Friday, July 15, 2011

"Malaysians are a bunch of idiots."- Government of Malaysia

The two things which have been unearthed by the Bersih rally on the 9th July 2011 is:-

No.1 The Malaysian Government (and the PDRM) IS AS STUPID as we always thought they were.
What is Bersih all about? Calling for free and fair election. It is every citizen's right to ensure their votes are counted. Every citizen's wish to have the election reflect accurately whom they want to lead them in the country. Every LIVING citizen's hope (and greatest fear) that dead people don't wake and vote during the election. So, why the heavy handedness? Why do you find the need to deploy so many policemen to arrest peaceful protesters? The rest of Malaysia went about as usual. People getting killed, robbed and cheated. Why not ask the police to do actual police work?

Why do you say Bersih has ignored the Agong's advice when the Agong told them to do it in the stadium, and the PM goes "sure use the stadium" and then recoil and say Bersih is an illegal organisation and they can't hold it in the stadium? What is up with that?

And clearly to right thinking citizens with even HALF the brain size necessary, understand that if you stop ANY traffic from going INTO the Kuala Lumpur area, everybody will have to go on foot. Unfortunately, when these people go on foot, it immediately became an "illegal gathering" and "street protest". You see, if you allowed traffic to move along as usual, most of them would really have preferred to drive. Really. It rained you know? Would've been nice to drive to Stadium Merdeka. But NO, you MADE them walk. You left them no choice. So they walked. And they walked peacefully. And then you started throwing tear gas at them and spraying chemical laced water.

In between all the chaos created by nobody but the PDRM, they allowed a man to lie on the road, unattended, to die. After all, doing one's job in crushing the so called "anti-government" rally (which really was a citizen's march for free and fair elections) is more important than being humane. How can you stand there saying you want to uphold justice and fairness in your blue PDRM uniform when you don't even have an inch of compassion and humanity to help a man suffering a heart attack??

How do you expect the rakyat to wake up on the 10th July 2011 and think that the police are here to protect us when they were to quick to do all necessary, on demand by the government? It is NOT the government who is paying you. It is NOT the government who you have sworn to protect. It is the RAKYAT whom you have pledged to protect and it is exactly the rakyat whom you have let down.

No.2 The government thinks that us Malaysians are a bunch of idiots.

They say "No physical contact between the police and protesters"
And we see:

They say "the police were really professional"
And we see:
Yeah sure. Because not only are we idiots, apparently the we are blind too.

They say:- Only 6000 people turned up
When even a small boy of 4 years old who can count will tell you at least 10k to 20k people turned up.

They say:- Police didn't fire tear gas into the hospital.
And when showed videos and photos of police doing just that
They say: It was done to protect the patients in side.
And when challenged that that must be one of the stupidest statement to have come out of a mouth of any minister (and there are quite a lot of those)
They say: The videos and photos are NOT true.

Because us Malaysians are idiots. We cannot believe what we see, what we hear and what we feel (for those who were present on that day) but we MUST believe what the Governments tells us to see, hear and feel.

So my dear friends, why would you trust a government who LIES to you? Why would allow your government to treat you like an imbecile? Why would you support a government who cannot admit its own mistakes? Why would you think highly of a leader who would say anything just to remain in power? Why would you trust you safety and your life and liberty in the hands of those who have wronged so many of our fellow citizens on the orders of the government? WHY?

If anything, in another 6 months, Bersih may no longer be on anybody's lips. But the fact that the government has LIED to and ABUSED its citizens should forever be etched in our minds.

Only YOU can effect change. Do not sit there and think "it's not my problem."

When you neighbour's house gets broken into and his whole family killed, it isn't your problem either. That is until the perpetrator whom has stayed free (because its not your problem and you shouldn't bother to bring him to justice) comes back and do exactly that to your home and your family. Then it is TOO LATE to do anything about it.

Think. That is all Bersih is asking you to do.

THINK of your future and what you want from it and what you want for your kids to get from it.

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