Friday, August 29, 2008


I somehow feel this song by Marilyn Manson reflects Anwar Ibrahim's current situation. It ought to be his theme song.

Everything's been said before
There's nothing left to say anymore
When it's all the same
You can ask for it by name

Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along
Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along

Are you motherf******s ready for the new shit?
Stand up and admit it, tomorrow's never coming
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it
Do we need it? NO!
Do we want it? YEAH!
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it

Now it's you-know-who
I've got the you-know-what
I stick it in the you-know-where
You know why, you don't care

- Marilyn Manson, This is The New Shit
(song has been edited due to constraint of space)

Monday, August 18, 2008

death came a knocking...I was not prepared

Death is inevitable.

But the grief that accompanies it is so overwhelming and unexpected, its frightening.

Today I do not write about the wrongs of the country or the world, the stupidity of politicians and our elected representatives, the impending battle at Permatang Pauh, or the loss of the Olympic Badminton gold.

On Thursday morning, my blackberry died on me. Again. So I whined and I griped about it. And then I received news about my aunt's death and suddenly everything seemed unimportant. Suddenly all my troubles seem miniscule.

Today, I mourn and grieve the loss of a wonderful woman. A mentor, an aunt, and above all a great human being.

Today I am reminded that sometimes, life is much too short to be concentrating on the things that should not affect us, yet we allow them to.

I am reminded that we should choose to be happy. Always.

I am reminded that just by choosing to see the best in everybody, my aunt was such a joy to be around with. She never criticised, she never judged. She accepted and she embraced us as we all are.

Sometimes, it takes a death to remind us of the things in life that cannot be seen but felt. Joy, Love and Sorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

All the bridges that you burn...

"Sometimes the best intentions still don't make things right."

- Tracy Chapman, Bridges.

The intention of the Bar Council in holding the forum on "Conversion to Islam: Article 121(1a) of the Federal Constitution: Subashini and Shamala Revisited"?

Possibly to allow the public to share their views on the issue of conversion and the multiple problems they face when one's family is kept in the dark on the conversion and etc etc.

This of course is seen by many as a good move by the Bar to allow the public to express their opinions on the matter and to allow some of them to vent and rave about the possible "injustice" and "unfairness" that ensues from the conversion.

But really, sometimes the best intentions do not make things right.

Sure, the intention to hold a public forum to allow these type of discussions despite the protest by various sector, may be a good one.But does it make things right?

While I myself am surprised at the violent and overwhelmingly strong reaction to the holding of the forum, I can understand why.

Let us put ourselves in the position of a Muslim man or woman, say, we are Christian,how would you like it if people of different races and religion sit in a gallery, raving and ranting about the weakness and drawbacks of being Christian? Or that Jesus is not the Saviour? Or that Catholicism sucks because if one is not baptised, he or she will not have be able to have the funeral mass in the main church but only in the chapel? (I stand corrected but that was how Canny Ong was not allowed into the main church building because she was not baptised). Would you not be pissed? It is MY religion. I sure do not like people talking s*** about it. Especially when they do not know anything about it but are there to merely criticise.

Some of the members of the forum shared their stories on how they converted only to have their spouses abandon them after 10 years and how they are now "stuck" in Islam and cannot convert out of the religion.

Seriously. When you fall in love and marry a Muslim, you have a choice. Convert or not. If you have made the choice to convert, knowing full well the issues of not being able to leave the religion, then you cannot fault the system of being unfair. You choose to love the man and embrace his religion.

Yes, of course the biggest issue here now is why a person cannot leave the religion after they have converted into it.
That is for our representatives to sit and discuss the viability and rationality of the situation. For the Government together with the representatives from different races and religions to sit down and discuss the possibility of amending the law or perhaps amending the steps for conversion and to ensure all are aware of the "consequences" of embracing the religion either through marriage or something else.

Those type of forums, I agree to it.At least something useful will come out of it. But a forum for the public to basically express their dissatisfaction? I think not. After all, why insist on going on with it even though you know so many people oppose it? Does it not incite unnecessary conflict among the races?

After all, all the bridges that you burn now, will one day come back and haunt you.

Somethings are just not worth it.