Monday, April 27, 2009

What pain?

Extract from the Sun today :-

*shock this true?

Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M.Saravanan was shocked to find that instead of attending to patients who were waiting at the emergency department, two doctors were reading newspapers and minding their own business and doing his own stuff.

First of all, why is he shocked? Are you shocked ? I am not. It is not unusual for government doctors(also every other government servant) to idle around "minding their own business".
Let digress to a conversation I had with a court staff the other day.

Me: *calls out to court staff who came out of the office to pass something to someone at the counter* Puan, En. Azman ada?
Civil Servant: Guna telephone.
Me: Dah cuba tapi tak ada orang angkat telefon. Boleh check sama ada En. Azman ada kat dalam?(They are all in the same office, possibly around 20 tables in there)
CS: Dia tak angkat dia takde-la. *quickly shuffles away*

ANYWAY,back to the story.

After all, emergency means nothing to them. Emergency is maybe a rank below "I dont give a rat's ass" or just a little above " I dun give two rats ass".

Anyway, the best quote of the day goes to *drum roll* HKL Director Datuk Dr. Zaininah Mohd Zain for this gem of a saying :-

"Hospital's investigations showed that there were ONLY eight patients and 20 relatives and that NONE of the patients were in pain because " we practise holistic pain care service and pain (is assessed) as the fifth vital sign."

it gets better..

"Our hardworking doctors are but human" and if they are reading newspapers when there were no cases (nobody in pain to be precise) it should not be interpreted as neglecting their responsibility." (only if they accidently cut off the wrong leg, or cause a limb to fall of, pull a baby out of the womb way too hard..then it MAY be negligence.MAY Be only.)
*all statements in brackets are my own

And the government wonders why people would rather risk the idea of dying on the way to a private hospital 600km away then do a hop skip to the government hospital a stone's throw away.

After all, pain apparently has its own measurement in Government hospitals.

Probably something like this :-

1. Slight pain
2. Pain
3. Damn painful
4.5 Government hospital's holistic approach to pain intervenes and decides, nope, not enough pain.
5. Too dead to know there is pain.

Then if you die, the forensic pathologist will say " Natural Death."

Case closed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Kita sendiri allergic bukan-bukan"

After reading Yasmin Ahmad's blog entry today, I think everybody should listen to this man. A religious man, but not one without compassion.(or common sense).

Friday, April 17, 2009

High Tech Siuuttt...

I BET, not a lot of you know that Malaysia is SO blardy high tech that we are the ONLY country in the world with a chip based passport(or if we are not, we are the pioneer)? And also the first country in the world to introduce a chip based credit card?(The Americans have no idea how to use it) And also identification cards which require your fingerprints to be verified for its authenticity? (Let us thank IRIS for all that)
(I know, all of you can gasp in disbelief, but Malaysia is WAY MORE HIGH TECH than Microsoft. TAKE THAT BILL GATES!)
(THIS is when I feel compelled to yell MALAYSIA BOLEH!)

The story is, whatshisname, oh yea ex-President Bush asked his Cabinet - "why is it that a small country like Malaysia can come up with such a FANTASTIC technology like the chip based passport, but we can't?" (this is a true story, cos I heard it from someone who is closely connected to IRIS)

So what is the use of this super high tech chip based passport? To make detecting people easier. The rumour is that eventually, the Government will make the chip on our identification cards GPS enabled. So that each and every person can be detected. (Privacy? Bah Humbug!) So, currently our passport is so blardy high tech, wherever we go, we realise that other countries are so low tech, we still have to line up to have the passport checked by a human being. Sheesh.

Anyway, the whole point of my rant is this.

Malaysia is so high tech. Passport high tech? Check. ID card high tech? Check. ATM card high tech? Check. Credit Card high tech? Check.

But, still we get this :-

"Helmi Malek, the former boyfriend of Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong has yet to be traced, says Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah"

Then what is all the use of the high tech things? when you cannot even trace a man who obviously will have to use his passport and his identity cards or even his ATM or Credit Cards to be running around wild in some other country.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Melayu Mudah Lupa


"By SEAN YOONG,Associated Press Writer AP - Thursday, April 16

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - A campaign by Malaysia's new prime minister to promote racial harmony received a jolt after a pro-ruling party newspaper Wednesday urged the Malay majority to "rise and unite" against demands by ethnic minorities.

In a front-page article, the Utusan Malaysia daily quoted several Malay politicians and activists as saying Malays should put aside their political differences so that they can jointly resist pressure from the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities.

"The Malays must rise and unite in facing the demands of other races that are now seen as increasingly excessive," the article's opening paragraph said."

(all emphasis are my own)

UMNO has indeed forgotten that they do not run the country single handedly.

They forget that they campaign and "rule" under the BARISAN NASIONAL COALITION front

Is it excessive for MIC to feel slighted in their representation in the Cabinet? Is it excessive for the Chinese to be upset that the DPM indicated that they were UNGRATEFUL for ALL that the government has given them?Is it beyond madness for the East Malaysians to feel excluded by us here in the West? Would Malays like it if the Chinese say they were arrogant and selfish? Or if Indians called them power crazy?

What is a coalition?

A coalition roughly translates into AN ALLIANCE.

An ALLIANCE is roughly presumed to mean one needs the other to survive. What was the whole point of asking MIC and MCA to join UMNO and form BN? Possibly to appeal to a larger part of society, to every race and to every religion. Albeit, on the surface it LOOKS as if BN may be protecting the interest of "ethnic minorities" (hereinafter referred to as EM) when in fact the politicians in there who are supposedly representing EM's interest are more gung ho about protecting their own pockets.

Anyway, I digress.

So, what is all this shit about ONE MALAYSIA?

From an excerpt from a press conference, PM Najib explains his version of ONE MALAYSIA:-

"Di bawah konsep Satu Malaysia ini bererti bahawa kita berdiri, kita berfikir dan bertindak sebagai bangsa Malaysia. One People. Dan kita mengambil tindakan-tindakan berdasarkan kehendak semua kumpulan etnik dalam negara kita.

- Ini bukan bererti kita mengenepikan dasar afirmatif, dasar untuk menolong kaum bumiputera asalkan dasar itu dilaksanakan dengan cara yang adil dan memberi pertimbangan kepada golongan bumiputera yang layak mendapat sesuatu pertimbangan daripada kerajaan."

Have you read more BS in your life?

Mengambil tindakan-tindakan berdasarkan kehendak SEMUA kumpulan etnik (all actions to be taken based on the needs of ALL ETHNIC groups)BUT tidak mengenepikan dasar afirmatif untuk menolong kaum bumiputera dengan cara adil ( not to put aside the affirmative foundation of helping the bumiputeras as long as it is fair).

How does one take action based on the needs of all ethnic groups IF there is a condition or a exclusionary clause of Bumiputera's taking first place? Or bumiputeras having the AFFIRMATIVE or guaranteed help from the Government as long as it is fair(I would love to know the concept of fair in the Government's books)?

Essentially the PM is saying this, "Look, under ONE MALAYSIA we as the government are saying that we will(try) to listen to all ethnic groups before we take any action BUT please be reminded, essentially, we care more abt the Bumiputeras and hence if it is fair to them (the definition and concept of fair is probably VERY VERY flagrant) their needs and their wants will be put above,before and beyond the rest of you (who probably do not matter)."

(concept of ONE MALAYSIA interpreted solely by me)

Come on, isn't the success of Malaysia a collective effort of all races? How did Malaya emerge from the Occupation? Or free themselves from the Japanese? The Malays did it themselves? The Indians or the Chinese did it themselves?

Enough of this segregation. Enough of this in fighting. It sickens the rakyat to the core to know that while the new PM seems to want a united Malaysia, essentially it is merely a sham. It is a sham when the people working for him spew out gems like "chinese are ungrateful" or that 'the malays should unite against ethnic minorities". And it is a bigger sham and shame when he does nothing to ask them to stop.

It is indeed a big big shame that with a new PM, we expected new beginnings and a new era. We were all hopeful. Grateful even for a change in leadership. But as usual, the higher your expectations, the greater the disappointment.

And today merely marks day 13th of his tenure. And already the shit has hit the fan.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quote Unquote

Deputy PM Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin:-


No siree.

He was and I quote "misquoted" and his statements were "twisted" and he had "only wanted to know why the Chinese community's confidence in BN was not reflected in the ballot box" unquote.

And what he truly meant was "why the Chinese voters looked as if they did not appreciate BN and voted for the ruling coalition in the recent Bukit Gantang by-election."

Did not appreciate DOES NOT mean ungrateful. When someone says you should learn to appreciate what your parents have done for you. If you do not, you're just ungrateful.

Oppps. That would be a misinterpretation.

Under the Malaysian Book of Made up Interpretations:-
Does not appreciate DOES NOT MEAN ungrateful.

So, Tan Sri has LASHED out at the irresponsible reporting.
Why would he say that the Chinese are ungrateful??

And to make sure that he eases everyone's concerns and to blunt the sharp responses from the Chinese Community, he has this to say :-


Ahhh..I feel so much better. That poor misquoted man.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unpaid summonses does not equal negligence

You know what I do not get? I do not get why newspapers/blogs who report on accidents must make it a point to dig out how many traffic summonses the driver has.

The recent bus accident along the North South highway was no exception. ALL headlines must be such :-

"Double Decker bus overturns, DRIVER HAS 8 SUMMONSES"

Ok, so he has eight unpaid summonses and in fact some warrants of arrest were issued. (shows how efficient our police are- warrant of arrest issued but no arrests were made)

Does that automatically mean that he is a BAD driver? And that automatically means that the cause of the accident was the driver's negligence/recklessness or due to his bad driving?

Have none of you ever been issued a summons for the stupidest thing ever? Like the road that leads out of Hartamas where the policemen hide behind the bushes to catch us "speeding"? To me its termed "speeding" because the speed limit there is a god forsaken ancient Roman times speed of 60km per hour. And all you need to do is go a little beyond that and the police jump out of the bushes and catch you and issue you a summons. Or if you are on a highway and the speed is 110km p/hr, and you happen to go beyond that by a little, say, 120, and ta-da, you will receive a summons in your mail.

So, what if the very next day you are involved in an accident, which causes fatalities, would it be fair to you if the headlines read " WOMAN KILLED IN ROAD ACCIDENT, MANY UNPAID SUMMONSES?"

WTF? Just because you happen to say, speed along the highways or some roads with stupid speed limits, does not mean you are a bad driver or any accidents which involves you is definitely caused by negligence.
I have to agree with my father when he said that most accidents happen not because the driver was driving too fast, it was due to inexperience on the highways. Many of these drivers have not left their kampungs or hometowns before and so they either drive TOO slow, causing a traffic jam or drive too fast not knowing the bends or the slopes and donwhills on the highways.

So, a traffic summons does NOT, I repeat DOES NOT spell RECKLESSNESS. It may be ONE of the assumptions, but it does not ALWAYS spell recklessness.

Imagine you were the family of the bus driver and all headlines scream that your father/husband or son was the cause of the accident just because he has EIGHT UNPAID SUMMONSES, how would you feel?

I would feel like crap. Especially if I know, the summonses were stupid summonses which the traffic police are hell bent on giving in Malaysia. What if one of it was because he did not wear his rear seat belt?

Stupid isn't it?