Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What is that stink?

The Auditor General's Report on the spending of the federal and state government is out.
In it, many discrepancies are found in various Ministries. Some show that they pay out thousands of RM for purchases worth hundreds of RM only. They also maintain the salaries of those who have left the service and despite various reminders for them to stop remitting the money they continue doing it(yes, apparently there are honest people out there. I know, its shocking!)

Now, today's papers said that the ACA are investigating the Auditor General's Report to see whether there has been any corruption. Oh, I am sorry. Not investigating yet. Study the report first. Cos you see, it was tabled on Friday, and today is only Wednesday, so they need to STUDY THE REPORT first.(Sat and Sun non working day, and then the other days they work probably only half day, what with the "minum pagi and petang they have to take). Eventhough it clearly states many discrepancies in the expenditure, it must still be "verified by the National Audit Department before any investigations or charges can be laid" (Datuk Sri Nazri Aziz).

Apparently, everyone can be called up to give statements and to be questioned. Here's a STERN warning from the ACA head- " If the need arises, we will call the people concerned for questioning..even if they are ministers. The ACA has the right to call anybody, including Ministers."

OOhhh...if I were a Minister, I would be SO scared. I mean, I thought I was above the law.
The fact that that man has to SAY that even Ministers can be called just gives one a hint of the existing "understanding" of whether people actually get into trouble when they have a Datuk, Tan Sri or a Tun to their name. Like DUH, the top man obviously MUST be called for questioning dont you think? He is supposed to be controlling the Ministry. (but its not a known fact apparently, so lets just keep this fact to ourselves. Hush. Secret.)

Ok, let me see what could possibly happen after this investigation (AFTER verification of course). Three things can happen:-

1. It takes SO long to complete, we would have all forgotten about it and would already be swept up in the Election fever and so they conveniently sweep it under the carpet, NEVER to be heard again.

2. No discrepancies no corruption. Everything is accounted for. Paid RM5k for pencils? These are GOOD ASS PENCILS. They are WORTH that money. You can even use it in space! What? You mean ALL pencils can be used in space? Well, this are still special, cos its Halal.

3. There is corruption. But the office guy who sits in the corner and copies invoices is the guilty one. He falsely submitted the invoices. He pocketed the money. The Minister in charge will be LIVID. He has to be charged.

Yeah, thats about the only three options I can think of.

The question is, is there a need to wait and verify and investigate? Come on, paying thousands for things worth hundreds? Unless there IS corruption of the highest and dirtiest kind, the ministry must be run by idiots for them to pay out so much for so little?! Doesnt it just reek of idiocy/stupidity or corruption?

I mean, we all know that some of them ARE idiots, but when it is SO obvious, at least do something about it la. Someone must stop perpetuating the stupidity! Our PM only sends "angry" statements. As to whether he actually DOES something, we have to wait and see.

I just wish to ask, Sir, how do you run the country, when the little Napoleans under you are doing what they want, as they want, when they want? Isnt it time to actually do something instead of saying you will do something? That you need time, and that you will do it YOUR WAY? Do it any which way, JUST DO IT (copyrighted Nike)

Every once in a while, we read something in the papers and we see the way they try to cover it up, but you know, its easy to suppress words and documents, but the stink? Its really strong.

Can you smell that stench?

Its nauseating.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Restoring my faith

A friend S called me the other day and with a serious tone he said , " I have a legal question to ask you."
S:If I was in the midst of doing a U-turn, and the lights turned red and the cops stopped me and said I beat the red light...
S:They came out of nowhere and said I beat the red light eventhough it was still green when I turned to do the U-turn.
M:Uh-huh. (Like how long did he take to do the U-Turn? From Green to Red?)What is the legal question la?
S:Can they saman me?
S:But I didnt beat the red light!
M:Did you offer them anything to 'selesaikan the masalah??
M:Ah. Then yeah, you'll get a summons.
S: What?!
M: Because the lights turn red la.

Now before any of you think that this whole conversation reproduction is to show that the police are a corrupt bunch,(well it may well be, but its not ONLY that) it is to show that many of us behind the wheel are a bunch of idiots.

For those who do not know, here's a law that must be learnt now and remembered forever. If there ISNT a sign that says that you CAN do a U-Turn, you CANT. You can only do a U-Turn when there IS a sign that says you can. Its not, "But there is no sign to say I cannot watttt.."
Yes, that is true. No, I am not lying and Yes, you can check it out with JPJ or the Polis Trafik.

And if it says "No Entry" it actually MEANS NO ENTRY. Not," Eh, Nobody what, that means I can enter until someone shows up and I put up my dungu face and insist that I am in the right way".

Ok, enough about idiots behind the wheel. Now we move on to the police force.
Now, I , like many of you out there do not have the utmost faith in our police force. We hardly see them around when we have our bags snatched, houses broken into, motorcyles/cars stolen, or we are being harrassed by strangers. However, we DO see them when we do that illegal U-turn, or beat the traffic light, or when we whip out our hps to text someone. (like where the heck did they come from?!)

I always wondered why the police do not do anything about the many posters/flyers of money lenders which we see everyday. Now the money lenders have become very sophisticated nowadays. Its no longer called Ah Longs, its now "PINJAMAN MUDAH" or they wrap their posters into small envelopes ala greeting cards boasting " Pinjaman Mudah RM100,00!" Right in front of my office, the spray paint their numbers on the parking meters. Yes, they do.
So if the police force's brains were a logical entity, they would call up the number, pretend that they want to borrow money, and then meet up with these illegal money lenders and then nab them, no?

Apparently, that has never crossed their minds.
Instead they go around writing summons to those who do not carry their ICs or drive a little faster than the 110mph on the highways. (Some people need to get to Ipoh/Penang pronto!OK!?)

But every once in a while, when I have my greatest doubts about the police force, they spring a surprise on me.

One fateful day at 12am in the morn, I was about to enter my car when I heard a burglary alarm in one of the shops and it has apparently been ringing for sometime (so we wonder whats the use of an alarm when the owners do not show up to investigate?) Anyway, two policemen drove up to the shop and asked me whether I knew the owners to which I answered no. One of them suddenly saw a figure lurking around the corner and ran off to investigate. Upon reaching the alley, he asked his partner to quickly drive the patrol car to the other side of the alley to stop the man whom they suspect was trying to break into the shop. Now, this man (the partner behind the wheel) actually asked me politely, "Cik, boleh tolong tutup pintu itu tak? Saya kena pergi sekarang" (The passenger side door was open and I was standing next to it)
So I did. And he sped off to catch the suspicious figure in the alley.

My faith in the police force was restored that night.

Some of them DO love their jobs and they actually DO what they have been trained to do.
For those out there who are in uniforms and taking bribes and releasing criminals for money, shame on you.
For those who are in upper management and endorse these actions, MORE shame on you.

To the two policemen who patrolled Jalan 19/3 that night, you guys rock.