rounds in the Government to ensure they were efficient and we thought to ourselves, "Tun M never did that, Badawi gooooddd..."

And then everything went crashing down when the Government decided that the OSA is the best EVER excuse for their failures and mistakes?

Its weird. Parents are made to disclose their income to the school regardless of whether they want school assistance for their children. Soon to be married couples have to disclose whether they have done the HIV test and whether they do have HIV. So while the authorities have decided to make the rakyat disclose more of their personal details, they have decided to keep more from us.

Why was there a toll hike?
Apparently its classified information under the OSA. The Official Secrets Act. The Act that prevented sensitive information being leaked to our enemies and foes alike during the British Occupation and Communist insurgency days. Information which, if leaked to others, will make our Country vulnerable to attack by foreign countries or undermined by them.
And apparently information which, if leaked to the rakyat will let us know how the Government has taken us for a ride and made us suckers. That information cannot be made known to us.

And because some person who thought it was wrong had decided to make some of the details of the toll concenssionare agreement known to us, certain Opposition parties have seen their houses being raided and them being subjected to questioning by the police. Of course it HAS to be the Opposition, becayse everyone in the BN is encouraged not to have their own opinion or thoughts. They are sheep. *baaaaaa* If you DO have something to say against the Government while you're in the BN, you have to apologise, have some shit flung at you and then find ourself cold storaged or if you have guts, resign.

Firstly, the Government is SO insistent that the information cannot be made public. What is the reason? How does that affect the country at all? The Government is suppose to act FOR us. To think OF us. To do the best for the rakyat. Now that we have a hint that they have actually taken us for a ride, we deserve to know the details, dont we? Why is our money being given to someone else for no reason? Why is our well being compromised? Why has the Government acted against us? Who is benefitting from all the extra cash?

All questions met with the deafening silence of the OSA.

Transparency? Accountability?
PM, do you actually hear us? Or is the noise from the jet plane you leased for "official" use too loud?