Friday, May 30, 2008

Aiya, so ugly! I dont want la!

Just recently, in an online legal classified, a law firm advertised a vacancy in its firm and as one of its requirements, it laid down that potential candidates should be "nice looking".

The furore it created in the legal circle was to some, understandable, considering that in this time and age, people should not discriminate based on looks, wealth or what-not.

So the NYLC (National Young Lawyers Committee for the uninformed) President/Chairman issued a public statement asking for the removal of this advertisement as it was insulting and degrading to judge a potential candidate on his or her looks. And that after all "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and one should be judged based on their qualifications and their ability to perform at their jobs.

Frankly, I do not see the insulting or degrading part in the ad. So the firm wants to their lawyers to look "nice". So they prefer pretty or handsome looking lawyers over fugly ones. So they want their firm represented by hot chicks and hot guys. They want the firm to look good from the outside with well dressed, immaculate, non-asthetically challenged guys and girls. So, what is the problem?
It IS their firm isnt it? It IS their business and their rice bowl right? Isnt it their right to pick and choose as they like? Why must they adhere to the standards of being "politically correct"?

How many of you are ignorant of the fact that many law firms discriminate against CLP-graduates and UK Bar graduates? What does the NYLC say about that? Are those who are Bar grads better equipped at handling the law than the CLP grads? And some discriminate against those who obtained their legal degrees overseas against those who did it externally. What difference is there? They are both equally good degrees.
So, just because its not politically correct to discriminate based on looks, it is suddenly wrong? When discrimination based on "local" and overseas grads happen ALL the time? Is that politically incorrect too? Who is standing up for external CLP grads? NYLC? I think not. They are too busy making comments about how "beauty should be in the eyes of the beholder".

If I want to discriminate against ugly, I shall.
If I want to discriminate against stupidity, I can.
If I want to discriminate against one's sexuality, I am allowed.
Why shouldnt I?
Of course whether I DO discriminate against them is a different matter altogether. But I should be given the liberty to.

I represent myself. I represent my own business and my own interests. However, if I put myself in a public position such as being elected as MP for the constituent of say, Jinjang (if such a place actually is considered a constituency) then I cannot say I discriminate against Ah Bengs and Ah lians (yes, it is a generalisation of all people in Jinjang- my bad) when I choose councillors or whom I want to help.

But if its a private entity, should I not be allowed to run MY business the way I want it to be? The way I envisioned it to be?

What if the legal ad had placed "only ugly need apply" would the rest of the legal fraternity get their panties in a bunch?

I placed a comment on the discussion board of the legal circle on this issue and got hit from left and right. They yelled that I am promoting discrimination in terms of religion, sexual preference and race.

So examples of the Government discriminating against non Bumis. I have been vocal about this, but I think there is a demarcation here.

That being the Government is there to serve the people, without fear or fervour. Without discrimination. To serve the rakyat and not a section of the rakyat. So, therein lies the BIG difference of why one can discriminate and the other cannot and should not.

I stand by what I believe. It is quite exhausting nowadays to be so politically correct. We are no longer entitled to discriminate- whether it be wrong or right. After all, to each its own. Just as we choose our friends, people can choose whom they want to employ.

I have yet to find a person SO perfect as to be able to declare, I do not discriminate against ANYBODY or ANYTHING. (Ok, maybe Mother Theresa, but hey, who knows for sure?)

We ALL do. It is just whether we say it, or merely think it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Badawi vs Mahathir. FIGHT!

I tried.

I tried to ignore the newspapers. I tried to refrain from glancing at the headlines when I am at the book store. I tried to switch the channels everytime the news come on.

I tried.

And STILL I cannot ignore the happenings in Malaysia for the past week.

And so, I am back, but perhaps with just a little less anger, but more annoyance.

It is quite obvious from my previous posts that I am not pro Bodo- I mean, Badawi. I guess you can say I lean more on the side of Mahathir. However, in the past few weeks I have to seriously rethink my stance in regard to these two men.

Now, many have exclaimed that Mahathir has made a fool of himself with all his statements and calls for Badawi to step down as PM. For me, I feel he has reached a point in his life, where after 22 years as PM, many years as a politician, having lived through 1969, the Semangat 46, the expulsion from UMNO and what not, he can say whatever he wants. After all, these are his own thoughts and opinions. And for Gods sake, he is already in his 80s. Let the man yell whatever he wants. What has he got to lose?
Many of you will say he has lost respect and many say he should have resigned quietly and gone into hiding, with reputation intact.

However, if you think about it, Tun has never been one to retreat into anywhere quietly is he? He did not back down when faced with the pegging of the RM issue. He did not back down when there was an economic crisis and he sure as hell did not give two hoots to his detractors when they questioned his loans amounting to billions to finance KLIA, Sepang and the Twin Towers. And in the end, Malaysia emerged stronger economically, and tourism has been boosted 1000 fold. Of course, the VK Lingam tape has caused a major stain in Mahathir's 22 years. (I do not want to revisit the Salleh Abbas issue) but at the end of the day, the people who are most answerable are the judges who have meted out the judgments in favour of benefits to themselves. But that is another issue to be discussed in another post.

So now, why is Tun so pissed off with Badawi? Obviously the big loss in the General Election is a big indication of Badawi's leadership skills. I mean, Tun must be REALLY pissed to quit UMNO.(Sure, trust Tun to have a flair for dramatics) So is this the right thing to do? To publicly show one's disfavour for the country's leader? I say, yes and no.

Yes, because Tun is a voice of so many of us. So many of us want change, we went to the polls and we chose and we made some changes, but the constitution is still intact, UMNO President remains the PM. So in a way, Tun is helping us push for change (albeit with means which may at times seem questionable)

And a No, because all these public spats are becoming such an annoying occurence. You cannot open up a newspaper every day without Tun berating Badawi or UMNO. Sometimes we have to say, ENOUGH ALREADY. We GET IT. MAHATHIR+BADAWI = bad chemistry.

So what then is the conclusion of the whole story? My stance remain that I still lean in favour of one man over the other. But I think at this point in time, both men are not doing the country any favours. If only loyalty to one's party can take second place to the love of the country and the people. If only one does not allow personal feelings to cloud one's judgment of a person. If only one would step up and be a leader of the nation instead of being in denial. If only one could admit their mistakes and be humble about it. If only, we had a choice as to whom we want to lead our country.

If only, if only, if only.

Life would perhaps be a little easier for all of us.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The fear of self combustion

It has been brought to my attention that I have been putting up some very angry, pissy posts lately.
And many have mentioned that they are afraid I will soon self combust and die in a fiery ball of anger.

Hence, I think it is time for me to retreat into the cave of calmness, serenity and acceptance(of all things wrong and evil).

Till I am "healed", I shall take a break from here.