Friday, January 25, 2008

The BS that is the Royal Commission

When the PM announced some time back that a Royal Commission of Inquiry would be set up to investigate or decide on the V K Lingam tape, I scoffed at the idea. Many were appalled that I had not only jeered at the idea, I lamented that it was all a farce, a show, a charade, a whatever you want to call it, except a real intention to get to the truth. In other words, tunjuk wayang sajalah.

Because you see, I already figured it out at that time that NOONE is going to own up to what happened in the tape. After all, that Indian man can say whatever he wants and nobody is going to be able to verify who the other person is at the other end of the line. Sure, everything can be proven by circumstantial evidence but if the ones who SIT on the Commission are suspect, what are the chances of there being a real desire for truth running along the veins of the panel? After all, "terms of referance" seems to be the guideline to everything in the whole charade.

Sorry, its not relevant.
Sorry, its not in the terms of referance.
Sorry, please sit down, we can read your submissions eventhough you want to submit on another point.

And it looks and sounds like me, but I am not saying its me.

I get tired of talking about the same thing over and over again. And reading about the same predictable BS every day in the newspapers.

Do you think that Indian man is going say yeah, It was me. And I did what all of you already know I did?
And the other person on the other line IS indeed that man who used to be the CJ?
And I did go for a Viki-tion with that malay man with chinese surname?
And I did in fact win all my cases by default?

Come on.. this is all a waste of time. All that lawyer's march for this? And the lawyers are SO proud of themselves for "securing" the promise by PM to set up a Royal Commission to investigate the matter? For what? You're wasting public expenses to put up this show. There is no plot and the ending is predictable.
I would not pay 50 sens to watch it. In fact I would not go even if you paid me to.

I'm just so tired of all these BS.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The age of innocence does not exist in Malaysia

Only in Malaysia do politicians interpret the word "bataskan pergaulan antara lelaki dan perempuan" as "We are not stopping or asking for segregation. We are not stopping them from interacting. But to be careful in their interaction.The to be tertib.."

So that is what the textbook for 9 year olds was trying to say....

TERTIB . And to think ALL these while, I thought the word "BATAS" meant to limit. So when people were to exclaim "Cinta yang tiada batasannya" it did not mean unlimited or unconditional love, it actually means love with much order, or orderly love. (Whatever that means)

Our Education Minister says he teaches his children, and I quote " I dont stop them from mixing with the opposite gender. But we have to do it within our own culture and value system." unquote.

The question is actually, what culture and value system are we talking about here? Is it our Malaysian culture to tell our 9 year old children to be "orderly" when they mix with their peers? Do 9 year old children actually NEED these restrictions? When I was 9, I did not sit down and think to myself, "OHMYGAWD!THAT BOY IS LIKE SO HOT!I SO WANT HIM TO BE MY BOYFRIEND!*followed by devilish impure thoughts*"

9 years of age, for goodness sake.
Dont you think that the MORE you try to STOP them from doing something the MORE they are curious to know WHY? If I were 9 and I see a boy, I think, hmm, He is a boy. But if my parents come screaming and yelling to "STAY AWAY!DONT GO NEAR HIM!" I would think hmm..what is SO special about this fella?" So I would go read up about it. Ahh, a boy has *giggle giggle*.

"teehee.he is touching me there!"

What Malaysian culture advocates that young children should limit, oh I meant make sure their actions are orderly, when they interact with children from another gender? And what values are we talking about that we ASSUME children of 9 are capable of having sexual thoughts or impure thoughts about the opposite gender? What type of upbringing is that?!

Even COURTS acknowledge that children below a certain age cannot differentiate between right and wrong or which parent they like best when they have to choose. Children at the age of 9 may tell you, when asked which parent they like better, " I like mummy better because she buys me ice cream all the time". Or I want to stay with Daddy because Daddy knows how to tape my favourite video shows."
And we in Malaysia SOMEHOW think children at the age of 9 can think oooohhh, a boy. I want to touch him you-know-where?

What is Malaysia becoming? Where are we heading?
It frightens me to know that as we progress closer to Vision 2020, our outlook and so called culture and values somehow have a pecutan negatif effect.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How a missing child ticked me off

I often wondered if I am the type of person who would cut my nose off just to spite my face.
I often thought I was and am not.

However, today I turned the pages of the newspapers and saw the ad for the missing girl Sharlinie Mohd Nashar. I did not even bother LOOKING at the photo that was attached to the tagline "MISSING/HILANG". Why? Presumably because I already know at the back of my head I would never be able to recognise a small girl (especially when I am not out specifically LOOKING for her) after looking at a picture for a mere few minutes. (What are the chances of you looking at a picture for a few minutes and if it so happens you were to see her, you say HEY!ITS SHARLINIE?! Unless she were dressed in a clown outfit or a neon glowing one, I doubt I have THAT keen an eye to see her in a sea of faces).

But perhaps also..just maybe, I dont really care.
Yes, many of you may open your mouth in horror or exclaim that I am inhumane and heartless. But you know what, how I feel about something does not need approval or judgment from anyone else. And frankly, I think some of you might just be as sick of it as I am.

Why is it that I perhaps, maybe...dont really care?

Now, like I said, I may be a person who might cut off my nose to spite the face. So here goes, firstly, what is SO special about Sharlinie? I mean, little children go missing all the time (somehow, statistics will show that malay kids tend to make up the majority of them..of course I many be wrong but judging from recent events) There was Nurin (whose father Jazimin is busy "tumpang-ing the glamour" of the recent disappearance of Sharlinie- like why do YOU need to give public statements? Who the heck ARE you? Why the heck must you appear in newspapers?Just because you daughter was found stuffed in a bag makes you the authority on missing children and what the police ought to do and what the public ought NOT to do? F off.) and there was Shearway Ooi - both of which were found murdered- one perpetrator caught the other roams free. And then there was the Indian girl who went to buy VCDs in the pasar malam and somehow did not come back at 12am and her parents subsequently made a police report at 4am.(who KNOWS why parents need to take so long before they realise, Hmmm...maybe my daughter is missing!) Of course this indian girl was fortunate enough to be found and returned to her parents.

Ok, back to why is Sharlinie so important?
Why are major companies joining in the effort to search for this girl? Newspaper ads from RHB, radio ads heard over Mix and Lite FM? Astro is showing it during commercials, and they get maximum press coverage on the disappearance of Sharlinie. Why is she so special compared to other children who went missing earlier? How come nobody did a nationwide search when Shearway Ooi went missing?Sure, there were some newspaper articles on her. But posters, ads and radio announcements?When? I dont remember it at all. What about the Indian girl? I am sorry, but I am about to make a biased, racist observation. Why do Malay children get all the attention? Why only Malay children? Remember Yin? The boy who wondered off in Lot 10? Oh, he got major nationwide attention too. And surprisingly, the police I believe has offered a reward if one is to find Sharlinie. (what is this? The Find Osama bin Laden gameshow!?!SPOT SHARLINIE!WIN A PRIZE!)

Sure, many of you may think I am just a bitter chinese girl. Well, you know what?

I am.

I am the bitter chinese girl who read in the newspapers that the Government allocated RM10 million to help Muslims who borrowed money from the Ah Longs, the one who see tons of lousy colleges get University Status because they are run by Malays but takes LICT 10 years before they were allowed to have it. Where there is UiTM, UTM, UPM, UKM, UM, UTP, and all other "U" cropping up everywhere in which the Non-Muslims have to FIGHT to get it even if they have good results because there is a quota, but only one chinese run "U" which after 10 years of fighting and pleading, was finally allowed to be set up, UTAR.

And yes, I am also the same bitter chinese girl who did not get a scholarship from the college she graduated from because I was not told the "inside" information about the College offering scholarships to students who cannot afford to fund their tertiary education- but miraculously a Malay boy with D D E results was TOLD about it, and got a scholarship to go study overseas.

I am also the same bitter chinese girl who do not and will never EVER understand the word "TOLERANCE" when Muslims says we are TOLERANT of the Non Muslims and their ways.
Who died and made you the owners of Malaysia?

Am I just a bitter Chinese girl?

You bet your life I AM.

I KNOW, some Muslims disagree with me. Some may say, hey, I am not like that!
I know. I have Malay friends who ADMIT that because they are the race they are, they get more than I ever will and they are not proud of it. Those friends of mine, you know who you are, I respect you.

But unfortunately, you are not running the Government. You do not make the majority.
And unfortunately, if ever UMNO were to be toppled, I would be too dead to know.

Monday, January 14, 2008

When being Muslim is all you need...

Just last Sunday, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining(albeit a little too hot) and my cup of coffee was no longer piping hot and ready for drinking, and it was just working out to be a perfect Sunday when I picked up the newspapers and saw this headline:-

(ok, it was not a big screaming headline, but a small inconspicous one so as not to attract too much attention to the absurdity of it)

Ok, my first thought was of course WTF?
Then, WHY TF is it confined to only muslims?
ANd WTF do you mean by RM10 MILLION allocated by the GOVERNMENT?

I mean clearly, this is a WTF situation.

Firstly, isnt the Government suppose to help the rakyat regardless of race and religion? Did they not say that the Government is not biased, that they care for ALL MALAYSIANS and all that BS?
So, why allocate that huge chunk of money (which may I remind them, comes not only from the MUSLIMS, but all MALAYSIANS) to help the so called victims of Ah longs? And ONLY muslims.
What about other NON MUSLIM victims? The ones who were also "tricked" into borrowing money from Ah Longs? Are they disqualified from the Government's allocation because they are not Muslims and hence it is impossible that they were tricked (like all muslims who borrowed from ah longs are) but they stupidly got themselves into that shit, hence they should dig themselves out of it?

Why are the Non Muslims being discriminated against?
What could possibly be the reason for the money being allocated to help the Muslims who have borrowed from Ah Longs and are now in huge debts?

And does it not occur to the Government that the majority of those who DO borrow from these loansharks are Chinese? Yet there is no allocation to HELP them? But for the small percentage of Muslims who do they get RM10m to aid them??

Come on. They are ALL the same. They needed money. They didnt have money. The banks wont give them money and they went to the loansharks to get it.

Where is the TRICKED INTO BORROWING part comes in?
Its a choice which they took. Its a CONSCIOUS choice and there is no difference whether you are a Muslim or you are not. The choice process is the same.
We are NOT talking about, Hmm..conventional banking or Islamic banking? its HHmm..AH Long or erm, AH LONG?

Damn the Government.Seriously, DAMN the government.

Friday, January 11, 2008

When Parents Fail &Children Suffer

You know what pisses me off more than people who do not understand touch & go REALLY means TOUCH AND GO and not touch, look for appropriate place to place t&g card, check reflection in mirror after touching card on panel, wind up window, put car into P and then finally after 5 painful minutes, Go? Stupid Parents.Stupid Parents piss me off more than those T&G retards.

So, like what is up with stupid parents that Piss me off big time? Its bad enough that parents who can hardly make ends meet decide that they want to make their lives much harder by having MORE children(and then whining that they cannot take care of them because, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, they have no money) they then also decide that, I will allow my children to roam free and play in flood waters eventhough I know it is dangerous and they might drown. AND, they also decide, you know what? Eventhough there is a psycho-freak-murderer-rapist roaming around my area abducting children(sometimes raping AND killing them), I will allow my child of 5yrs go to the playground 200m from my house all by her lonesome self, oh sorry, accompanied by an 8 yr old, to go play.

After all, like what ARE the chances of her being abducted? Eventhough she is at the age which fits exactly into the profile of the type of children he likes to abduct, or that she is young and is easily swayed into following a stranger to "help look for cats" or that she is watched over by an oh-so-much-older sister aged 8, she IS, you know, only 2oom from the house and my eyes can see beyond my front gates, bend AND look into the playground and keep a watchful eye over her!OKAY APA!

When I see a teary eyed parent holding a picture of the abducted girl with a puzzled look of "eh?why?how?", all I want to do is march right up to her, slap her around and when no one is looking, jab her in the eyes, and then ask her, what are you STUPID?

Ok, so many of you are thinking, MAYBE she did not read the newspaper reports on the other missing girl? MAYBE she was too busy and did not notice that her children have gone out to play? Maybe, Maybe Maybe. The only maybe I can think of is, MAYBE they are just stupid. MAJORLY OVERLY DUMB.
Nurin Jazlin did not make it to major newspapers? Even if you did not READ about it, you would have definitely HEARD about it from your neighbours? Like AS IF kay-poh-chee-ness is not a culture in Malaysia. Please. When a car stops at the side of the road, every damn car on the highway stops or slows don to check out whether there was an accident and whether there is somebody lying dead on the road. Even if you did not HEAR about Nurin, you would have known that another girl from within the same housing area was abducted just a few days ago? Like HELLO? SAME AREA? Not another state or another country or even another part of town, but in KAMPUNG MEDAN ITSELF?

God. The stupidity of these parents just get to me. While I pity the fact that the girl has been abducted and hopefully found unharmed and safely returned to her (dumbass) parents, I do NOT pity parents who negligently allow their children to be out and about when they know there are psychos roaming the streets.

Sure, a lot of us have the feminist movement thoughts of why can't I go out and night without the fear of being raped? Why must I curb my nocturnal activities just because there are psycho rapists roaming the streets? Why must I sacrifice my lifestyle? WHY?
Why cant the police roam the streets and be more effective in catching the bad guys?
Why cant I wear short miniskirt with a plunging top and roam Chow Kit without being harrassed by perverts?
These perverts should control themselves!

Yeah, why?

Cos the police cannot be at every damn place at every damn time idiot. And besides,a majority of them have car,home and Courts Mammoth loans to clear, so they cannot be roaming the streets to catch villains, they have to jump out of bushes to catch motorists speeding and make some money out of it.

And because the human mind is something which cannot be dissected and understood for sure. Because some people are just born criminals. Because while we should be allowed to live life the way we want it, we should also take precautions.

Of course it only makes sense that if you wear a mini dress with hooker heels in say, MidValley, you would never expect perverts to do things to you. Or if you are an Air Asia stewardess, you can damn well wear what uniform you want when you are serving in the plane because the environment is a safe and secure environment. But if you were to say, be roaming alone in Petaling Street dressed as such, it only makes sense that you are attacting perverts to DO something dont you?Come on. Its like shouting I LOVE MANCHESTER UNITED in Liverpool.

Of course I am not going so far as to say we INVITE them to rape us. Or sexually harrass us. I am just saying, you have to be smart. You have to assess the situation. The world is no longer a safe place. Its undeniable.

Yeah, call me old fashioned. Yeah call me anti-feminist. Call me whatever you like. I am going to take precautions and I rather be unharmed and un-feminist.

I digress. And I digressed quite a bit.

So back to stupid parents. Sometimes I sit and wonder, is there a aptitude or IQ test for couples before they are allowed to have children?

I wish there were.

Then at least children will be safe from the stupidity of their parents.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Who am I to judge?

So this whole Chua Soi Lek thing has twisted a lot of people's panties in a bunch. Maybe much more than his wifes'. After all, his wife has said that she has accepted his apology and she will stand by him. (I say, WHAAAATTT??But that is another story all together)

So, who are WE to judge him and his personal life?

Sure, he is a married man. Yes, he is a politician and yes, he is the Health Minister. And yes, he did a 20+ yr old chick in a hotel room. SO? Does that make him any less a good politician? Please, half if not ALL the politicians are having their very own sex romp in various hotels in the country. Even our PM married his ex sister in law. Nobody commented on THAT. Nobody went "EWWWWW...that is so WRONG!He should step down as the PM!" Instead everyone went, TAHNIAH!PAK LAH! TAH-NEE-AH!

Now, a LOT of people disagree with me when I exclaimed "SO WHAT he got caught committing adultery?!He is an effective Minister!"
They claim that a politician is held on a higher moral ground. A higher level of respect and acceptable behaviour.

The question is WHY? Why is there an "acceptable behaviour and moral ground" thing (pertaining to his private life) attached to a politician? Does his choice to become a politician automatically give the public a right to scrutinise his private life? Or assess his morality? Or shake our head in disgust that a man of 60 can cheat on his wife?
Does it?

I think not. I think he is entitled to screw whomever he wants in his own time and at wherever he wants. I say GO FORTH AND SREW.
But IF he were to say that everybody rich and poor must pay their medical bills and then asks for a waiver when he is hospitalised,or spearheads a QUIT SMOKING campaign while he puffs on 30 ciggies a day, I will be the first in line to spit on him and ask him to quit.

You see, he is the Health Minister. He should be judged based on his abilities to run the Ministry. His beliefs in the administration and the policies of the Ministry of Health. In short, he has to practise what he preaches.
If he were say, an unmarried politician who exclaims, LET US NOT HAVE PRE MARITAL SEX MY FRIENDS and then sneak into the backyard for a quickie, THEN I say, you do not deserve to be there. Please step down. In fact, Please fall off the face of the earth.

Many politicians out there are not practising what they preach. They advocate "Kami Anti Rasuh" in their departments and then stories emerge that they are on the take themselves. Mr Bandaraya speaks of "disappointment" with bad officers not performing their jobs but we know he is making so much money from dodgy deals, he has gone for some major reconstruction on his face to look younger.

So, I dont care what these people do in their personal sex lives. In fact if it does not invite any criminal prosecution, I am fine with it. You want to have a mistress, please go ahead, just make sure the potholes along Section 16 are patched up nicely. You want to commit adultery? Go ahead, just make sure that the Government servants are doing their jobs effectively. You want to do a sex tape? Please go ahead, just make sure the police are not out there taking rasuah while wearing their Kami Anti Rasuah badge. And as a bonus, you want to wear a wig on your head? Please do, just make sure you do not increase the toll rates every damn year when there is a jam every damn festive season or long weekend.

Lets give Chua some credit here. At least he was honest and brave enough to say, Yes it was me. Yes, I did it.

How many of you so called politicians out there would ever, EVER admit your mistakes?
Cowards. And now you judge him? You have no right.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Same Shit Different Day

2007 has bid us farewell and 2008 is here.

So, what are the prospects for the new year?

Hindraf leaders have been detained under the ISA. This of course spelled trouble for Badawi as he was alienating a lot of the Indian Voters. So he sat down and thought long and hard (actually more like some other people sat down and thought long and hard, he was busy with his Jeanne and his opening ceremonies, planting trees, meeting "world" leaders and basically doing ceremonial stuff) and decided Oklah, to balance out this ISA Hindraf thing, I have to release some people from ISA detention. Who better than those who were detained for Al-Jemaah activities? THAT would DEFINITELY get the Malay voters to go OH YEAH!HE DA MAN!(The Anwar Ibrahim release was too long ago already).

So he did.

So people who allegedly threatened to blow up other people in the name of Islam were allowed to run scott free. However, if you use the word Allah and you are not Muslim, be warned! You might ALSO be detained under the ISA. Like WTF is the ISA?! Insult the King, ISA. Insult the PM, ISA. Insult Islam, ISA.Insult the Government, ISA.Sing Negaraku but with other lyrics (and Muslim prayers in Background) ISA. Insult Christianity. Its ok. Insult Buddhism, Its ok.

I think ISA would soon make it as a national symbol or a national dish soon.

"Penonton-penonton di rumah, Chef Wan akan menunjukkan kepada anda bagaimana untuk menyediakan masakan istimewa .....ISA!"

Ok, so who actually died and made the Malaysian Government the protector of Islam?! Islam may be the official religion of the country, but using the ISA to "defend" it? Is ISA not a legislation to protect national security? Such as being attacked by enemies or threatening the stability of the country? How does using the word "Allah" in the Malay section of the Herald threaten national security? Did the people in the Parliament pass the legislation to protect the religion of some(ok the majority) of Malaysians? Or was it legislated to protect Malaysians as a whole, whether they are Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, Christians or etc?

So lets say, if a person were to swerve into my lane and I shout "JESUS CHRIST!(followed by obscene gesture)" are the Christians then entitled to ask the Government to detain me under the ISA because I used the name of Christ in vain? You may read this and laugh out loud. But is that not what the Government is semi-threatening the Herald? NO ONE is allowed to use the name of ALLAH unless you are Muslim and you use it well and proper. Its just like how you cannot name a teddy bear Mohammad because apparently it belongs to Islam. So if you say, have a child tomorrow and want to name him Mohammad Chin Wong Kit. BE WARNED! It might be an insult to Islam.Then you may be ISA-ed.

I dont understand this ISA thing. Why would you say we are a democratic country, with our rights enshrined in the constitution and then say however we are entitled to deny the constitutional rights of our people? And if the justification of ISA is that sometimes the freedom and the constitutional rights of SOME people have to be sacrificed in the name of national security and stability, how does the utterance of ALLAH affect us non Muslims? How does the Negarakuku song threaten us Non Muslims? In fact, how does singing Negarakuku threaten ANYTHING?

So 2007 saw ridiculous things making headway under the Badawi administration. What then is in store for 2008?

I tell you now and you will remember this on 31st December 2008,

You're going to get the Same Shit, Just on a Different Day.