Thursday, August 27, 2009

Come let's party! Oh no, not you, you're Muslim.

Malaysian Insider reports:-

"KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Malaysia has allowed hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas to play at Arthur's Day in Sunway Lagoon on Sept 25 — one of four official global spots celebrating Guinness Stout's 250th anniversary — but only for non-Muslims.

The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry had put in this condition, apart from telling the brewery not to put any logos or sell the bitter-sweet brew at the concert."

So Black Eyed Peas will play to a concert of no Guiness logos, no Guiness drinks and no Muslims.

"Music concert rules disallow breweries or alcoholic drinks makers from sponsoring such events but the ministry relented as the concert is expected to boost the tourism industry affected by the recession and the A(H1N1) flu outbreak. "

So the concert is held to boost tourism. But effectively by banning Muslims, this kills off tourism from Indonesia and the Middle East. true? And also Singapore and Thailand visitors who happen to be Muslims. And maybe even China as one of the largest Muslim population is found in China. So essentially by tourism, we mean only gwailos from European countries and also from America. Bu truthfully, how many of these gwailos make up the tourist numbers in Malaysia?

And in all honesty, if I am American, "I definitely won't be like, coming to Malaysia, like to you know, like watch BEP here. Like." (Americans and their overuse of the word like. I can never get it.) Besides they get to party in black carpet VIP parties all throughout Canada.

And that goes to same to Europeans. There they can probably watch the BEP performances unhindered.Concerts are planned in Dublin and London. No "decent" dressing. No censorship of obscene material.
So why would anybody travel to Malaysia to watch the Arthur's Day performance of BEP?

Essentially, the BEP performance is to cater to Malaysians and those from South East Asia. Indonesia only gets a bus safari travelling through 10 of its key cities from October ok? We get BEP and Reshmonu (but that is irrelevant).

So, essentially how does it boost tourism when you ban Muslims at the concert?

AND if the Guiness brew will NOT be served at the concert, why can't Muslims attend the concert?BECAUSE it is sponsored by an alcohol company that is why they should not "taint" themselves by attending it? So then they should either stop the alcohol ads in cinemas or ban Muslims from going there and exposing themselves to those ads. Ban Muslims from going on holidays at places where alcohol is widely advertised?

This logic of banning Muslims is so utterly ridiculous, I don't know whether to laugh. Or to cry.

I feel sorry for the Muslims. If I could tell them, I would say, I am sorry Rais Yatim is an eejit. I am sorry Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali is a double eejit. I am so sorry. It really is not my fault. But I am sorry nonetheless.

Friday, August 07, 2009

1Malaysia at its best

But the best of course is this:-
I feel so blessed to live in Malaysia. Where the politicians say : do not make everything a race issue.

They ban "pornographic" pages like gutteruncensored because they run pictures of Minister's children having beer and living decadently. Because some pictures of Ministers appear with another woman, who is obviously not his wife. They ban those websites. Write things which do not paint them in a good light, they charge the bloggers under the Sedition Act and ISA, and throw them in jail.

And they also try to ban or restrict access MalaysiaToday, Malaysiakini, they barge into offices of any publications which do not worship the ground that they walk on. They revoke the license of the Herald because they used the word "ALLAH". Apparently that word is exclusive to Islam only. I don't know who died and made them Muslim's "library of acceptable words that Non Muslims can use" key keeper.

But THIS pages you see above. They remain alive and well. They remain there to spit on all races except Islam. They remain there to degrade others who do not share their logic and outlook. They call themselves graduates. These graduates whom the Government has created a special quota to ensure they get into universities. The ones who remain here to incite racial hatred.And we somehow see the newspapers yell "BRAIN DRAIN" when the good and brainy ones never bother to come back to a country that does not appreciate them. Gee.


An illusion?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


While I sat fuming in my car, stuck in a massive jam on Saturday, I did not think to myself "Its okay. They are doing this for the abolishment of the ISA."

I thought "&%#$$?!?*&. These people deserved to be shot in the head for causing this jam."

No, this is not because I am PRO-ISA (as some people have claimed) but it is purely because I have always been anti street protests. I have always been because like I have said a million times before, and a million times now, it makes no F*king difference whether you go to the streets to show your dissatisfaction or not. In fact, the jam that you caused, the inconveniences that you caused, only made people who were sitting on the fence (and no pro government or pro opposition) MORE likely than not lean towards the ruling party.

Because simply put, if I were a trader in Masjid Jamek, where the protesters threw sand in my rice pots and broke my wares, I do NOT care if I will be arrested and put in detention without trial. It will more likely than not, not affect me because I am but a man trying to eke a living. I do not involve myself in politics. And frankly, I sit at home not wondering about laws like the ISA, in fact I sit at home and I wonder whether my business will be good tomorrow. Whether I can make enough money to support my family.

And when hordes of people attack my business on a so called mission to change a law, the likelihood of which will not affect me, I get bloody upset. I get pissed that my cash for that day is affected. Do you think I will be voting for you in the next general election? HAH!

I am not saying that people who are less educated, or are of a lower income can be easily bought (much like how some parties give out cash/cows/bicycles to win votes) but these people do not care about the abolishment of laws that will not affect them, or whether Anwar gets a fair trial or not, or whether Sivarasa is remanded or not. They care about their rice bowl. So PKR, what are you doing to protect my rice bowl? By marching on the streets? Holding rallies in Kelana Jaya? Getting everybody riled up and angry with the government? Then what happens when we go home? We still go home empty handed but with a fiery temper. Tomorrow when I go to work, I still suffer the same problems. Tomorrow my standard of living still does not improve.

Know your voters. Know your rakyat.

It is a BIG FALLACY to think that a bunch of people maching on the streets can EVER do it peacefully. Please. What were you born yesterday?? IN MALAYSIA?