Friday, February 27, 2009

“ We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside.”

I cannot WAIT to see how the "investigations" into this matter will turn out :-

After all this involves :-

1) UMNO Youth. Who is the man in charge of it again? The "what do you mean I an racist?" politician.
2) "HATED" MP Karpal who challenged the Sultan of Perak.
3) Opposition member.

I wait and I wait. But we know the outcome. After all, it is not surprising if the Speaker say the Parliament does not condone these kinds of threats, but hey ho if it OUTSIDE of Parliament, there really isn't much we can do. Easy to take the stance of the security guards.

“ We only jaga (look after) inside (Parliament), not outside.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A piece of shit by any other name...

GEORGE TOWN: There is strong evidence to show that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim misused his powers over the maintenance of his personal car and the distribution of 46 cows for slaughter in his Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said the commission had completed its investigations, adding that the matter would be referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action.


Ahmad Said was asked on the progress of the case following complaints by Sungai Besar assemblyman Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo that Khalid had misused state funds to pay for the maintenance of his personal car and purchase of 46 cows worth RM110,400 during the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration.

I never understood the term, a shit by any other name will smell as stinky. (I paraphrased and change some words to the saying,so shoot me)

MACC...ACA. Same shit. Different name. Still UMNO oops, BN's donkey.

When it comes to complaints against BN people, its "we are investigating" OR, "investigations are going on" or "the investigating authorities are mum on the status of the investigations".

If it is taking too long, its because "it is still under investigations". This is what I perceive to be happening in the interview room with BN politicians accused of corruption :-

MACC: Tuan, khabar baik ?
CBN (Corrupted BN): Baikkkk...dah minum? Nah, saya bawa teh tarik untuk you.
MACC: Eh, terima kasih! Jadi Tuan tahu lah kenapa tuan dipanggil untuk ke sini?
CBN: Tahu, itu orang PKR la. Bising bising saya ada ini "korupt". Siapa lah yang tak buat apa yang mereka katakan? Kitorang semua tahu kan. Apa salahnya?
MACC: Ah-ah la tu tuan. Tapi kalau kita tak panggil tuan sini mereka bising bising kita tak siasat. Jadi tuan duduk duduk sekejap la, habiskan kuih kuih ini. Nanti saya datang balik dan tuan boleh balik la yea?
CBN: boleh boleh. Kalau nak buat wayang, mestilah buat elok elok kan??

Then after this scenario (which repeats with all BN men accused of corruption), then this public statement is released " we have forwarded the papers to the AG's chambers for further consideration. "
"What is the result of your investigation??"
"it is no longer in our hands, Let the AG decide."

BUT when it comes to PKR members, it "WE HAVE STRONG EVIDENCE AGAINST KHALID(or whoever- just fill in the blanks)"

Dude, wtf man?
Where is your professionalism? Even if you are a hardcore UMNO/BN supporter, dont show your true colours out in public la.

THIS is the man who is going to spearhead the INDEPENDENT commission? As I have said earlier, it is merely a change of name. It is still the same shitty agency. It is still protecting the corrupt and prosecuting the innocent. It is still the federal government's donkey.

And BN can look us in the eye and tell us they are a party for everyone??

So to BN I ask :

"How did you, just how did you become that kind of gov?
To look your rakyat and lie right in their eyes?
PKR told you that aint right, oh now that aint right"


[To be sung to Wil. I.AM's heartbreaker song]

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who died and made us guardians of the right and wrong of having nude photos?

- picture courtesy of ohbulan

This is an image of a couple who allegedly got it on in an x ray room in some hospital. Apparently the man works there and he snuck his lady friend into the room to get some action. And they filmed it as a momento of their great escapade.

When I look at this picture, I think tsk tsk, he could have been more discreet with it. Sure, who are we to judge this two hor- I mean, amorous people who want to get it on in a public place? I am sure we have our very own skeletons in our closets. We do not know what people do behind closed doors and we sure as hell do not want people to know what WE do behind closed doors. So, while I tsk tsk his indiscretion, I do not tut-tut his right to do what he did. After all, humans are put on the planet to enjoy the company of each other.

So, this brings me to the main topic of the post. What is up with the big brouhaha with Elizabeth Wong's photos? In the first place, they are merely naked pictures, whether in "compromising" positions or not. People are entitled to take pictures of themselves. Politicians, presidents, neighbours, friends and colleagues alike. They want to take naked pictures of themselves, who are we to stop them? After all, we do not throw a disgusted look at those who cam-whore to the max when it comes to bombarding facebook with pictures of nobody else but themselves (albeit fully or semi clothed- so why should nudity cause such a furore? Its just plus minus some clothes but essentially the same thing)

It does not mean they are any less a good politician, a great friend or a fantastic co-worker. It is just merely a preferance as to what they like to do in their private hours and in their own time. (I have shared my views on this in regards to the Chua Soi Lek episode) Of course if a video or pictures are leaked of say a politician dressed in S&M clothing, holding a whip and spanking a child, then I will say WHOA! Maybe just maybe this piece of information about him or her is a gauge of what type of person and politician he is. Better to get him out!

But harmless naked pictures, hey I am all for their right to do that.

Of course many people have rallied around Elizabeth; supporters and oppositions alike. But there is ALWAYS ONE person/group (hint: Malay Movement Youth something whatchamacallit) who will always have this to say from their alleged high moral platform- that this is immoral, that it is wrong from a religious viewpoint, it is highly disgusting and she has to step down because it is unbecoming and unbefitting of a politician to be caught with his pants down (or panties missing- just fill in the blanks). [This I must say is the same group who want Rihanna banned from Malaysia because it is UNDENIABLE vthat the taxes she pays in America contributes to what has been used to fund the war in Gaza- the logic that these men/women have AMAZES ME!I LOVE IT!]

You know I hate dirty politics. But I especially hate it in THIS country because small things are made into big mountains when it comes to morals and religion. Being naked in your own time and taking pictures of yourself does not make one immoral or any less religious. I do not think the bible, the Koran or any other religious book said "thou shall not take naked pictures of yourself and distribute it on the internet".

Does it? I stand corrected. But until then, I spit on those who have said Elizabeth has been immoral.[Even NIK AZIZ WAVED IT AWAY- come on people. Can any of YOU be more religious that THIS man?]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Perak Tapau?

This whole Perak fiasco, can be summed up in two words. BN BOLEH.

Now, I have had my share of being bombarded with insults and "what type of governance do you subscribe to?" when I said that BN cannot be faulted for everything that happened in Perak. Well, the expression it takes two to tango makes a whole lot of sense to me.

This is how I see it, when Anwar Ibrahim indicated that BN MPs in Sabah were going to do an exodus of crossovers and PKR will then take over as federal government, PKR supporters waited with bated breath for that victory announcement. And when that Bota man crossover to PKR, everyone cheered "TAKE THAT BN!".

However, when the BOTA man and the other two PKR men who were promised their corruption charges were more likely than not be "solved" if they move over to BN, and that Jelapang DAP woman who said "RM20million? I was not offered that money!(but she never said anything about RM19.5 million perhaps but that is another story) DID quit PKR and pledged their allegiance to support BN, all PKR supporters had their panties/boxers and underwear in a big huge knotted bunch.
There were calls of a "revolution", and there was "we will send you BN people to hell in the next GE" and "BN plays dirty, shame shame".

Okay so lets back up a minute, isnt BN doing exactly what Anwar Ibrahim promised to do and applauded when it was done? So why is everybody bombarding me with all these hate messages when I said BN did not let us down and did nothing wrong-ER (I couldnt find a more appropriate word so I invented one) than what they have been doing all these while. Subscribing to dirty politics is a must in BN. So, they are just doing what they are used to. The issue here is PKR let us down. PKR could not keep its members in their party. PKR could not dangle a big enough carrot in front of those three members to keep them in and pledge their support for Nizar. I do not feel that BN has played any more dirty than they usually do. I only feel that PKR perhaps did not work hard enough to ensure their members stayed loyal and steadfast to the PKR manifesto and principles.

That is what I feel. It of course does not help PKR with that Karpal shooting off "Anwar should step down" messages to the media. I guess he has never heard of closing ranks or unity in times of adversity. He of course subscribes to "each man for himself!"

Yes, while I am perturbed by the fact that:-

1) the Kedah Umno Malay something (I forget) has called for the Sultan of Perak to ban Karpal from entering the state,
2)demonstrations by upset Malays outside of Karpal's office (and a threat to continue doing so if he does not withdraw the suit)
3) many angry emails that he should be "dealt with appropriately"
4) threats of "withdraw OR ELSE" ( scary!)

because Karpal has brought the Sultan to court for declaring that PKR were no longer in power and BN was, I Too feel like yelling "SHUT THE F UP KARPAL!"
After all, the whole PKR vehicle is seen to be crumbling, the last thing to do is to question Anwar's power and ability. If you NEED to do it, please do it internally.

But I digress.

So now the whole fiasco is no longer BN vs PKR, it has extended to MALAY vs NON-MALAY by the UMNO people.

Asking for "Malays to unite, whatever party they belong to,to fight against this disrespect to the Sultan" is ridiculous dont you think? I think so.

Right now, I applaud Nizar's determination to fight this to the end. I applaud his tenacity. In fact I applaud the whole PKR team for fighting for us Perak voters who put them there.

But I think in my friend M's words;-


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fluke victory

Imagine if you were to win a 100m race, competing against 8 of the best sprinters in the world. You claim the gold. You were given the recognition as the best sprinter. Imagine how good it feels to taste that type of victory.

Much like how Rafael Nadal must have felt when he beat Federer for the Australian open. Must have felt pretty damn good to beat one of the best players in the history of tennis.

That type of victory is sweet.

The type of "victory" UMNO has been declaring? Sour and bitter and frankly, really really sad. Not the boohoo type of sad, but the Dude. How SAD ARE YOU? type of sad.

"Both the National Front and the three-party opposition alliance now have 28 seats in Perak's legislature, but Najib said his coalition effectively has control because the three independent lawmakers "will support" the National Front in any vote.

"They have lost confidence in their own party," Najib told a news conference. "We have got the majority to form the (state) government.
" - Y!Malaysia

I am pretty sure Najib must have said that with the biggest grin his face could muster.

What type of victory is this? The three lawmakers deserted the party that actually gave them the pass to succeed in the General Election? And now they are supposedly "friendly" with the BN? What type of politician is that? No in fact, what type of human being is that?!

And there the BN is welcoming these sorry excuses for men and wearing their desertion of PKR as proudly as a victory badge?
Seriously, how very SAD is that?

Just as how you UMNO shoved aside the BOTA assembly man because he jumped ship possibly labeling him "disloyal" , here they are welcoming the very same species they have discredited into their own party.

Let us not talk about how these members have "lost faith in their party". These jumpers are not jumping due to the fact that they lost "faith in the party", its more along the lines of how much money they can get in each party. I bet down to the very last sen in my account that BN must have dangled a HUGE CARROT in front of these money minded frogs to leap over.
PKR and BN does not even have similar ideas of development or progress. They have different ides in running the country, spending the rakyat's money. Everything is different. The only similarity is probably that both parties claim to have the rakyat's welfare at heart.

So, how is it possible for a person from PKR to "lose faith in their party" and jump over to a party which does not even have similar ideals or ideas? HOW?

If I am pro choice, how do I suddenly jump over to being pro-life??

It just does not make sense to me.

Then again, I am not a donkey who has a big carrot dangled in front of me. So I would never know.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Leading the frogs into the river...

If I were a pied pier, pipe piper...pipe..oh you know what I mean..
I would pipe my pipes, blow my pipes? I would play my pipes so that all the jumping leaping PKR BN frogs would follow me and jump right into the sea and drown themselves.

Then us Perak-ians can heave a sigh of relief.

Pain shoots up my spine and squints my eyes whenever I read the same headlines over and over again. "PKR JUMPS SHIP" "WE RESIGN" "WE HAVE NOT RESIGN" "NAJIB OFFERED ME MONEY TO JUMP SHIP" "BN MAN JOINS PKR" .

Seriously. This leaping and jumping is causing the Perak people to tire. We are tired of all these bullshit. Now that the euphoria that is the General Election has died down, we see that BN UMNO MCA DAP GERAKAN PK are all the same shit made from the same shitty mould.

A friend sent me a sms today " Perak State Assembly dissolved".
I replied "SO?"
"Don't you care about the fact that PKR may lose power?"
"No. What difference does it make? While BN was in power, everything in Perak remained in status quo. Now that PKR is in power, its still status quo."

So what difference does it make to all of us? All I see is they are equally unethical and corrupted. Who joins a party, runs under their banner, wins a seat and then jumps party? What type of morally and ethically haywire person does that?

Sure, every once in awhile for show time purposes, some UMNOBN PKR people are charged for corruption cos they apparently were involved in "money politics", so while they publicly condemn these practices, they privately think "thank goodness for some loser went down for it!". Anyway I digress, what I mean is that while they think corruption is wrong cos it clearly is, nobody seems to think jumping parties is a SERIOUS OFFENCE.

You're cheating US the voters. US the one who chose YOU as a BN/PKR/DAP/PK member. Come on, what are the chances of us choosing you as an INDIVIDUAL to represent us. It is your party that you represent. Its ideals, its stand. Not your own! So if you jump, you're nothing but a piece of shit.Okay maybe that is too harsh. You're nothing but a piece of shit. (Yeah, that is all that is coming to my head now)

When will this charade end? When will it ever be our turn to benefit? When?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Losing another one...

Two weeks ago, on 19th January 2008, at exactly 3.30pm I was told of my cousin's death in a car accident.
That would spell the second death in my extended family in a mere 6 months.
We were fuzzy on the details of the death but was told that he died on the spot of severe head and chest injuries.

To say that we were shocked and saddened is merely skimming the surface of the immense loss we suffered. Death is very permanent. Yes, that is stating the obvious but one does not really understand death until one finishes writhing around the pit of denial.And then it hits you. By then the grief is so insurmountable, it becomes impossible to actually understand why it happened.

Anyway, that is a post for a whole other blog content. This post is about people who make comments,not just any comment but stupid, insensitive, half a bird brain type of comments.

Now if you see a picture of an accident like this:-

WHY THE F would you make a comment such as :-

"Padan muka!Siapa suruh pandu laju laju?"

In the first place, how the heck would you know that he was driving fast? Were you there in the car? Were you at the scene of the accident when it happened? Who died and made you the speedometer that recorded the speed of the car?

"Ish. Mabuk ke dia?"

Okay, just because someone is involved in an accident it automatically means its because he is drunk?!

"Itulah, siapa suruh tak pakai tali keledar"

So now it is proven that wearing a safety belt will definitely keep one safe in an accident? Did you not read about the Singaporean car which crashed on the highway and all were killed except the baby who flew out of the window and survived the accident???? Every accident is different.

Now, all these comments that are posted on the internet are accessible to everybody. Does it not occur to you that perhaps just perhaps the victim's mother or wife and family may read it? Would it not hurt them to read these comments? How would you like it if one of YOUR family members were killed in an accident and I say " Oh he must have been drunk. Well, no loss there. Just another idiot who drove too fast!"

Sure, I am not immune to saying "UGH!These rempits really get to me!That is why so many of them die!!" but I would never ever THINK of passing a scene of an accident or looking at a picture of an accident and saying " Dude, he totally deserved to die."

W(ho)TF says that? WHO?!

I wait for the day that members who commented on the accident to lose somebody. Somebody they truly love. Their only son. Their husband or their father.

I will then gleefuly say " Padan muka"

But then again, I am not as heartless and stupid as the members there are. So maybe I will wait for the day one of them oh I dont know, maybe just lose a limb or two.

I am just counting the days until it happens.